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Will Mario Games Come To iPhone? Of Course Not, Says Nintendo

Many analysts try to push Nintendo to develop games for smartphones but Nintendo does not plan to do so. Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka was recently asked about how he’d feel if Mario games would come to iPhone. Tezuka said that Nintendo can definitely make a Mario game that only uses touchscreen controls but it wouldn’t be a 2D side-scrolling platformer, and it would be on a Nintendo console. Games that use touchscreen controls can be developed for Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming Wii U – why should Nintendo make Mario games for other platforms?

There has been a lot of push from certain analysts about iPhone games from Nintendo. How do you feel about the idea of Mario being on iPhone? Pushing past that, is it possible to make a Mario game that would be touch screen only? 

“We can definitely make a Mario game that’s touch screen only. It wouldn’t be a 2D side-scrolling Mario platformer, but I think we can definitely make games maybe in the vein of Mario vs. Donkey Kong or something like that. I think that’s definitely possible. Would we make that for another platform? No. Of course not. It would be on a Nintendo platform. But it’s definitely something we could do. It just wouldn’t be a 2D side-scrolling platformer.”

75 thoughts on “Will Mario Games Come To iPhone? Of Course Not, Says Nintendo”

  1. thank goodness for articles like this that apply logic to this whole “you should put your games on smartphones!” thing. nintendo does not and should not develop for smartphones. it’s just the natural order of things.

  2. @chris lolwut yeah selling out to casuals,caving in and making an hd console with graphics and making cases for iphones are great example of sticking to ur guns i could go in , in short excuses excuses may stockholders drop their asses

    1. I know right? God forbid Nintendo to make a new console with upgraded graphics, we should just be getting a Gamecube 3.0

    2. Business practices are not principles to maintain. Nintendo’s integrity behind their games, however, is a principle they maintain.

    3. News Flash, anonymous; tapping into the casual market not only pulled Nintendo enough profits to place it ahead of the other two in sales, it also pulled a lot of new blood into the world of gaming, which is a GOOD THING, since many if not most will move into deeper, more complex games than Wii Fit, after they’ve seen the fun gaming can provide.
      In fact I’d go so far as to say that casuals are MORE IMPORTANT THAN CORE PLAYERS when it comes to selling to gamers, because there’s more of them and they are more open-minded about what games they are willing to try, and able to like and keep after purchase.
      Sony and Micro have a TON of side dealings in technology[ TV’s, computers, etc etc etc], whereas the majority focus of Nintendo, outside of the odd extra like, I dunno, I-phone cases, is strictly on video games.
      If anything, they’re the most gamer-oriented company of the three.
      So yeah, keep this in mind before you go speaking of casuals: they’re nothing but a benefit to any company and should not be looked down upon just because they play games you obviously look down upon them for.

      Also, there is a HUGE, HUGE difference between making a simple iphone case, and making an actual GAME.
      Do you see Micro making Halo for I-Phone?
      That’s because it’s a 1st party IP.
      NONE of the top 3 wish to put their best-selling IP’s onto other platforms.
      That’s what makes them 1st party IP’s in the first place.XD
      And making an HD console isn’t caving in, it’s progressing for the sake of more options for the developers of their games.

      Do more research next time.

      1. Thank you very much for that comment. You summed it up perfectly. People like to complain that Nintendo caters to casuals too much. That’s crap. Sony and MS WISH they could tap into that market the way Nintendo did. Most of the people saying Nintendo should do this and Nintendo should do that would not have bought a Nintendo console even if Nintendo submitted to their every demand.

        Just upset that their ultra powerful HD twins got beat by a weaker console this gen, I guess.

  3. phone is not legit gaming lol well stealing their touchscreen and market by offering casual shovelware garbage like redneck jambori is neither gaming either

  4. Logic on this site lol for a company that hates iphone they sure steal all their ideas like appstore,touchscreen,virtual keybord,touch pen anx more that started on iphone. Ninty And fags full of shit

    1. The DS came out in 2004 with a touchscreen and a stylus. The first iPhone came out in 2007. Devices have used virtual keyboards for years now, and Nintendo doesn’t have an “app store”. Faggot.

        1. Download stores where not made for iPhone, and even if they where, they are essential to anything for gaming, music and any other software markets

        2. Right. So the Wii shop channel is the first one to be released out of that lot.

          In 2006. Again, before the iPhone.

        3. It doesn’t matter as the Wii came out in 2006 and had the Wii Shop Channel, which is STILL before the iPhone came out.

    2. No use even trolling. The lack of facts and clear statement shows obvious troll is obvious. “Ninty fags full of shit.” And 12 years old, apparently.

