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Nintendo 3DS Thrashes PlayStation Vita Despite Sales Boost (Japan)

The Nintendo 3DS continued its reign atop the Japanese hardware charts this week, despite the PlayStation Vita receiving a much-needed sales boost. Persona 4 The Golden for the PlayStation Vita was this week’s top-selling game, with 137,076 units sold.

  1. [PSV] Persona 4 The Golden
  2. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D
  3. [PS3] Lollipop Chainsaw
  4. [PS3] Tokyo Jungle
  5. [PS3] Akiba’s Trip Plus
  6. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma
  7. [3DS] Mario Tennis Open
  8. [WII] Mario Party 9
  9. [360] Lollipop Chainsaw
  10. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  • Nintendo 3DS: 61,793
  • PlayStation Vita: 34,459
  • PlayStation 3: 14,673
  • PSP: 9,740
  • Wii: 5,963
  • PlayStation 2: 1,237
  • Xbox 360: 1,084
  • Nintendo DSi LL: 689
  • Nintendo DSi: 380

235 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Thrashes PlayStation Vita Despite Sales Boost (Japan)”

  1. Getting bored of seeing this…
    Out of interest, d’you know of any specific reason for the boost in vita sales?

    1. Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 4 in general is fairly huge in Japan.

      The sales have been climbing since its release, and there are many other titles that have been announced that sparked the boost.

              1. really!!!!
                are U new here? because u would know that he has always attack nintendo for no reason. look at the comments below and u will see im right, ask anyone here that who is aelious and u will see that im not alone.

                1. its like the pot calling the kettle black.

                  only on a nintendo cominuty are you not a troll, but outside MNN, you are just like him.


            1. Going down so much that there stock value went up by 2.6% while Nintendo plummeted by roughly the same amount after E3.

              Yeah, okay.

              1. Except, you know, Sony also does other things besides video games. Their stock could’ve gone up for a number of reasons. Theirs and Nintendo’s E3 were nothing to write home about. I sincerely believe that wasn’t what made their stock rise.

                1. Conveniently rising after their E3 conference sort of renders whatever point you tried to make pretty invalid.

              2. Haha. Way to read a headline or two.

                Unfortunately, Sony’s stock recently hit a 32 year low. Going up 2.6% doesn’t offset that.

                    1. Blimey. Note to self. Don’t reply on your phone.

                      What I meant to say was…

                      Nintendo’s stock didn’t hit a 32 year low…

                    2. I never specified the years, I specifically said their stocks have taking similar lows in a decade as well. Which is a fact.

  2. “thrashes” might not be the best word to describe it this week, since the 3DS didn’t even outsell the vita at a 2:1 ratio. anyway, congratulations on surpassing 30k this week, vita

    1. Vita needs a new game for a boost, 3DS with old games manage to ‘almost'(for this week) double the Vita without effort… think about it

      1. 3DS also retails for 32% less than the Wi-Fi model Vita, I’ll let /you/ think about it.

        The Japanese have high standards too, you better believe they opt for the 3G versions which also bundle the memory cards.

          1. Sony with their propietary format… vs nintendo sd cards hmmmm. I agree its sonys problem not nintendos.

        1. so sony’s inability (or refusal, whichever’s more accurate) to cut the vita’s price is the reason people buy the 3DS more? to quote reggie fils-aime, “that’s sony’s issue, not my problem”

          1. They have no reason whatsoever to cut the price to cater to what people want. People also want devices free, tell them to deal with it or find something else which can do what the Vita is marketed to do.

            They already sell it for a loss, so asking for a price drop is futile and…pretty stupid to tell you the truth.

              1. Considering what’s going on this week with one title being released for it, I beg to differ. The Vita is thriving and the software is now coming in. The core gamers will ultimately be winning.

                1. Yeah, one title helped boost the Vita to a little over half of 3DS sales, whereas the 3DS hasn’t had a new game in a while. Sounds great for Sony. Now, when the 3DS E3 games start coming out, the gap’s gonna widen again. I saw like, 3 Vita games at E3. They didn’t interest me.

