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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Heading To Nintendo 3DS?

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Game Informer recently listed the game as a Nintendo 3DS title that will be released this year. We should wait until we hear a confirmation from the game’s publisher, EA, because Game Informer previously listed Tomb Raider for Wii U but later admitted that it was a mistake.

59 thoughts on “Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Heading To Nintendo 3DS?”

    1. …..? why would you link to a rumor that someone posted on a message board? that is seriously extremely stupid.

          1. a rumour is true unless EA come out and say otherwise ;)

            Of course I dont believe it but wait for an actual response

            iF EA truly are supporting wiiU then they will come quickly and defend it like Nintendo is their little brother

            1. or, if (and if is the key word) ea is ever actually asked about this and actually decides to say anything about it, they will plain and simply say that they do not comment on rumors or speculation. and no rumors are false until they are proven to be true.

  1. Most likely another mistake because Game Informer has been doing this even way before listing Tomb Raider for the Wii U. I remembered Killzone 2 was being listed for Xbox 360 and PC in a past Game Informer issue.

  2. I’ll freaking shit bricks if this actually comes out on 3DS. Because I am buying it for Xbox for sure though. Hopefully this is true.

    1. ps vita is dead along with ps3 and xbox360.Also sony is dead and they will lose another 6 billion dollars with their next piece of shit the ps4

      1. if they will not change the price of the Vita, they will continue losing billions and If they invest high tech and specs for PS4 they will continue to lose money.

          1. Yeah, all the fanboys on this site shows how shitty it is.

            You know your site is bad when the most intelligent comment is “VITA SUCKS, 3DS IS LEGEND, LOLOLOL!”

  3. well, i’ll probably be getting this for my pc, but if it actually turns out good for the 3ds, i might consider it. only time will tell.

  4. why all the vita hate? I find it to be a great piece of technology, and i actually think there are some good games already on vita. I think people got on the “VITA SUCKS” bandwagon, like people are doing with the WiiU. please let me hear your reasoning.

    1. overpriced and games that dont appeal or games u can get on ps3. (FFX being one of them)to me where as 3ds has MANY games that appeal to me AND BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY for my HUGE ds library..

      so yeah not alot to be fair ;)


        1. Games are the same price as 3DS games, $40 or $30. Publishers choose the price.

        2. 99% of Vita games you can’t get on your PS3. If you think they’re ports, they’re usually different games with different stories, etc. Saying they’re ports is like saying Mario on 3DS is a port of Mario on the Wii.

        3. “BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY for my HUGE ds library..” If PS Vita had compatibility for DS games, they’d be sued by Nintendo :P

    2. I don’t see it either. I mean, sure, right now it doesn’t have any truly unique games, but they’ll eventually arrive. It’ll take time, like it took for the 3DS and the DS and the PSP.

    3. I think it’s just payback and rubbing it in the face of those Sony fanboys who said not only will the 3ds fail and it had a failure of a launch but the vita will also end the 3ds. So I don’t think it’s really hate, it’s just 3ds fans rubbing it in.

      But I do have to say myself, I do have a 3ds and never owned a Sony product, I don’t hate the company but what do the Sony fanboys have to say now? First they claim to have a much better line up then the 3ds, still underperformed. Then they say vita has no games and wait to Resistance comes out, still underperformed. Then they are saying wait to e3, whilst they did show a few possible blockbusters it’s nothing that we didn’t already know and hasn’t really given anymore incentive for users to buy it. Now they are saying wait to tgs.

      Like I said, I don’t take part in this pointless endeavor but I find it really funny that the guys that predicted Nintendo’s “doom” with the 3ds are now choking on their words and just throwing excuse after excuse and pushing back a date to when we could actually see some games.

    4. Same here, personally the only reason i havent bought a vita is a lack of titles in really interested in, apart from Gravity Rush and Persona 4 (if it get an out of japan release)

  5. Has anyone noticed that out of all genres of games, there isn’t a FPS on the 3DS. Even after a year and a half after release.

    I’ll be glad if MOH is on the 3DS, I just hope that there’s a Wii U version at some point as well.

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  9. Even the Nintendo fanboys would admit this would be better on the Vita. better graphics, and better controls. I said my own opinion instead of being a mindless fanboy, come at me idiots!

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