Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Game Includes Download Play

Ice Climbers, which was originally an NES title, has been updated in the Japanese Nintendo eShop. The update brings Download Play to the Nintendo 3DS’s Ice Climbers port. Thanks to the update, Japanese gamers can now play through the multi-player mode in Ice Climbers by using two Nintendo 3DS consoles. Ice Climbers is the first virtual console title to receive Download Play. Expect the update to eventually come to other regions.


  1. Wow
    that is some amazing stuff right there
    kudos to Nintendo for making an awsome move
    now if only I could find someone to play with…..

    1. Hopefully they do. This is a good start however I think for the gba games, it probably wont do download play but rather ready to play with someone who also has the game, notably a game like Kirby and the amazing mirror.

    2. sadly they wont
      nintendo specifically said that the GBA games would not support multiplayer
      and that NES ones would be the only ones that would

  2. I had the same thought, as well as other NES games. I want to play Fire Emblem multiplayer.

  3. Wait so is this online or local multiplayer? Cause if they are finally putting online multiplayer in classic games I know what I wnat first for the Wii U


    1. Definitely. All the other Ambassador NES games released on the eShop have received updates.

    2. Ambassadors just have an early version of the port and we receive the same updates as everybody else.

      1. It might not be download play but through another method with someone who already owns the games.

  4. Great! Ninty is moving in the right direction with stuff like this! However, online play would be nice eventually or even a brand new Ice Climbers game!

    1. too bad due to global warming no more ice climbers game since all those polar ice are melting.

  5. Finall… its about time… JESUS!…
    But in all serieusness, I’ve been waiting to play Kirby: MM, Yoshi Island, Mario Kart: SC, in multyplayer mode… only time will tell. :(

  6. Holy crap its about time! Maybe we’ll finally get some multiplayer support for Game Boy games soon? and then… POKEMON??

  7. couldn’t they have chosen a better game to update than ice climbers, the worst nes game?

  8. sweet jesus. someone get nintendo out of the stoneage already. it is embarrassing. it is embarrassing that nintendo only enables abandonware but they are refusing to release new quality stuff for their highend-3d-gadget. what’s also embarrassing that there is a certain group of people who are cheering at everything as soon as nintendo presses out a wet fart. humans.

    1. Dead or Alive: Dimmensions, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Metal Gear Solid 3D, BlazBlu, CastleVania LOS: Mirror of Fate, Resident Evil: Revelations, Pushmo, VVVVVV, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Kid Icarus Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Heroes of Ruin, and soon to be Monster Hunter Tri G, Monster Hunter 4, and Super Smash Bros as well as whatever I might have missed, would like to have a word with you.
      P.S. If you don’t like being human you can always, I don’t know, die and turn into fertilizer or something, which might make you happy?

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