                  1. Except they announced no new games for the 3DS at E3. Every single title shown was known prior to that event, whereas the 20+ game montage Sony retardedly didn’t show had plenty of new titles that weren’t leaked prior to it.

                    Paper Mario looks completely underwhelming, and only Epic Mickey truly stands out in my eyes.

                    1. Paper Mario may look underwhelming to you, but you’ve already made it clear you aren’t rooting for NIntendo anyways.
                      Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Castlevania, Fire Emblem, and Epic Mickey are system sellers.
                      And that’s Sony’s fault for not showing their games.

                2. If I remember, when Kid Icarus Uprising was released for the 3DS, the sales jumped to around 100 000. So, what were you saying?

                3. the first week since its fourth week in existence that the vita sold more than 20,000 consoles in japan and it’s now considered thriving? pardon me while i double over in laughter while holding my sides. the standards for the vita’s market performance have REALLY lowered since the days when sony drones were predicting that the vita would blow the 3DS out of the water sales-wise

                    1. Aeolus: Im laughing at your face, how ugly it is… Do you think your opinion is always correct and has the decency to say the other side is wrong?? You’re a spoiled brat period. Nothing but a troll and should be banned permanetely.

                4. Thriving… Haha… This guy is hilarious.

                  This week the Vita sold just as much as it did in the month of May. In a few weeks, it’ll be back to May sales levels.

    1. It did so last week as well, actually. About 13,000 and now this week is nearly three times the amount.

      I’m curious to import this game…looks like the hype has been well deserved.

      1. Persona is an amazing game especially the 4th entry. They even made an anime series from the Persona 4 story. I only wish it was multiplat but Vita needs it

          1. Sony should become a 3rd party developer/publisher. Uncharted will look so much better on my gaming PC.

    2. You mean the thousands… It was only two weeks ago for the first time in months that the Vita sold 12,000 before that it was only 7,000 max… We can say Sony is winning when it sells 100,000 units in one week…

      1. They’ve already won when it comes to software, which thoroughly spanks the 3DS lineup it had at the same age. Imagine when it’s a year old, PS3 vs Wii all over again, and the PS3 smashes the Wii’s shovelware.

        1. Aelous just shut up. You’re comparing 2 handhelds, then you went to compare ps3 vs wii. Dude just shut up fanboy….

          1. Yes it does. What did the 3DS have at 5 months of age.

            Oh I know, two ports of N64 games and nothing else. Repeat of DS/PSP seems less likely than ever with all of the superior third parties Vita has on board.

            and lmfao, 3DS can’t even run UE3. The Vita can effortlessly. The only games 3DS will have is more of the same shitty rush job casual DS titles that kids will pick up.

            1. Uh huh. So games like Kingdom Hearts 3D, Tales of the Abyss, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem, etc are “shitty rush job casual DS titles”? XD You make me laugh. So what does the VITA have? Inferior versions of PS3 games that I can just buy for my PS3. Uncharted? PS3. Little Big Planet? PS3. Stardust? PS3. Mortal Kombat? PS3. Yeah, so which is getting it’s own unique titles and which is getting ports?

              1. Nice not answering my question at all and coming up with a complete non-answer instead.

                Typical 3DS owner remorse.

                Uncharted on PS3? Nope, it’s an original entry in the series, as is LBP, as is Stardust, and Mortal Kombat has loads of content absent from the other versions so much for that “lolps3” retort.

                Do your research before making a fool of yourself as always, fanboy.

                1. I believe I’ve already done my research, hence why I’m not saying shit like “The 3DS is only getting phone games and shitty DS ports”. They PS VITA games are original entries but they do NOTHING that hasn’t already been done on the PS3. They offer nothing different or unique compared to their PS3 counterparts. That’s my point. To me, they’re just remakes and ports as they’ve done nothing that hasn’t already been done on the PS3.

                2. Hey you do the same thing. You completely ignore my question, then you post some typical “3DS sucks Vita rules” fanboy nonsense.

  3. Wow, Vita is doin GREAT! I’m glad to see it finally outshinin it’s predecessor. Whatever that Persona game is about, it must be quite “golden” :D

      1. They did similar things more than a decade ago with previous console wars, they had some of the most ridiculous comebacks. And still do to this day.

