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Miyamoto Worries About Shooting Games

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that he worries about the continued reliance by developers to create yet another first person or third person shooter. Miyamoto says he wonders about how younger gamers sit down and interact with these types of games, and thinks parents need a better idea of what happens in these games.

“Sometimes I get worried about the continued reliance on making games that are so centered around guns, and that there are so many of these games,” he says. “I have a hard time imagining – particularly for young generations of gamers – how they sit down and play and interact with that.”

“Previous forms of media, like books, made it easy for parents to know and understand what they’re buying for their children. With the transition into digital mediums it becomes more difficult for parents to have a full grasp of what’s going on. From a game developer’s standpoint it’s important to take that into account.”

197 thoughts on “Miyamoto Worries About Shooting Games”

      1. well it is the parents responsibility whether or not to engage his/her child to violent,gore and dark shooting games.

    1. do you really want that, that is so annoying this world would be a better place if people treat each other nicely! congratulations for being first!!!!! there isn’t better? n_n

      1. shooters are the greatest games right now nintendo’s wii u had better have SOME DECENT SHOOTERS not like the wii where theres only like 20 decent games just give up on nintendo’s console if you really like games

            1. Well not rly…Shooters are at the worst state qualitywise they’ve ever been…Just because CoD and Battlefield are the new Madden,Fifa (yearly half-arsed release francises,with a shiton of dlc)doesn’t mean that FPS are at their best or that all companies should jump into that bandwagon.

      2. also that idea is gay the best games have dark and burtal scenes of violence come on nintendo just put try to be close to the xbox and playstation

    2. Idiots like this is the reason why Nintendo have to be so careful in how they implement safety measures for kids who will also want to play games on the WiiU. Clearly Microsoft (Xbox) and worse yet Sony (PS) do not go far enough to prevent idiots from posting or saying stupid things.

  1. He is probably the only one who understands that like he says, it’s getting ridiculous. Why is gaming so freakin centered around guns and shooting these days. Wish I could go back in time to the good old days of gaming.

    1. Because it takes no imagination to create a shooter. Just copy/paste from the previous one and improve where you can.

      1. No imagination? Really? Metroid Prime? Halo? Timesplitters? Borderlands? Quake? Unreal Tournament? BioShock?

        1. if only those were the only shooters… Yes, some games manage to stand out but it’s definitely an overplayed genre that often uses violence as a gimmick

          1. And those are actually GREAT games. Metroid Prime it’s considered the best Metroid game ever by a lot of fans. Halo 2 it’s considered the game that made Xbox Live the service that it’s today. Timesplitters it’s often considered the best FPS series of all time by gamers, Borderlands was praised for being the most colorful series of shooters. Quake and Unreal Tournament are considered the one of the best PC multiplayer games ever and BioShock was praised for mixing shooting action with the horror elements and plasmids.

          2. Well, Battlefield doesn’t use violence was gimmick. It actually focuses more on team-work. I am guessing you are using violence as an excuse just because Call of Duty, right? Just because one series uses violence as gimmick, that doesn’t mean ALL of them use violence as a gimmick. I just named a SMALL part of the games that don’t use violence as a gimmick.

              1. Jesus Christ, I never said those games are not violent! I just said they don’t focus mainly on violence! Please read my comment twice before commenting, OK?

            1. Far cry, call of duty, yes battlefield (they make this game cuz they want to support teamwork) and also games outside the FPS genre god of war, ninja gaiden ect the list goes on and on. Many of these games are only being made cuz violence sells for some disturbing reason.

      2. I am sorry, but all the hate toward FPS it’s getting old. FPS will be the most dominating genre. Deal with it and shut the fuck up.

