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Activision Says Wii U Has A Lot Of Potential

Activision’s Vice President of Production Daniel Suarez has told UK trade publication MCV that he’s extremely excited about Wii U, and the possibilities the console brings to the video game market. Suarez really believes that Nintendo can once again differentiate itself from both Sony and Microsoft.

“I am really excited by the potential of what the tablet can do. The asymmetrical gameplay Nintendo have talked about, and which they showed off last year, has potential. I don’t think I have seen the full demonstration of that being utilized yet, but that’s where I see that platform really differentiating itself from everything else. Just like what Nintendo did before with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and Wii Sports, that defined a new style of gameplay. I think the Wii U GamePad has that potential.”

32 thoughts on “Activision Says Wii U Has A Lot Of Potential”

      1. neglect it? i think you’re confusing nintendo with sony, because nintendo is showing plenty of support for the 3ds while sony with the vita…. yeah that ship has sunk

  1. They say that about every new console, I bet they will say the same thing about the PS4/XBOX 720.
    “Wow! The Wii U is awesome!”

    *1 Year Later*

    “Wow! The PS4 and XBOX 720 are awesome!”

    1. There isnt going to be a 720 or PS4 anytime soon, more people should actually pay attention sony said there isnt going to be a PS4 anytime soon and they confirmed no PS4 news at e3 2013 and 360 is probably going to be the last true video game console microsoft makes since all they care about is entertainment and online. the next console microsft makes will probably be some entertainment system that just happens to get video game exclusives. the next xbox or playstation probably wont be announced till 2014-2015 by the time they release nintendo will be announcing the Wii U successor by then.

  2. Even though Activision probably justean, “we can make money from this”, WiiU support is good. Plus it shuts up the fanboys.

  3. Whilst it’s great seeing third party devs/publishers excited about the Wii U, and even though Activision have supported Nintendo bringing their best titles to the system, I think they should worry about CoD and the direction it’s been taking. Haven’t played the series since CoD4 (the flood of kids was just terrible) but from what I have seen and the non-casual gamers are saying, it’s time to overhaul the game. CoD4 was great and it changed the fps genre but from what I have seen, each year they just bring out a $100AUS map pack.

    1. It’s true. Most people who say “Nooooo CoD sux” have never played the earlier games, just the modern map packs (which are getting old, stale, badly designed and unoriginal).

      1. ^ this

        People always forget that. Activision are only really responsible for bullshit DLC, otherwise its up to the developer.
        Most games released by EA are fantastic, but they corrupt it with day 1 and on disk dlc, but i welcome their support, including the rumoured Origin service, would be a game changer for consoles

        1. i honestly don’t really care about the whole dlc issue. i really don’t what the point of being mad about something that you don’t have to pay for is. i mean sure it is kindof lame that some of it is already on the disc, but, imo, it’s really not that big of a deal.

          1. I dont mind DLC, Fallout 3 and other games have awesome DLC, but when it was clearly intended to come out in game but released as DLC, thats when i turns to bullshit, especially when its something like missing weapons in Ninja Gaiden 3.

  4. i want world of warcraft on the wiiU along with a keyboard.if i had a gama company things would be a little interesting but i dont mind/care for gamedevelopment :(

    1. Its actually rumoured to be coming and i think one of the creator said the WiiU is perfect for MMORPG’s

  5. that what nintendo does. it innovates. if they didn’t innovate and just made a more powerful system I probably would be a sony only dude instead of a nintendo & sony dude.

  6. As good as it is that Nintendo is drawing support from big name third parties, I’m going to admit that I’ve got a bit of trepidation over Activision liking the console……
    They ARE known for some pretty horrendous things as far as gaming goes, after all…..

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