        1. But it sucks… if not, PSP would be better than DS and it wasn’t. PSV is following the same path, when a particular game is launched, like Monster Hunter, the sell goes crazy, after a time sucks again… It’s not about power and graphics, it’s about games, that is what sells a console and is this that sony drone aparently can’t understand…

          1. Wii sucks and it sold more than legitimately better consoles, there. I could use what your basically said against you as well.

            1. Nope! Wii didn’t sucks, Wii just hasn’t the power of PS360, but again, what sells a console isn’t their power, it’s your games….. You just prove my point.

              1. >Wii didn’t sucks.

                Is that why only 4% of owners bought a new game last year.

                Is that why it’s gathering dust in many people’s homes.

                Is that why the only AAA titles are coming from Nintendo and nobody else.

                Wii has shovelware and casual games selling it. Wii Fit sold a staggering 43 million units, yeah, let’s see you have fun with that game over the likes of real ones.

                1. You can talk whatever you want, but the fact is that if you really believe that more power can sell more consoles, both Wii and NDS shows exactly the opposite against PS360 and PSP respectively … And today the round is 3DS against PSV, all over again… One day you will learn that.

                2. WARNING: A WALL OF TEXT APPEARED”

                  True; a lot of “casual” gamers bought the console because it appealed to them, and was the cheapest console of this generation. Hence why Wii sold the most units.
                  Wii Fit is a game that appeals to casuals, so it was a-lot-of-the-time bought along with the console.

                  Now, what’re we missing? Oh yeah, the hardcore audience. Or a lot of them. Due to Nintendo’s main focus on the casual audience, what the core gamers expected from Wii didn’t necessarily satisfy them.

                  The Wii may have had some great titles, but lacked 3rd party support. There were a lot of reasons for this, such as that Nintendo haven’t had much 3rd party support earlier, or that some developers prefer to have more power to play with. Or just they prefer to have a platform that is easy to develop on.

                  Now what are we left with? An unsatified experience for certain players, who decide to give it a shot at other platforms.

                  My example: I’m a Nintendo gamer since the SNES era, and have had all Nintendo consoles since that one. I’ve always sticked to Ninty up ’till now. But due to lack of games, I wasn’t satisfyed, and bought a xbox to play certain titles.
                  What does that mean to me? Wii didn’t have enough “great” games to keep me entertained for 5-6 years.

                  Hopefully they fix all these issues with the Wii U, in the long run.

        2. This statement is true for every single fanboy of every single genre of every single medium. Fanboys are all alike in the end including Sony ones. I have nothing against Sony. Personally, I hope the Vita does well as with the 3DS. Competition improves quality.

          1. Exactly and if great games continue to come out like this for both systems without slowing down, then they can continue to enjoy sale increases, which hopefully the Vita can continue to have.

        1. And do you know that the upcoming fighting game came from a sequel of the smt spinoff title persona 4? Lol

  4. Kudos to the vita, its now 2nd on the chart and thata a big accomplishment. i hope it rise more so it can be par with the 3ds selling wise.

    1. yeah that’s not gonna happen. this week is probably going to be the closest the vita’s going to get to the 3DS for awhile (it’ll probably get a nice bump from hatsune miku in japan and the white vita later on). pokemon black and white 2 release soon and despite it being a pair of DS games, they’re most likely going to give a pretty good boost to the 3DS (i’m thinking around the 100k area). next week’s sales will show a notably wider gap between the handhelds

      1. Not going to happen?

        Remember, only one title did this and the percent of units sold has climbed by large margins since release.

        Pokemon is still a /DS/ game, there are 154 million DS owners. Have fun convincing me there will also be a similar hardware climb with that in mind.

        1. The real boost for the 3DS would have to be Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario later this year. Pokemon won’t help as much.

