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EA Says They Want “To Be 90 Plus Metacritic At Everything”

EA has announced that the company wants to have 90 plus Metacritic scores for all its games that it produces in the future. EA’s senior VP of global eCommerce, David DeMartini says that the company has set the bar set extremely high for both its games, and its services.

“EA is in a really interesting place. We have this bar that is set so high, so that whether it is any of our games or services, we want to be 90 plus Metacritic at everything.”

73 thoughts on “EA Says They Want “To Be 90 Plus Metacritic At Everything””

          1. Then stop making all of these sports games and going ‘It’s still football, but here’s whats different in this one and why you need to spend $60!’

            1. zax is on bath salts

              What would be proper is for them to make a madden every 3/5 years and just make updates through out the years… it’s that simple

              1. Thats true with all sports games. Even fighting games too tbh, theres absolutly no need to do what Capcom does. Either release a full game like Smash Bros or add more characters over time, FOR FREE


                Yeah? An average score from a lot of reviewers is much better than one single review.

                1. the thing with metacritic though, is that some people either spam really good reviews or really bad reviews. it’s almost NEVER accurate.

              2. This would take them a LOOOONG time – there’s a lot of burnt fingers who are gonna think twice now when it comes to buying anything from EA…their bar is set so high, but they can never truly attain the heights until they show consumers a reason to back them again

              3. 90 is an incredibly high mark for anything. Unless they’re relying on Critic scores and not user stores.


                  Of course they rely on critic scores. Users are crazy with their scores anyway, sometimes hating on something for no reason.

                    1. They should start by supporting their own games 100% and as little bugs as possible.
                      I just have one word to say to them ” SPORE”

                          1. Tbh, i just want a casual sim game on my WiiU like Animal Crossing or Sim City, something i can chill out and play on the pad using the touch screen

                        1. Yeah good luck EA, you have a long way to go for that goal! Even if they did I’m not sure if I’d respect them then either.

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                        3. “We want to be 90 plus Metacritic at everything.”
                          In the words of The Joker.
                          “Very Poor Choice of Words!”
                          It’s because they said everything; EA I am expecting a Movie, A Porno, an Album, A Guitar, A Computer… basically everything that has ever existed! I also want the Dodo to come back. KTHANKS!

                        4. As long s Jim sterling is around NO ONE will ever get that high. What with him giving 0/10 for every game he reviews because hes so cool.

                        5. That’s very improbable. You would have to go a very long way to get a 90 rating on Metacritic for everything you do. Even Nintendo can’t do that. Leave luck to heaven.

                        6. Metacritic is actually credible when it comes to the critics’ scores, not the user scores. Go look at Modern Warfare 3 on Metacritic. Users gave it tons of 0’s (and I’m sure half of them don’t even own the game). You may all hate the game and series, but it still get 9s from the likes of Gameinformer and IGN because it’s an extremely polished game, and fun in a lot of aspects. Each title in the series outsells the last, yet there are hundreds of idiots giving it a 0 on Metacritic. That’s why I generally only look at critic scores. Good luck EA.

                        7. If it means they’ll try harder and deliver better games, them i’m not complaining. Just make sure they come to WiiU and implement the controls. And give us a Mirrors Edge 2 :)

                        8. Some games they make are worth playing like Dead Space for example. It’s just I dislike their business ideas in trying to rape consumers, same goes for Capcom.

                          1. They do publish great games, like Dead Space as you said, as well as Bioware titles, DICE and stuff, but yeah their whole DLC an online bullshit gave them a bad reputation. The only reason they got voted worst company in America is because of the Mass Effect 3 ending, that fanboys blamed on EA.

                              1. How was it? Bioware openly admitted that its what they wanted to do. EA should be played for the day 1 dlc, but theyre made up for that by release what will be 3 free multiplayer dlc’s and a new ending. How many developers do you know who have made a new ending for a game just because fans wanted it. I forgive EA an Bioware for Mass Effect 3, and besides, up until the last 5 minutes, the game was fucking fantastic

                                1. Yeah I don’t know what they were thinking; I’d hate to watch a good flick and have something like that ruin it all. But if they intended it, it should stay that way just like the death of Aerith in FFVII.

                                  1. Oh god, i know.
                                    Tbh, the ending was very mass effect, you go around the whole game making choices, so i saw it as one finally choice, but having just that was bullshit, because for a game that based itself around decision making, they shouldve reward players by seeing how their decsions effected the universe.

                                2. We call this non-Nintendo news. Don’t speak of technicalities either — there is nothing about this news that is remotely related to Nintendo.

                                  1. mariolinksamuskirby

                                    Oh wow.. they honestly think they are gonna get good metacritic ratings with all of their “smartglass ports”? Wiiu is gonna kill smartglass! Ea what a pathetic company.

                                  2. Here’s a Tip to EA, kill the need for Online Passes, overpriced shortcuts, and seemingly repetitive sports gameplay.

                                  3. Then all their games need to be the quality of the NCAA college football game for the Wii. This comment is meant to be sarcastic. That game was barely a 4.0. Great job EA.

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