  5. siegfried von schroder

    love the pic of mario and luigi. its like they r saying we are staying here PHONE BITCHES!

  6. anyone who thinks that nintendo would ever do that unless it was the only way to save the company or something is dumb. nintendo would never develop for anything but nintendo unless they had to, and maybe not even then

    1. siegfried von schroder

      i downloaded wolfenstein on the iPad the other day for FREE.

      What a way to butcher a classic…. fucking terrible!

  7. Ds came out in 2004 but cellphones had touchscreen since about 2000 or 1996 . Nintendo game intigrity is faling kirby epic yawn and others are fine example

    1. Oh come on, you can’t be serious!
      Yeah, the first touch screens were invented back then, but how many actually bought those ridiculously expensive prototypes?
      Phones didn’t utilize touch screen properly and cost effectively until around the same time the DS came out and even back then majority of phones didn’t have them. Nokia changed this a bit with their fairly cheap touch screen phones, which unfortunately were really crappy…
      It was iPhone (2007) that revolutionized touch screen phones and made touch screen the obligatory feature on phones.

      1. And the iPhone was – no doubt – only possible due to the popularity the DS brought to the touchscreen idea.

  8. who is this “analyst” trying to convince a company what to do.. one time too many i’ve seen titles like “analyst predicts bla3”, “analysts critics bla3”.. they think they’re god or something.. they should go “anal” themselves if you know what i mean.. i’m glad nintendo wasn’t influenced one bit to their words..

        1. Why because they brought out Rare, which affectedly make them own any IP that Rare created?

          That isn’t a reason to hate Microsoft and if you really want to play Banjo-Kazooie then buy a N64 and the game or buy a Xbox 360 and download the game.

  9. Yes! Nintendo should defo not ever make games for iPhone! I mean, c’mon… Mario is for Nintendo consoles, and Nintendo consoles only! :D

  10. The hell? They DID 2D platformers with only touchscreen control… Kirby Touch and Whatever? I mean that rolling Kirby.

  11. Uhh, a Nintendo Fan obviously, or else why would I be in this website in the first place?

    Ugh, I’ll never read a comment ever again. Just a few people have something meaningful to share, the rest is pure hatred, bashing and trolling that is unbearable. I guess that’s what you get for being on the top, “haters gonna hate”.

    If this kind of people come here to bash on Nintendo, it means you are doing something right for creating such jealousy around.

    Anyway, I’m not gonna bother to read comments anymore, they are so horrendous, just bring me the news. lol :p

  12. People telling Nintendo “Hey Nintendo, smart phones are all the rage now, you should put your games on them” Is like saying to Sony “Hey Sony, the 3DS is way popular now you should put Uncharted on it”

      1. I will admit having a Virtual Console app would be interesting like having small NES screen with the bottom half being the controls and micro-transactions for games. But thats not how Nintendo rolls, they don’t wnat to deal with Apple and they don’t wnat to nickle and dime consumers

  13. Why doesn’t anybody say this shit to the other 2. “Hey MS, iphones are all the rage right now. You should make your next Halo game for it.” “Hey Sony, You should put Uncharted and LBP on iPhone. I swear even the media likes to troll Nintendo. Why would you ask them such a silly question when they have 4 gaming platforms to support?

    Leave luck to heaven.

  14. @peteriuss um you do know microsoft let rare develop a banjo game for the gameboy color , two of them to be exact. Lets see sony be that nice with their ips , also microsoft never badmouth sony for you to disrespect such a kind and loving company

    1. Three things.

      1. They were made for the Game Boy Advance.
      2. Microsoft don’t have a portable hand held nor did they published the game.
      3. If Microsoft is a “kind and loving company” then why do they rip people off just so they can play against other people on-line, whereas Sony does it for free.

      Furthermore Sony reward its customers who are PSN plus members with free game and discount.

      When has Microsoft given away something for free?

  15. @enigmaxtreme if they dont sant to nickle and dime u than why do they release 3 version of pokemon well now 4 lol thats basically a dlc and not counting spinoff. Why they charge 250 on 3ds but found out u retards had sum brain than price cut the garbage

  16. @Nintendo fan U should be glad haters bother on ninty it means they’re doing something right. Also haters bashing means tbey still care about the brand enough to critize unlike vita barely anybody talks about it cuz its dead well a ghost actually


  17. Why would they even want to put stuff on Mobile Phones? Everyone knows that Nintendo puts their Games on Nintendo Consoles. The only thing that will EVER come close in the future, is if Nintendo makes a mobile phone (Very Unlikely).

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