        2. persona sold great but only spurred sales about 20k higher than they were last week? that tells me that most people who want persona already have a vita. the hardware isn’t going to climb much higher than it is right now from what i see

          as for the 3DS hardware climb, it’s really a matter of opinion about the 3DS featues for pokemon black and white 2 and whether they’ll help boost sales, but we’ll see how it goes in the next week or so. i personally believe the 3DS features will be sufficient to move hardware enough to put it at its usual level upon a new software release

              1. No I was saying to predict how many systems Black and White 2 may move, check how many systems were sold during the months Black and White 1 came out.

                1. Yes, it sold a lot, but the point here is wether it’ll sell 3DS’s, Seeing as B&W2 are not For the 3DS exclusively, but for both, Current and last Gen Handhelds.

  5. Hmmm when I read “trashes” I expected like 150.000 3DS vs 6000 Vitas…

    When Luigi’s Mansion 2 and NSBM2 launches the 3DS will also get a boost of its own again ;)

      1. I dread to think what would happen when smash bros comes out for the 3ds… O MY GOD VITA IS GONNA TAKE A BEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Well known? Nobody knew who Ness, Marth, Roy, Game & Watch and a few other characters were in Melee besides a select few. Literally everybody else were just as predictable mascots like Sony.

              Somewhat thing happened in Brawl…honestly, how many people legitimately knew about Pit besides his trophy in Melee? I’m probably missing some others.

                1. Because your a fucking Ninty fanboy. Nothing wrong with liking Ninty, but of course a dedicated Ninty would know those characters

              1. These characters no-one may have known, but by being in such a game as Brawl, they became well known. With the mix of the more popular franchises and the Nintendo touch, the characters soon became very well known.

                1. That’s because a game like this would almost certainly spark interest and potentially revive titles. The proof is with Fire Emblem the most and to some extent, Kid Icarus.

                  Games like SSBB are one of the smartest ways to revive a franchise, come to think of it. Call it copying yeah, but I look forwward to seeing old IPs come back -if- PASBR takes off.

                  1. Yeah. If it wasn’t for Pit’s appearance in SSBB, then Uprising wouldn’t have sold half as well as it did. In any way, a game which incorporates all franchises is something that is really needed nowerdays in larger companies.

    1. Pokemon Comes the next week…. BANG Vita backs into the obscurity, and them when NSBM2(we know what 2D means for japan isn’t it?) will make wonder sony what they can do to avoid being in the darkness until holidays… or the new HARDCORE OTAKU game comes(which one? Gundam is out, Persona 4 is out, not even a ‘Tales of’ Anual series can help them)

  6. The 3ds will probably dominate this entire generation but I always though Sony had a chance to bring the vita back to life.

      1. Why do they have to drop the price exactly?

        The price isn’t their problem, either you want to buy it at what they offer it at, or you don’t. They take a hardware loss on it, and aren’t going to drop it further to cater to cheap people.

        1. and a lot of people don’t. and for good reason. why should people have to pay for something that costs about the same as a PS3, which a lot of people already own, just to play games that might as well be on the console?

          1. The same reason people payed for a device (3DS) that costs 100 dollars more than a Wii at it’s launch.

            Which ironically, had nothing but a console port of a PS3/360 game going for it at launch.

            1. And then they realized maybe people would buy more if they cut the price a little bit. And they’ve stopped taking a loss. It looks like their strategy’s working.

            2. and those sales went down pretty bad, even though they weren’t as bad as the vita’s. a price cut right before desirable software brought the 3DS back up in sales. the vita isn’t getting that luxury, so it remains in mediocre sales with people still waiting for the price cut before wanting to buy one

              1. Vita will get sales jump as titles as these continue to surface. There’s a reason the PSP still actually sells thousands on a weekly basis. It still gets supported with titles that were in development before it’s successor, and not every PSP game is available digitally. *Not sure about Japan’s UMD passport program*

                1. Erm… the PSP sells more argument was relevant in the first few weeks of the VIta’s life, but it’s been tanking ever since. Just like the Vita.

                    1. Hahahahaha. Oh man, for someone who likes to tell people to learn to read, you really messed up there.

                      I said the PSP has been tanking since around four weeks into the Vita’s life. Not since the PSP released…

        2. am afraid some people cant decide if they wanna be poor or not/. Plus the vita is priced too steeply just like ps3. People on forums are begging for a price drop. Companies need to listen to their consumers.