        1. the hate is getting old because the genre is getting even older. If you can’t handle valid criticism then that’s your problem. Deal with it and shut the fuck up

                1. Leave the Metroid Prime series out of your terrible defense. They’re in the FPA genre. (First Person Adventure.)


        1. true.i have seen many kids acting strange and too rude.Same thing at my classroom,1 day a kid from my school HIT a professor of physics and that was INSANE! (without a reason)

            1. i am from greece (a fucked country unfortunatly) and most of teenagers there are acting like CJ from that sanadreas game.thank god there are 30% of good kids/teenagers

              1. its sad that its only 30 percent
                its pretty much exactly like where i live just super cool gangster kids
                smoking weed and playing call of duty and raping girls
                i had enough

              2. not surprising considering a top politician punched a woman 3 times in the face live on t.v in your country.

                  1. Why would u support them?Immigration is an issue but putting neo-nazis who can’t even hold a proper discusion into power isnt the awnser…

        2. I had a three 12yo punks pull knives on me one night wanting my kicks. Naturally, I threw my stubby in the face of one, kicked a second over the hood of a parked car and then shoved the third back against the shop window into a choke-hold. Is kids wanna act like hood-rats then I’ll treat them like hood-rats.

    3. Exactly. Most third party games are shooters or putting any elements from the generic, mainstream shooters in their games that variety is really lacking. It’s why I’ve never really cared that Wii didn’t have much third party, I’d take Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong etc. over any third party game any day. I own a PS3 and an Xbox 360, so I could get third party games if I wanted to, I just don’t want to.

  2. I got nothing against FPS but they really are the most generic of all genres. Especially recently, just take any war torn region in the world, create your generic badass hero accomodate for headshots a-plenty, and pile on the blood. Not much imagination. Very few stray from the template.

        1. FPS must stop.If they want to create a FPS then they must reduse the violence and FPS with ultra violence must be for players who are 18+.

          1. I played a shooting game that had zero blood in it and was one of the best shooting games I had ever played. I play them for strategy and not for the intense violence.

    1. Aside from the fact that you forgot to mention that 90% them have no color other than brown you pretty much summed up my problems with the FPS genre.

    2. Well said. Actually, a FPS game with no blood or “human or animal” targets would be good.

      I always dreamed about practicing target shooting with Snipers, Bows, Crossbows and etc. I think game developers should get that idea, and make a game based on target practice (something that goes beyond Wii Resorts and that bow shooting).

      As in, we need a complex, yet entertaining game based on target shooting. Where we could get any kind of weapon to use, from Slingshots (yey) to the most modern Sniper to date. With dynamic targets too, and all that.

      Killing birds like Duck Hunt is not right, we should really get inanimate targets for that. And see what kind of weapons we are good with, how reliable we are with them in the video game using the Wii U GamePad.

      Blood and Violence is boring. 80% of the games that come out are about spilling blood with mindless shooting. I want something interesting that revolves around shooting but without the mindless violence!

      I really believe they could do something extraordinary utilizing the complexity of the Wii U GamePad and a FPS game. We know that, now it’s just up to the game developers to decide whether they want more violence with it or not.

      1. “I want something interesting that revolves around shooting but without the mindless violence!”

        I think the game you’re looking for is the Metroid Prime series. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already (I know we’re on a Nintendo based website so I assume you have) I can’t wait to see where they go with that series next.

        1. Haha yeah, you assumed right. :)

          I can’t wait to see what they will do to Metroid on the Wii U. The series have been getting better and better for both consoles and handhelds (Other M can be arguably). I cannot wait to get mesmerized again, stepping for the first time in a whole new world as Samus Aran, having to solve the mysteries of the unknown.

          Scanning stuff will be much cooler with the new GamePad, right? Reading the log book and analyzing scanned objects on the touch screen will feel natural too.

          Ohh, yet again Nintendo made feel anxious and excited for a new generation of video games. How do they do it? I think it’s the power that innovation has to offer. It keeps us interested. :)

          1. It’s true. Even though Nintendo has a stable of world reknowned characters, they always manage to make every new entry in their respective adventures feel fresh and new. That’s a very special and rare ability. They take as long as they need to to make the games right. Don’t rush things to market. As Miyamoto-sama said: A game you put the right amount of effort into will eventually be good, but a rushed game is always bad” I’m paraphrasing.

