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Here’s The Lovely Dragon Quest X Wii Hardware Bundle

Square Enix has released the first image of the Dragon Quest X Wii hardware bundle which should go on sale in Japan on August 2nd. The console comes with a black Wii, a Classic Controller Pro, a Wii USB stick, and a ¥1,000 Nintendo Point Prepaid card.

159 thoughts on “Here’s The Lovely Dragon Quest X Wii Hardware Bundle”

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  1. Hello you sexy bundle! I wish I lived in Japan so that I could get you and “explore” you more.

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  2. It comes with the classic pro controller and the usb memory stick? That seems a bit weird seeing as this isnt the WiiU bundle…hopefully the WiiU get a simple bundle in the UK

      1. :| i meant the classic pro that got announced 2 weeks ago. Seriously, if you’re not gona deliver any useful info them dont bother commenting

          1. Is that why it looks exactly like the one thaf was shown on the Nintendo Direct video about the WiiU. Why would they release 2 different yet exactly the same controllers when the controller are backwards compatible anyway?

            1. The Pro controller for Wii is nothing alike the Pro controller for Wii U. If you look at a larger image of a Wii Pro controller, then a larger image of a Wii U Pro controller, you’ll see that the Wii’s Pro controller is fairly different. The fact that they’ll both work on the wii U? That’s because the people who don’t own a Wii Remote and Wii classic controller Pro won’t have to spend as much on a wii remote AND a controller, and can just have a controller that directly connects with the Wii U.

  3. What is the playstation 4? Is it a ps3 with a screen on the controller with slightly better graphics.

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  4. Seriously Sickr, I like your site, but you have a lot of useless people commenting. I know you can’t control it all, but at least ban every person named ‘peteriuss’ and check the comments every now and again. I feel my IQ drops every time I read the comments on some of these articles.

    1. Very true, too many trolls and just blatant moron haters. This is a NINTENDO site, should be occupied by the fans only.

                    1. Unfortunate choice of person to pretend to be. No-one here likes him due to his happenings of being a Sony fanboy. Generally, he has very petty comments and just normally trolls.

    2. Please ban all peteriuss’s and dr Peter’s too. Also Evat is a Wii u? Is it a new add on for original Wii?

    1. Best thing? I can buy an use a 1TB external hard drive, that can store the games and memory, as well as music amd im guessing films, and its cost me less than a 120GB 360 drive, LOL

        1. I know! I was pretty shocked, but its fantastic, i already have a 500GB hard drive that i use for music, so i can use that. Gotta love Nintendo.

        2. Not sure what you are saying here but you can save data from the PS3 on USBs, you can also upgrade the HDD with any 2.5″ SATA HDD (doesn’t have to be a Sony drive).

          I know people with 1TB PS3’s that they upgrade their self. In fact, Sony has step by step directions on their site where people can look it up and do it for their own self.

          Further, you can save Vita and PSP data on PS3 HDDs and PC’s HDD, external or internal. USBs, etc.

          1. I think its more of the fact we dont have to pay extra for a build in HDD. Theyre reducing costs as much as they can, like not having DVD player (i mean seriously, who doesnt have a dvd player these days), and blu-rays will start getting cheaper over the next year, or people already own one with a ps3.
            Its quite ironic seeing fan hate towards the WiiU from “hardcore gamers”, about it not being a hardcore consoles, when in reality its keeping its feet firmly in just being a console more than the 360/ps3 and their next gen counterparts (especially the 720, it looks like a mess).

            Sorry, duno why i ranted there xD

    2. Better than Sony? The WiiU, a console that you have probably not even touched yet, is going to be better than a multinational conglomerate?

      I see….

      The WiiU might turn out to be a great system, but why drag Sony into your comment? Unnecessary.

  5. How many people are going to buy that? We’re just a couple months away from the Wii U, just buy Dragon Quest X and play it on the Wii U, it has backwards compatibility.

    1. This is what i was just thinking. I mean the wiiu is backward compatible, and theres a WiiU version on DQX coming anyway…Unless, that is the WiiU bundle! Mother of God….

      1. wiiU version will look better which is obvious but yeh i agree.

        collecters item perhaps? we no what japs r like with dragonquest

        1. True. I just hope it get a UK release :/ im not a fan of RPG’s and JRPG’s dying outside of Japan.
          Although i do have Ni No Kuni to look forward to on my Ps3.

    2. If you want to play with members of your family you’ll need multiple wii’s and copies of the game. This bundle seems a good choice then. Buying multiple wii U’s at launch seems to expensive to me :).

    1. Seriously, why are you even on this site? Its insulting to think you have a Metroid as your avatar.

        1. Theres commenting, then theres just being a stuck up asshole who has no valid contribution other than to judge people and talk about a console he doesnt even fully understand

          1. I fully understand Wii U. I just don’t know how it has real benefits to hardcore gaming. Yet. I’m sure opportunities will come along that will make the Wii U essential. If we leave luck to heaven. Or good advertising campaigns. One or the other.

            1. Again, actually LOOK at the games that are being shown, and consider possibilities. I dont know what your definition of “hardcore titles” is, but the WiiU has them, and they all use the screen for more than a map.
              And what do you mean advertising campaign? They have even anounnced a release date!!!!!