          1. No, they do not. Sony has absolutely no reason to give in to price drop demands *which arent nearly as common as YOU’RE insinuating*. Proof is right here. An IP strong enough to effectively force fans of it to deal with the price. They don’t seem to mind either, since other major titles are coming in the months.

            1. You only talking bull shit.. … Stop with the diarrhea that is coming from your mouth. you call this little climb good? You must be a fucking moron!!!!!! The vita gonna drop back next week again. So this is NOTHING.

              They need a price cut to move hardware. I am sorry as hell to but this piece of SHIT!!!!! i LOVE MY 3DS AND IT NEVER FAILS ME

        3. The stupidity of this question blows my mind. If a company has a game that you want, but is charging 1 million dollars for it, are you going to buy it? Even if something is fantastic, but the people it appeals to can’t afford it, it won’t get sold, which is precisely why I don’t have a Vita right now, and why I’m sure a lot of people don’t either.

          1. The stupidity of this analogy that you tried to use is blowing my mind. 1 million dollars? what the fuck are you even try to go on with????

            We’re talking about gaming, not fantasyland. The Vita is $250 fucking dollars. If people can buy a shit 3DS at launch for the same price; they can buy Vitas. There is no such thing as “can’t afford” and “gaming.” Gaming costs money, if you want to game on any new platform, be prepared to spend. Simple as that, it’s your own fault if you don’t have the money for an expensive hobby.

              1. 3DS was the first of a new generation of handhelds and nobody actually thought it’d do so badly after a relatively “okay” E3 unveiling.

                Again–simple answers to your stupid comebacks. :P

                Too predictable, you gotta keep up.

                1. What does it matter if the 3DS was the first 8th generation handheld? The VITA should’ve been capable of taking the 3DS’s thunder, seeing as the VITA came out later AND had the 3DS’s original price along w/ WAY more features.

  7. I’d like to see the sales charts for other countries, we kind of already know Japan has a bias towards Nintendo.

      1. He means we know the 3DS is selling well in Japan, he just is curious if its having the same success everywhere else in the world

        1. That’s a curious question I have myself. More than half of the 3DS’ sales are in Japan, which is far more smaller than western territories.

          …I kinda wonder why they stopped listing 3DS NPD sales recently.

          1. I think there was a post a week ago saying that the Wii and 3DS combined reached about 280 000 sales.

  8. As much as I love my 3DS, I also want a Vita, so news like this is a reassurance that it won’t get cancelled right after I buy it.

    1. The Vita will have a lot of support in the future. You can be sure of that. Unlike the PSP, it has all major publishers and hundreds of developers working with it as we speak.

      Over 40 games are already out for it in the West and over 60 more have been announced. This is all within the first 4 months of its Western release.

  9. Looks like the VITA is picking up steam in Japan. That’s good. Hopefully it’s sales continue to pick up and rival the 3DS’s. That’ll make for some good competition.

      1. …..You want things to go back to how they were in the NES where Ninty was the only competition?

          1. ….but companies were only allowed 5 games a year, they had to sign a contract forcing them to develop solely for Nintendo, and were required to order at least 10,000 cartridges. My point was because Nintendo dominated, they were allowed to enforce strict rules for third-parties, which isn’t right. Also, if Ninty dominated, they wouldn’t have to stride to create the best games, they could just slack off and constantly make lazy NSMB games….which they are already doing but it could get much, much worse

            1. I laugh when people like you don’t realise that the licensing deals in effect today are an evolution of that model set out by Nintendo…

              1. …..Last time I checked companies could develop more than 5 games a year and aren’t required to develop solely for a specific console….

                1. Do you understand the meaning of evolution?

                  I’m well aware that the rules aren’t the same as they were, but Sony and Microsoft both charge licensing fees based on the model Nintendo set out in the 80s.

                  That same model that saved the industry after a crash.

