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Warren Spector: “You Don’t Have To Do What Everybody Else Is Doing To Be Successful”

During a recent interview with IGN, Junction Point Studios’ Warren Spector mentioned that Pixar never intends to make movies that target a certain demographic or a specific audience, which inspires Spector to do the same with video games. Spector thinks that there are too many violent games, which are currently popular because consumers constantly demand them.

Spector argues that a developer’s game can be successful, even if it is different from the majority of games on the market. Spector has worked on over 20 video games, and Epic Mickey for Wii is his most successful game to date.

“I was really inspired by something that John Lasseter said the first time that I met him. I was talking about this game [Epic Mickey 2], I was presenting the game to him, I mean, he’s the creative director for Disney, and he said, ‘At Pixar we make movies for everyone. We never think about target demographics, we never think about specific audience.’ I’ve always made games for myself, you know? I’ve never, ever, ever thought about, ‘Who is my target demographic?’ But when he said that I realised that I had never actually thought about making a game for everyone… Why do we have to make games that only teenage boys like, or 20-something males like, or tween girls like?”

“But there is great joy in doing things that are different and I make that point to the people on my team all the time. I’m so proud of what we’re doing here because we’re flying in the face of so many expectations, and being successful at it. Make no mistake about it; Disney Epic Mickey was by far the most successful game I’ve ever worked on, in terms of sales. By far. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing to be successful.”

26 thoughts on “Warren Spector: “You Don’t Have To Do What Everybody Else Is Doing To Be Successful””

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  1. a big duh! if more developers thought like him I wonder how things would be today in the gaming world.

  2. Which is the reason why I’m more highly educated than Xbox fan children. I love nintendo for the games they make, their cheerful nature and colourful palette they use in games. Unlike my 12 year old grade-mates, who think CoD is the only thing that makes you look cool.

  3. I agree, yet Nintendo is seriously failing with almost everything,
    less new characters in next Ssb, probably
    no free Internet on wii u
    “we can not promise wii u will be excluded from next generation”
    no new 3d Mario for wii u
    3Ds xl

    1. “less new characters in next Ssb, probably”
      How many characters do you need?

      “no free Internet on wii u”
      They never said internet wouldn’t free

      “we can not promise wii u will be excluded from next generation”
      Well they can’t, that’s all up too 3rd party devs

      “no new 3d Mario for wii u”
      where did you here this?

      “3Ds xl”
      i dont like it either so im not buying it, simply

  4. That’s why he makes awesome games. I’m sure Nintendo has the same philosophy. They make games for everybody. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Why did you change your avatar to that shit thing?
      It looks like some cheesey 1970’s porn star … and it makes you look like a low-budget pimp.

  5. The sad thing is that clueless parents and casual gamers will by this Mickey Mouse shit, so this stupid bastard will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    I hate low-budget game developers take advantage of gormless people with more money than sense.

    I vote we boycott this fucking shit game and everything else these fucking wankers make.

    1. we have no idea how good the game will be until it’s released

      i didn’t like the first one myself, but ya never know, this one could be good

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  7. Agreed. This definitely speaks to me for my artwork on DA. I want to do things in my style without having to copy others. It is good to be inspired by others, but not necessary do what others do to be successful. I do hope everyone can understand this wisdom.

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