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3DS XL Would Be Too Big With Second Circle Pad Says Nintendo

Adding an additional Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS XL would have made the system too big according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Iwata says that attaching a second Circle Pad to the Nintendo 3DS XL would have been technically possible, but it would ultimately have made the handheld a lot bigger than it needed to be.

“Attaching a second analog stick is possible but it would have made the system even bigger and, though it perhaps puts a burden on people that really want that second stick, it’s a call we had to make.”

“The choice, if we were going to include the second analog stick, was to reduce the size of the battery or make the unit much bigger.


108 thoughts on “3DS XL Would Be Too Big With Second Circle Pad Says Nintendo”

        1. Don’t forget that if they added the 2nd stick, they would have to add 2 more shoulder buttons to make the system have all the functions of the CPP! Then it WOULD be too big to be portable!

          1. shoulder buttons = first classic controller = next to r + l
            2nd slider = smaller slider = gamecube c
            iwata = former game designer = no clue of product design

      1. I bet you like the increased size of a penis in your butt. Saying “first” only makes you look like a douche.

          1. Who wants to carry around that shit? Remember this is a handheld device. I mean really, I am fustrated they didn’t put a second one on. I agree with the poster.

            1. Lol. Idiot. So you dont want the regular 3DS with the CPP coz of its size, but you want the XL with it built in? Even tho the 3DS with the CPP is smaller than the XL? Douche.

              1. Don’t call other people idiots when you cant even use proper capitalization or spelling or for that matter, reply to the correct comment.

    1. Precisely. This is complete bullshit and he knows it. The battery difference is minimal already, there is more than enough space for a second circle pad, and sure the wiring can’t take up too much case in the housing, and an add on will make it even bigger anyway!

    1. Total horse shit, if SONY can fit a second thumbstick on that peice of crap Vita then Nintendo could fit a second one on the XL. Hell I believe they could have fit one on the regular 3ds. This is just a copout excuse! BAD NINTENDO! BAD!

      1. key words thumb sticks there not circle pads and look how small they are and the design. sure it would have been possible to add one to the 3ds but looks at how the ps vita is made its not a clam design and it dosent have a zL and zR add-on buttons so that makes scene to just add one. besides there is nothing wrong with the circle pad pro but i hope the circle pad pro XL its much better design

  1. So that isnt a blank space above the ABXY buttons….and its not like the extra slide pad add on is small…

    1. Non-Specific Action Figure

      I wish they would do a sleeker CPP that would snap into place under the ABXY buttons and make it able to be closed on.

      1. Yeah and constantly have to put it back on for the five minutes of gameplay you’d get when on the go. Makes sense.

        Also, its not like anyone has wallets or phones or anything of the sort

  2. That’s what I thought. The inside of the system is full, including that area under the A,B,X,Y buttons. So to add a second stick, the system as a whole would need to be larger. And that would just be unreasonable. And making the battery smaller would probably reduce the battery life in half(Considering they would need a lot of room for that second stick).

  3. I guess they’re right, I was thinking there’s plenty of space on the SURFACE for a second pad. Never once did I think about the inside of the system.

    1. me to. for all we know that could be where the 3ds G card is at or the main reason it can turn on lol

    1. I don’t know about most – and I’m a Nintendo fan – but I’m starting to question Nintendo a lot more often than I use to. The XL is way better than the last XL, the friend-code is still in affect for the Wii U, and the system is seeming to be weak still. I don’t know if Nintendo is using their noodles or eating them since they’re base is in Japan.

  4. well, its called the “xl”…wouldnt it have been fine to make it even bigger? buteither way idc because most games on the 3ds do nt even need the second analog stick let alone have it built into the system.

    1. It is a “chicken or the egg” problem. As long as nobody uses the Circle Pad Pro, no developer is going to write games that require it. As long as no game require the Circle Pad Pro, nobody is going to buy one.

      Having a second circle pad built in would have given developers incentive enough to use it.

  5. The 3DS with its cicle pad pro hardly fits into your pockets but the XL version of the circle pad pro wont. Will it come with a bag so you can store it?

    1. Let me use magic to help you there. *Detaches 3DS XL from CPP and puts the 3DS XL and CPP in different pockets* It’s not rocket science!

      1. Mmmm…
        What is with my wallet?
        I will just leave it at home all the time it is not like a lot of games use it.
        I even do not have a game that uses the circle pad (I have a circle pad).