          1. But Nintendo fucking dominated. Atari’s and Sega’s consoles did not sell even remotely as well as the NES. Because of this, Ninty was essentially the only competition. If you developed for another console, your game would not sell, plain and simple

    1. …Sega? If you’re referring to Sony, then you’re wrong. If you actually looked at the sales, the Vita is doing much better than before

      1. i believe this is a joke. normally when sales are revealed and the 3DS is on top, which it is the vast majority of the time, someone will usually say “it’s over, nintendo is finished” as a joke or a jab at the trolls and sony drones who thought the 3DS had doomed nintendo and itself with its initially slow sales. this time the comment is about sega, because well, why not?

  10. Have you used “obliterate” yet? Or are there other destruction synonyms ahead in the queue?

    I favor “mind-crush”.

        1. people bought the ps2 because it had san andreas.i like gamecube because it was fucking awesome with hardcore games too,but the question is why metal gear solid 2 didnt come to the gamecube?

    1. *exhales deeply*…

      Really. REALLY. Right now you’re acting as stupid as…the main character from the Pokémon anime! The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PlayStation Portable, like how the Wii U is a successor to the Wii.

      1. where do you buy your troll food? wal-mart or petsmart? also, what brand do you prefer? you seem like a trol’ roy man to me

        1. that brown peteriuss is fake i am the original 1.also mister soap gayctavish stop being a fucking bastard

  11. That’s good! Vita will cause some good competition against 3DS! Eventually, the Vita will sell higher than the 3DS, making, again, good competition! I am a multi-fan, and I will be okay to see Sony going on tworads good heights, and same goes for Nintendo! I believe Wii U will sell more than Vita and 3DS soon… :)

    1. The vita is a dumbed-down smartphone, thats why its not selling well. Only the core sony fans are buying it. It should have been a handheld console and a smartphone. Maybe sony would be better at competing against the Apple than than Nintendo.

      1. “Dumbed down smartphone”? Only without the phone part (derp), because it spanks every smartphone available in the market in specs. Dumbed down isn’t really the word here you’re looking for.

        And considering Sony has annihilated Nintendo in two consecutive console generations, and being the first to reach 80 million in portable sales (PSP) ever, I don’t quite think Nintendo is something difficult to compete against.

        1. The first portable to reach 80 million? XD It’s the first NON-Nintendo portable to sell that much but that’s about it. As for Nintendo being easy to compete against…*sighs*…I guess ignorance is bliss for you, eh?

          1. Considering both the PS1 and PS2 easily thrashed respective Ninty consoles by a vastly larger margin than what the Wii did to the others, I’d say that isn’t ignorance; but bitter truth

            1. Thats only because of two reasons.
              1. The media format they had for N64 and Gamecube which was a stupid choice on their part, due to less space for games and higher prices for the media format (during N64) .(Even though they tried to justify it with shorter load times and piracy issues)
              2. PS1 had audio playback, which was a partial selling point since around 94-98 CD players were still pretty expensive, and PS2 had DvD playback which were also expensive during that time.

              1. It’s not like that anymore? Lol *points to Wii U*

                the console has nothing going for it and not nearly the amount of anticipation mounting the Wii had. It’s going to find itself being this generation’s Dreamcast; not a PS2. PS2 actually happened to be a generational leap.

                Very likely scenario and trust me, Nintendo is going to keep fooling the same people.

                1. Uh huh. I don’t know if you remember but the DreamCast was a generational leap and, again, launch titles always look like shit compared to final games. Seriously, you’re using fucking multi-plats and Wii Fit U to judge it’s graphics. Fail. Don’t you know that the PS3 started off with a WORSE E3 and now it’s selling pretty damn well.

                  1. Dreamcast didn’t have DVD or a format that wouldn’t regulate it to Gamecube situations in it’s later life.

                    Wii U specs are all over NeoGAF, the system is running a custom R700, a GPU dating back to 2008 and a triple core IBM CPU with similar architecture to the 360. Stop making a fool out of yourself, for the final fucking time. The Wii U is by ZERO possible means a generational leap.

                    And lolno, the PS3 unveiling in 2005 wasn’t nearly as bad as the Wii U unveiling in 2011. And arguably not nearly as much as 2006 if it wasn’t for that boneheaded price tag move.