            The possibilites for Metroid on the Wii U are amazing. Because if they could make the Prime series that good on the GC, both visually and in playability, then the sky is the limit for Samus on the Wii U.

    3. What’s interesting is, I’ve seen Portal classified as a FPS. That game is incredibly imaginative. Wish there were more FPS games that actually had effort like that put into them.

      1. Portal is a perfect example of a FPS done right. it has imagination. It has originality.We need more of that. Also notice a new Portal game doesn’t come out every year. They take their time and make the game right.

        1. Because instead of filling us with pointless war stories, Valve managed to be creative and write a fantastic script for Portal 2. It has an interesting atmosphere, great story behind the characters and it provides us something that up to date, no other game could incorporate in a FPS (Yes, it’s a FPS, we “shoot” portals after all so more like Puzzle FPS? Idk ;p).

          But that’s what makes Valve to stand out among other game developers, Valve is not afraid of trying new and innovative things. They have been doing FPS basically since day 1, yet, they are not afraid of getting projects like Dota 2 (ARTS/MOBA) and work on it. They are not afraid of investing in new things, which is fortunate to us, gamers.

          That is fresh and interesting… Now brown shooting games with too much loud explosions and killing are too repetitive.


      1. Like I said, very few games bring anything new to the FPS genre. Most are just geeric rip offs of better ones. Especially recently. The games you mentioned are the trendsetters of the genre. Did you even read my entire comment? Or were you just looking for a reason to rage?

      1. thats right.jamesbond golden eye didnt have so mutch violonece.i played the game when i was 4 years old and nothing happend to me.basicly i was in love for majoras mask that was my favourite n64 game

          1. i grew up and started with n64.Basicly i have started to play video games since i was 3 years first game was super mario 64

                1. another random gamer

                  Majora’s Mask was boss, Banjokazooie and conkers bad fur day were also incredible games.

      2. don’t forget Perfect Dark and Turok 1 & 2 were also great first person titles for the N64, but it’s a shame the Turok series became generic as many FPS games did.

      1. then get Conduit 2, it’s a good title, not to mention it’s one of the few good loking titles on the wii.

    1. THATS RIGHT! and mee too my schoolmates are talking about only for COD and they say that cod has the best graphics,blah blah blah.I AM SICK OF THAT!

      1. well im going to be honest, i like COD but Modern Warfare 3 was a big let down for me, it was like playing the same thing all over again, and i don’t know why people keep saying COD has the best grapics ever, they just don’t realize it’s the same graphic engine from COD 4: Modern Wafare!!

    2. It’s funny because ALL genres are the same! 2D platforming games: Kill enemies, get points, finish level. Fighting games: Punch, kick, combo. ALL genres are the same, you are just too ignorant to see that.

      1. The difference is look at Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong their all completely different yet in the same genre fps’s have nowhere near that variety
        Sure in mario sonic and dk you all have the same basic goal but everythings actually different, that’s what fps’s don’t offer. They just copy and paste too much from the others

    3. In fact, Watch Dogs it’s the first true original games made in the past decade! Zelda it’s not original. Halo it’s not original! Hell, not even Portal it’s even that original.

        1. Zelda it’s an amazing series, but it’s anything, but original. It’s just a series of 3D adventuring. GO to a dungeon, fight enemies, collect items and fight a boss. Nothing new or special there. It’s fun, but not original.

          1. They always introduce new, original ideas though. Maybe not in all of them, but a lot of them. Sure, the general gameplay is the same, but there’s so many difference and overall just a different feel to the games. For example: Majora’s Mask time system and it’s dark atmosphere completely changed how the game played, how it felt and the experience was completely original. Wind Waker’s new child-like adventure take on the game, making it extremely open world and the sailing made a fun new take on the way we played. Skyward Sword’s motion controls made it the first real game to actually use motion controls to enhance the experience, not for everyone, but for most, the controls were extremely fun, very innovative and original.

