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Ubisoft Developer: ‘Wii U Is Really Cool’

A Ubisoft developer, who is familiar with Wii U, was asked to share his thoughts on Nintendo’s upcoming console. Unlike many anonymous developers who criticize the Wii U, the Ubisoft developer is intrigued by the Wii U because it “opens up a whole new style of gameplay.” According to the developer, the Wii U GamePad is a more inviting and a more accessible device than traditional video game controllers.

“Anyone can just pick [Wii U GamePad] up and play it, and they’re just so intrigued by holding this tablet that I think it’s really a more inviting experience than just a typical 16- or 20-button controller.”

77 thoughts on “Ubisoft Developer: ‘Wii U Is Really Cool’”

    1. well your opinion sucks just cause mircosoft who is nintendo’s competitor says that?? Shit wats wrong wit u!!

    1. Nice try… Nintendo haven’t even announced the price of the Wii U just yet. There’s a possibility it will be priced between $299.99 and $399.99 US.

            1. The ps4 probably wont be out untill sony sees how the audience takes to the WiiU. then probably copy it if its succesful. For now they’ll probably just keep going with the PS3 aand the new “super slim”

              just my opinion.

      1. nice try troll.The truth is the console must be on the next generation or else it isnt the best!The wiiU is a next generation console so its the best and for gaming and for graphics.

      2. Who honestly gives a flying fuck about the next playstation or xbox? Nintendo is definitely where it’s at for gaming. My PC provides the graphics and it will always be superior to any fucking console graphics wise. So when it comes to consoles it is most definitely NOT about the graphics. It is about NINTENDO and their awesome exclusive games and gameplay mechanisms.

          1. I see. I would get all the consoles if I wanted to and was rich enough to do so but for now I would rather just stick to Nintendo and put the rest of my money into upgrading my PC since it gets a lot of titles that xbox and playstation get. I hope that the next xbox and playstation are different enough from each other.

          2. Even though im buying a ps4, im not excited yet, partly becase they havent said anything, but also, once i play on the WiiU, it’ll feel…boring if im just sat with the dual shock (ugh, change the design…), and thats it

            1. Well by excited, I mean interested and curious. At this time, as you have said, we don’t have much to go on about the PS4/720 since we know so little about them. As for the DualShock, I actually like the controller, albeit not as much as the 360’s controller but I still don’t have any issues with it.

      3. Thats not true Analyst the console people like the most is the best ,power doesn’t always guaranteed victory wii u probably won’t be as powerful as sonyps4/xbox720 but nintendo said they made the wii u powerful enough to be close to them in terms of graphics ,but nintendo is going to get a one year head start to show the wii u’s capabilities

      4. So best is a matter of power? Just because something has more Ram doesn’t mean it is better, it just means its most likely more expensive. The Wii U is innovative. If they can provide great gaming experiences, I don’t care about the specs, because I won’t be thinking about the specs in a great game. A great gaming experience distracts you so you don’t care about a scratched up screen with fingerprints or that the graphics aren’t pretty, it makes you want to play more, or savor the moment.

      5. Yeah because because graphically power has ALWAYS triumphed. *cough* NES, PS1, PS2, WII * cough* ALL are the weakest consoles on that gen compared to its competitors

            1. You mean a generic FPS or TPS, right? For the PS3 (On the top of my head): Uncharted, inFAMOUS, Little Big Planet, 3D Dot Game Heroes, The Last of Us etc.

              For the 360 (On the top of my head): Blue Dragon, Fable, etc.

              For both of them: Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Tales of Vesperia, etc.

              Please, be more educated about systems outside of Nintendo so you don’t look stupid.

              1. uncharted is a third person shooter, 3d dot game heroes ( u r seriously weird), last of us third person shooter only slightly different to uncharted. I own a ps2 and a ps3 and the games are all the same just improved graphics

                1. Uncharted maybe be a TPS but it’s a very good TPS and NOT generic.

                  3D Dot Game Heroes is a bit of a throwback to the ‘Golden Age of Gaming’ and is very fun and shares similarities with A Link To The Past, although a bit too easy for my taste.

                  The Last of Us has shown very good use of AI and, from what we’ve seen so far, has a suitable atmosphere for a post apocalyptic world and it’s made by Naughty Dog so I know that it’ll at least be good.

                  Please, tell me of the games that are like Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc. on the PS2. I’m dying to know.

                    1. Im not saying they are not good games but thats all ps3 has. Gotta have variety.

  1. I’m kind of tired of these articles about how much developers love the console. I understand why they are doing it. Sort of as a counter to the “Anonymous Developer” smear campaign, but I would like to see more of what is coming and less about how they feel about it.

  2. god dammit. why is it whenever there’s ANYTHING about the wiiu, some one feels obligated to be like “oh, well the ps4 and the 720…” WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. stop talking about things being better when you honestly have NO real clue as to whether or not the damn thing actually exists.

    1. I see no reason why they shouldn’t. The Wii U should be able to handle it, and it would be awesome to have your map and or technical equipment on your gamepad so you can multi-task. I think it should come to Wii U.

  3. AEOLOUS is a lieing fag just cause shitbox 360 and sony playwithmyself 3 are not as powerful as wii u dude who cares??!! They’re old nintendo would have to be incredibly stupid to make their next gen console weaker than last gen nintendo never done that ,no recent console has .In conclusion i guess mircosoft and sony can’t keep up ;) hahaha

    1. Ummm, I think you need to reread his comment. I think you might of misread it, or I read the wrong comment.

  4. The relationship between Nintendo and Ubisoft is strong and will produce some great games in the future. If only other 3rd party devs would show Nintendo the same love, they will find Nintendo is very accomdating to those who make an effort. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. They are, most likely.
      Dont see why they wouldnt, its practically made for games like Watchdogs

  5. Nintendo’s idea makes sense. Gamers will see the buttons and joysticks and think, “Oh look, a game controller! Let’s go try it out…” while non-gamers will see the touchscreen and think, “Oh, that looks a lot like my iPad/phone/whatever! Let’s take a look…”

    1. I see it and think :( another damn touchscreen

      this is probably why my least favorite game on my vita is “little diviants” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one either.

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