                    The Wii U isn’t going to do ANYTHING noticeably better than the current generation by the time new consoles arrive. Whatever advantage it seems to get will be swiftly cockblocked and a recent comment from a Sony exec reassures that they ARE NOT going to release a product that isn’t a “Significant leap” over this generation.

                    Point out how the Wii U is a leap over this gen (and a significant one) and you’ll have some sort of a case.

                    1. As for the PS3 unveiling not being as bad as the Wii-U’s? XD It was WORSE w/ “599 US dollars”, “RIIIDGE RACEEER”, “Hit it’s weak point for MASSIVE damage”, and more. Hell, the Wii-U’s launch line-up blows the PS3/360’s out of the water.

                      As for the Wii-U NOT being a generational leap. It’s already running Assassin’s Creed III with improved graphics in 1090p at 60 FPS WHILE the Wii-U GamePad is having an image being streamed to. If that’s not next-gen, I don’t know what is. Also, did you see the leaked specs of the 720? They’re not much better than the Wii-U’s, proving that next-gen isn’t going to be full super powerful system. But, of course, you’re going to deny them and then go on to promote the Wii-U’s leaked specs.

                      Educate yourself

          1. Sony’s first handheld: 80 million.
            Vita remains to be seen at least until 5-6 years from now.

            So…looks like Sony isn’t going to be very threatened if they managed to accomplish what every other company failed at doing: taking a sizeable chunk of the portable market for themselves.

            nintendo’s past is largely irrelevant since back then portables needed a key factor to sell: battery.

  12. The vita should also have been a smartphone. That way, it would sell more and sony would be able to charge $400 to $600 without a contract.

  13. This pretty much proves that good software is a crucial factor concerning hardware sales. Even as a more Nintendo guy myself, it is good to see Vita picking up a bit.

    1. No, it’s a potato that’s normally wrapped in greasy paper. You know, like everything which is good.

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  15. With title I can reconfirm that this page was made by fanboys. Every site but this one are happily informing about the Vita sales boots. Persona 4(Its a PS2 port) did awesome on its launch. This is all the Vita need more awesome games. This proves that software sell consoles.

          1. I don’t usually reply to cretin like you, but what IS the damn deal? So what if the Vita got it’s sales boosted up? If I was a Nintendo fanboy, I would be rooting it on! More competition means more goodies from Nintendo, does it not?

            Anyways, back to the world of adults. I’m rooting the Vita on! My 3DS has been pretty lonely for a while, but my Vita keeps chugging out some amazing games, so stop being fanboys and admit that each handheld has its own flaws and pros. Software is DEFINITELY not a con of either. I have both a 3DS and A Vita and they are both AMAZING! No amount of fanboys will make me change my mind that both are amazing handhelds.

            I’ll be playing my 3DS AND Vita while you cretin mindlessly argue about nothing. :D

            1. Are you talking about me or Aeolus. I’m all for the VITA selling well but Aeolus is trying to make it out as if this is actually a good week for the VITA when it’s not, especially if you consider the fact that’s it’s still fairly new. Systems tend to THRIVE when they first come out. I’m sorry, but I would not brag about the VITA’s sales this week at all. Now, when it starts selling like the PSP does, then celebrate.

              1. Except nobody is bragging and if you think this isn’t a good week; you’re retarded, period.

                7k units weeks ago and a sudden spike to 34k with the aid of a single title. I’ll let you do the math on what kind of a percentage increase is that.

                1 title.

                1. It’s not a good week because it’s not consistently selling like this genius. Wait till it starts selling consistently well. Yeah it took one title to push it to 34k but that’s because the VITA doesn’t exactly have a stellar game library and, in case you don’t remember, the same happened with the 3DS.

            2. What do you mean, what’s the deal? You’re acting as if I’m upset that the VITA’s sales are improving. I mean, god forbid there’s actual competition or something. I hardly hate the VITA but acting like this is a good week for the VITA when it really isn’t is pretty sad. I’d wait till it starts selling as consistently well as the PSP.