        2. The first Zelda was original back in 1985 because it was one of the first of its kind, but that was nearly 3 decades ago.

        3. Also, Original =/= Great doesn’t matter all the time. MW2 it’s a generic shooter, but its multiplayer it’s a blast to play. You guys really need to stop acting biased and learn your gaming shit instead of keeping saying ” FPS sOCS b4cause they are all the same!!11111″ Don’t try to argue with me because you know I am right.

      1. Nothing is completely original and the fact that your saying a game we know almost nothing about is original just discredits u

      1. i want to become a scientist and make a timemaschinetravell and go at 1980 where kids were a little bit better than today

    1. these parents are horrible, its a good thing i dont have xbox anymore to hear theme cry about them fail at sucking at a game.

  3. he is so right. call of duty 10 or whatever we’re up to. people must like abuse/abusing other people online. sad really. you can’t enjoy a game without putting someone else down?

    thinking about it, the non-specific action hero part of the wii u nintendo direct, you have you playing zombiu, your condescending fps mate who thinks you can’t do anything and nintendo are octoG123 & non-specific action figure, helping you enjoy the game. o nintendo you are brilliant

      1. lol i am not trolling and i am not that kid from that video.i have just showed you a ‘piece of a puzzle’

    1. Some people should not be allow to have children. I feel sorry for this poor kid. His parents need to be brutally executed for flagrant child abuse.

    1. Oh god, not that ignorant hillbilly again. Yes I’m familiar with this CoD fanboy on YouTube and I really wish someone would take his ass behind a dark alley and beat the shit out of him. He’s a prime example of what is wrong w/ gamers.

    1. That means they must end with racing, fighting, etc… games as well because ALL racing games and all fighting games, etc… are the same.

  4. Most kids play call of duty…. That’s the problem… Cause most of the time they suck and don’t know what a mute button is.

  5. I don’t have a prolbem with FPSs, it’s just that they are so over done. the market is flooded with these brown games that are virtually indestinguishable. Back in the day when one would pop up it was cool. I have very fond memories of the N64 Goldeneye. Nowadays, everyone FPS “creator” copies and pastes one game onto the next and the grizzled American starts shooting some terrorists. It’s the same game with a new name. What is the next Battlefield one called? I think it’s that one. I’m to lazy to look it up. Warfighter? That isn’t even an attempt to hide that the game is exactly like all the others. Of course, it all comes down to the consumers. The wouldn’t make so many if they weren’t making money off of it. STOP BUYING THEM!!!!

  6. I’m very picky with my FPS’s.
    The only mainstream one I actually liked recently was Borderlands, and I can’t wait for Borderlands 2, but overall I do agree that the genre doesn’t have much going for it anymore.
    The storylines have gotten more varied, but the action doesn’t change much.
    Even Zombie U looks like it is taking a lot of the generic stuff from other shooters, though thankfully it is mixing it up a bit via the multiple-survivor, one-bite-you-lose system. That should really make gamers who want some challenge happy.

  7. thank you mr moto, people keep blaming IW, Trayarc, and activision, but their just catering to an audience that wants the game. they aren’t to blame, the parents are. These games have an M Rating for a reason. its funny how playboys at a newstand offend people but a rain of bullets, Decapitating head, Guts Ripp’d, and throats sliced are ok. smh @ comon sence.

  8. The problem is the gamers still buy them :P It’s an addiction. If they would start acting like true gamers and trying other games, then we might stop this trend.

    1. imo games that use the right analog are terrible motion is way better goldeneye wii was the first fps i have completed so im new and just started craving been gaming since nes they need resurrect the final fights streets of rage killer instinct those games would be so good i think

  9. The biggest problem is that the market for it is so big. If we just had
    Planetside: Space shooter MMO
    Tribes: SPEED AND ‘SPOSIONS! No blood
    Geometry wars: Strategic shooter with no blood
    and only 1 or 2 *cough*realistic*couch* shooters
    we would have less problems with this

  10. I do completely agree with Miyamoto. I worry about how shooting games will progress as well. Honestly though, the only real shooting game fans I’ve seen are from the internet. None around me. The gamers at my high school do play shooting games, but not only that, there’s a bunch of Skyrim, Minecraft, and Pokemon fans there as well. I’d like to see the life of a gamer who only plays shooting games and compare it.

