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Project X Zone Will Feature A Massive 200+ Characters

Capcom has announced that its all-star beat-em-up Project X Zone will feature over two hundred characters. This staggering number refers to a combination of allies and enemies, and it doesn’t even account for event scene-only characters. The game is being worked on by Capcom, Namco Bandai, Monolith Soft, and Sega, and will feature a number of the respective development teams mascots.

75 thoughts on “Project X Zone Will Feature A Massive 200+ Characters”

        1. Just because it wasnt announced for the U.S now doesnt mean it wont be later. You really cannot predict that just yet.

    1. And who told you that? It hasn’t been announced and it always takes some time to be announced (like 6 or more months after release) especially from companies like Namco/bandai…

      1. Who told us? The fact that it is a Capcom game says it won’t come to the west. Capcom has not been intelligent in that department in a long time.

            1. They’re not the publishers, though. Namco/Bandai is the one who decides where it’ll be released, not Capcom, nor Sega, nor Nintendo.

    2. Who cares? Judging from gameplay videos, this game looks mediocre. Which is actually quite fitting for a game partially made by SEGA. I’m pretty sure I can wait until the next Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U is out.

        1. Actually Mr.anonymous/dumbass it is. Note that I said “partially”. Is this game a collaboration between Capcom, Baidai AND SEGA or not?

      1. SEGA are arguably some of the best developers around. When working with Nintendo, they perform even better. I hope they’re going to develop F-Zero for the Wii U. GX was a masterpiece.

      1. 420hitlerburnjewsevryday

        On-Card DLC. And then people will get it through the hypothetical Homebrew, in which the Dynastic Capcom cycle will continue.

  1. Still no confirmation of a western release just like MH3G. I don’t expect anything from shitcom nowadays

    1. MH3G isn’t coming to the 3DS in the US. It’s already been said that ONLY MH4 will be exclusive to the 3DS. An interview also states why they aren’t making 3G for the 3DS.

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    1. Shooting Star Rockman / MegaMan Star Force is my favorite.

      I just love Omega-Xis and his somewhat “baddie” personality.

  3. That’s pretty big. I’m very interested to see how this game turns out. It’s a very ambitious project. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. it might but, but so far its only Namco, Sega, and Capcom characters. for me personally, i rather have Shulk or Seven appear in Super Smash Bros. U, Time will tell

  4. I’ve been wishing Nintendo would do something like this. Instead of bringing all the franchises together for SSB only, we could have an RPG with Nintendo all-stars. But what would really be awesome- kill Mario Kart and start making Nintendo All-Stars Racing!

    And if they’re talkin’ 200 PLAYABLE characters, I’ll believe it when I see it…

    1. Seriously, all day ive been thinking how cool it would be to have a Nintendo RPG, choose your own team of 4 nintendo characters, maybe throw in characters like Geno from Mario RPG and Vivian from Paper Mario TTYD. Prints money, plus it would be a good way to get people in the west amd europe interested in RPG’s

  5. I hope that this game doesn’t whore the shit out of DLC (if it does use dlc) Capcom is known for it, and Namco charges $4 for costumes on Tales of Graces F, smh. either way though, if its localized, its a first buy for me.

  6. I am somewhat interested in this…
    Aslong is it isn’t a monthly fee or something like that I can see myself buying it someday…if it comes to Europe that is…

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