              1. Systems tend to thrive when they are first released?Maybe ten years ago that was the case, but with the economicsituation now…people are spending their money more wisely. Remember the 3DS, PS3, 360? All sold pretty poorly in the first few months. The logic from yesteryear doesn’t apply nowadays, but I take back all my snarky remarks at you. I’m just tired of so many fanboys, but I am on a Nintendo site…I’ll start skipping the comments altogether. The 3DS used to be around 20k units. It never reached 40k units until about its fifth month in the market, seem familiar? The Vita is following the same path. Either way, I’m done. Cheers!

                1. Actually when the 3DS first came out it was selling really good, but about a month or two later was when the sales started tanking. By March 2011 Nintendo was disappointed that it only sold around 3.5 million worldwide instead of their projected 4 million, I think Vita sold pretty good worldwide in its first month out like somewhere around 2 million.

                2. Ahh…well I guess I was still stuck in the years of the PS2. I remember, when that came out, EVERYONE got it. Hopefully the VITA begins to sell consistently well. The only reason why I’m not saying that this is good is because it’s not happening nearly every week. One good title managed to push, once the games start rolling in, and by games I mean games UNIQUE to the VITA, than it’ll start selling consistently well.

                  1. There are plenty of “unique” titles on the Vita; your fanboy glasses cloud your judgement.

                    If you think having near-PS3 graphics automatically means they “aren’t unique”, then you sir, are an idiot.

                    To follow this logic, all the 3DS has is N64 games, and watered down/upscaled Wii+DS ones.

                    Mario Kart 7? How about MKWii.
                    Super Mario 3D Land? NSMB(DS/WII) or Galaxy.
                    Luigi’s Mansion? Gamecube.
                    Paper Mario? Gamecube with no partners and retarded exp system.
                    StarFox 64 3D? Nintendo 64 with higher polygon models.
                    OoT 3D? N64 version with the Gamecube port’s additions and less jagged models.
                    RE: R? Starts off similar to RE4 and devolves right into a worse looking RE5.
                    Almost everything is literally stuff the DSi can probably pull off.
                    Rayman Origins? All those delays and still manages to look like a grainy mess compared to the console/Vita versions.
                    Super Street Fighter 4? Worse graphics than original and ultracasualized with one button combos on the bottom screen and lacking many of the console version’s features.

                    This is similar stupidity you tried to pull when it came to Vita games. I’ll let it sink in nicely for you.

                    1. I guess I’ll have to prove you wrong.

                      Mario Kart 7? It had the gliding feature, the swimming feature, and brought back the coin system. Ntm, it had kart customization. So it’s definitely different than Mario Kart Wii

                      Super Mario 3D Land? Plays nothing like the 2D Mario’s and has enough unique elements to set it apart from the 3D Mario’s. It makes good use of 3D to find hidden paths of star coins. It has 2D Mario elements such as the goal posts and the power-up system

                      Luigi’s Mansion 2? It’s a game people have been asking for a long time and it has been a decade since the last one. It doesn’t have to be changed seeing as it’s been ages since the last one

                      Paper Mario? It has elements from Mario & Luigi w/ the items being attacks and a more distinct papery feel to it. Besides, it DOES have partners and the EXP system has yet to be shown as being different via trailers and screen shots.

                      Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 3D? They’re remakes so why’re you expecting a shit load of things to be added?

                      As for the multi-plats, I don’t discuss them, seeing as I don’t expect them to be made well, and that includes Resident Evil games on Nintendo handhelds.

                      Prove how ANY of the games on the VITA that have counter-parts on the PS3 have something unique or different? You know, something to make them stand out from their console counter-parts. Oh that’s right, they don’t. They play EXACTLY the same, and HAVE nothing different or unique and I’m not talking about additional content like more characters or some minor feature.

  16. Guys, people need to realise that competition is really important for the video game industry. Can you imagine if Sony went under, then Microsoft, Nintendo might not be making their games to the best value.

  17. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    watch Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 climb to the top by next week

    oh, and sickr, u might want to fix Nintendo DSi LL, js

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  19. If they made a real 6th gen pkmn game for the 3DS the sales would go off the charts…software wise and very nicely on hardware 2.

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