  11. This coming from a guy who not only wants to make a FPS but was originally was going to give Mario a gun but it was dropped in favour for the flower power.

    Seem to me that Miyamoto is a bit of a hypocrite.

    I am not a fan of FPS, aside from Half-life, games but people need to be aware that FPS and games with guns aren’t going to go away and are here to stay.

  12. Interesting how Warren Spector said the same thing in principle a few weeks ago and it recieved mixed reactions from everyone, not just people on here – but then when Miyamoto says it it’s fine. Huh.

    Anyways, I agree with both of them.

    1. That’s because Miyamoto actually made some good games and worded it differently whereas Warren Spector game aren’t good at all.

      1. Miyamoto hasn’t “made” a game in years, he’s a creative director now.

        Also, Deux Ex was a pretty revolutionary game dude. Regardless of whether YOU like it or not.

    2. See? Nintendo gamers should start to acting less fanboyish and actually agree with everyone, not just Nintendo.

  13. This worries me that they Wont bring too many shooters to their next system. It needs shooters to gain core gamers.

  14. the shooter craze will die eventually once people get sick and tired of the over-saturation. I know I am.

    1. It’s hard, since each generation the audience for such genre is always renewed. Yep, it’s the kids I’m talking about.

  15. *starts clapping* I had enough parents not thinking of what they should get for their kids. I personally love playing Nintendo games and HATE FPS. Im 13 and I see kids my age smoking, talking about….. Lets not go there, and other stuff. *sighs* Now theyre gonna do illegal stuff when they get older, either that or join the army thinking they could do anything they want, shooting everyone without commands.

    1. You’re an idiot.

      Violent video games, FPS games in particular, have been around for decades. There has been no link to video games as far as crime, criminal behaviour, authority issues, or drop in intellect or comprehensiveness.

      In fact, studies have show that regular gamers of video games, both violent and nonviolent, tend to have faster reflexes, faster cognitive processing, and better memory skills than non-gamers.

      So in other words: your theory is fail. Just like your whole post.

  16. It’s not as bad as it is. To me, a person needs to to understand that it’s just a game and it doesn’t need to e ome reality.

  17. I say again, what a legend. It’s awesome what Miyamoto is doing. He understands that games need to be art and shouldn’t just be mindless slaughter in digital form.

  18. I wonder when people will see that its not always the kids but also the parents. If you think about it parents let there kids play these games which leads to all these bad things. Kids may decide what they want to do with there lives but parents need to guid them down the right path. I just hope wii u will be aimed a little more towards hardcoregamers so i wont feel like i wasted my money

  19. Oh come on Miyamoto… really? You have a hard time understanding why gamers like to shoot things? How fucking out of touch ARE you? Kids have been playing cowboys and indians for generations. This is just a tradition of how they play it. Are you kidding me?

    Yes, COD games should be spaced out more. Like Halo, which for the longest time came out only every 3 years. But don’t tell me you can’t imagine how kids are playing these games. You’re just showing how out of touch you are with literally millions of gamers that play and like those games. Don’t scratch your head and say “oh well, guess I’ll keep doing my own thing anyway”. EVOLVE. Learn WHY they like it and change it; add your own flare to it.

    Didn’t he JUST say the other week that he wanted to make an FPS game? Now he doesn’t know why gamers play them? WTF?

    1. If you read the article carefully, it says “how they sit down and play and interact with that” not “how they CAN sit down and play and interact with that”.

      As in, he’s not saying “how can anyone play these games”. He’s saying it worries him. As someone with a young little brother, I can understand his concern.

      Also, the difference between a Nintendo fps and a generic fps should be quite obvious.

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