              1. It was comedy… I was saying that it would be a better idea than actually leaving luck to heaven and… Actually, sod it, I have no idea how any human being could possible even make you think about the rude, ignorant things you say.

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        1. Your comments are invalid because you dont even have half of the info on whats being talked about. Saying you cant see the WiiU using the second screen for more than maps. What a ridiculous thing to say, when most of the games shown at E3 used it in completely unique ways be it with the gyro, touch screen, the second screen as a scanner, or all 3. Then the rest of your time is spend judging people on their opinion, like you’re some human overlord. Take that pole out of your arse and piss off

          1. Wow. Really small minded stuff there. I did point out this just these uses weren’t used actively in conjunction with the physical controls. And when have I ever judged people on their opinion? Is trying to stop racism a crime now? Well, here it would be I guess. Maybe you should stop insulting other people and try to stop being so narrow minded and hypocritical.

            1. Oh, i didnt release the rest of the systems had a similar controller. They dont! SmartGlass? Dont make me fucking laugh, its an app. First of all, using it in a hardcore game is impossible, because human being do not have an extra 1-2 hands. “Oh, they showed Madden”. Yeah, because everyone wants to play fucking Madden instead of everything on the WiiU. I watched the demo presentation, and i saw Halo 4 and thought, “Alright, lets see what it can do”. Halo Waypoint.
              What a fucking joke. It the most pointless thing ive seen in my life and you defend it!!
              The only narrow minded person here is you. “Oh i havent seen any evidence of it being implemented using the motion control”. Shut up, yes we have, and yes we will. Unfortunatly, and fortunatly, its takes time to make a GOOD GAME, so you wont see every possibilty all at once, but thats the exciting part, knowing i’ll be treated 2 years down the line to something i didnt except to see.
              Go away, you idiot

              1. Never have I compared Wii U to Smartglass. Both have merits but it’s clear Wii U wins out, I just can’t justify personally spending the cash on it yet. And please don’t talk about Halo 4. Is it just me or does it look strangely like Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach. Please don’t make things up that I’ve apparently said.

                1. I didnt make anythingup, i urgepeople to look upyour comments. If you dont want to buy, then dont,but WE DO!!! Soshut up, and goonto another forum that wantsto not buy the wiiu

                    1. No,itsoneortwopeople,notthewholecommunity.also,iapologisefromnospaces,itsthesitesoddtextboxreplysystem

    1. then leave. Plenty of other sites to mess around on…jesus stop making a big deal out of it feeding the trolls.

  6. This site flat-out sucks because it’s infected with morons who have nothing better to do than make fake accounts with the same name as other people. Seriously, arguments about religion, AIDs, and Africa on a video game website? That’s when you know things have gone south. I wish this place was more like the GameInformer online community – mature and intelligible. Instead there are no-life idiots. I’m sure someone will take my name too anyways and pretend to be me. Welcome to the Internet.

    1. Kindly don’t insult people who kind of are doing the right thing. Or do you endorse insulting minorities? Although I agree on the whole “this place sucks” thing. Basic comment moderation would be a dream.

    2. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, you’d find that on some of the more important topics people aren’t such idiots. Generally, the arguments are about which gaming company is best. Everything you listed is solely down to one person’s fault. (Also, I’m Nooblet68).

  7. This is what i see the wii u bundles with-

    Wii U console
    Wii U Gamepad
    1 Wii Remote with wii motion plus built in
    1 nunchuck
    A 4 or 8 GB SD card
    A game (nintendo land or wii u sports or something like that)

    1. Seems about right, thats what the Wii had (besides the game pad, obviously) I’ve only got 1 motionplus (although it is the gold Zelda one), so would nice to have another.
      If NintendoLand, im wont be too bothered, but i hope it would come in a package with an extra motionplus

    2. And according to Reggie, NintendoLand is sort of what Wii Sports was to the WiiU, an introduction into the system. Already shows theyre most concerned with the hardcore market, checkout the Battle Mii Metroid game from last E3, very cool

      1. Nintendo Land doesn’t just introduce people to the console, it’s practically a playable advert for other Ninty games. One of the best decisions they’ve made in years.

        1. I’ve stated that on a previous comment, that developers can see what they can do, but thanks for the input.

  8. I’m not meaning everyone when it comes to the moron thing, just whoever goes ridiculously off-topic (AIDs..?) and the people who are constantly creating new fake accounts. I remember seeing like, 20 varieties of peteriuss. This site is somewhat enjoyable when it isn’t flooded with fanboys and idiots. I also can’t reply to comments with my phone, I can only make new ones. Sue me haha.

    1. ^ this
      Its seems weird, epsecially considering the game is also being released on WiiU. Maybe theyre just getting rid of stock xD nah, i duno

      Also, your avatar fits your comment again haha

      1. It is a pretty nice bundle mind you. And there will be some people who are coming to Wii just for Dragon Quest, no matter how few, and this will be a great bundle for them, providing they price is reasonably.

        1. I know, but the games is coming out for WiiU as well, which will be the superior one by far. Just seems a little pointless.

  9. Well at least the Wii is going to have one last good kick at the end of it’s lifecycle in Japan. I really want this game to come to the U.S. I’m a huge fan of Dragon Quest and this one looks to be the best yet.

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