  6. Nintendo are one of the most innovative companies in the world!

    Are you seriously telling me that, amongst their MASSIVE array of designers, not of them could have incorporated an extra circle pad?

    Stop making excuses and SORT IT OUT NINTENDO!!

    1. No just that they knew that an extra circle pad is useless since no 3DS really needs it.

      They made the right choice here.

  7. -__- But didnt they confirm a circle pad pro XL will be available eventually?

    I’m pretty sure that would make the system even larger than adding an extra internal CP

    1. think about it, would you rather have it way too big when you occasionally want to play the few games that actually use the circle pad pro, o rjust have it too bigg all of the time….

  8. The 3DS XL would be too big with a built-in circle pad …

    But you can make us pay for an add-on circle pad that makes the console bigger anyway?

  9. Okay, yes there is the surface real estate for a second circle pad, but inside it’s a very different story! The inside of the console is just empty space! And when they say reduce the battery, that probably means halving it, and that would have you all complaining as it would only have between 1hr 45min – 3 hrs 15min capacity. So stop whining and just think properly instead of being mindless drones.

    1. Yes, throw more money at Nintendo for an add-on they couldnt be bothered to include.

      Fight back at Nintendo by filling their shareholders bank accounts!! XD

  10. who needs a second circle pad on the 3ds? seriously. i don´t understand it. (current genwise) i own a ps3, a 360, a vita, a wii and a 3ds. i never ever wanted or needed a second circle pad on the 3ds…

      1. Sony fanboys dont need a reason to take dick.

        They put all the local prostitutes out of business by giving free blowjobs.

    1. Its for the added camera control. Games like Kingdom Hearts, where there is alot of action going on, need that added control of the camera to see what’s happening

      1. Just put the camera control in the touch screen and there problem solved.

        Not like Kingdom Hearts was actually using it.

        1. But Imo, it really doesn’t work as well as twinstick. It pretty much screws lefties and makes it somewhat difficult to access buttons

      2. Mostly I would agree, but Kingdom Hearts 1 controlled the camera with the L and R buttons, and it is still the best kingdom hearts game. Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out later, and it has twinstick controls, which were great, but it was a worse game for many other reasons.

        I’m not saying that twinstick camera control isn’t great, because it is, but there are far more important things to worry about in a game.

  11. Seven 3DS games use a second circle pad, so honestly I don’t even care, nor do I see the point of including one if the majority of 3DS games don’t use it..

  12. Hey, Nintendo.
    take advise from Bioware.
    It’s not about what you want to make, it’s what the consumer wants too.
    The Circle Pad Pro happened because we wanted it. The Circle Pad Pro XL is going to happen because we want it. You have no choice Nintendo.

  13. .. id enjoy majoras mask on a handheld particularly this 1 heck, i dont even use sleeves for the wiimote.. just sum overhyped nonsense like y2k bck in 2000.. americans were the 1’s complaining foremost bout breaking tvs w/wiimotes. too lazy 2 get off their lard trodden behinds to vent their small-time anger to something that has dynamics & because of their fear of their selfabsorbed thinking.. whiny small fits r their story.. i am not ur common lunkhead .. 1 analog stick, ok.. although i recall in 2011 that some nintendo company bigwig said in when adjusting the possible future versions of 3ds a second analog stick was quote “very plausible” oh dear

  14. I definitely get the left-handed argument, but otherwise, shouldn’t 3DS games use one pad and the touch screen to control? This isn’t the Vita, it’s not trying to be a “console”, it’s succeeding at being a highly original handheld.

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  16. Hopefully as technology ncreases and batteries become smaller the NEXT 3DS will come with a big screen AND a second circle pad built in.

  17. i think the circle pad pro is a great idea since it has the L2 and R2 buttons on the back and to some it might feel unfair that the XL has another circle pad and the small one doesn’t.

  18. Nintendo make accessories in bulk, so they can manufacture adaptors and circle pad add-ons dirt cheap.

    They could have included one of each with the 3DS XL console for little cost to themselves.

    1. Or they could have sold it separately to make extra money thus increasing their profit.

      Basic business 101 here.

  19. Seriously? That’s your reasoning, that it would make a console, that is portable in name only, bigger, so you didn’t include it. This thing is bigger than some DVD players, get it together Nintendo, or at least man up and have the decency to admit up front that you just want more of our money for the extra peripheral.

    1. No shit that they want money off of it, if they added a fucking second Circle Pad, the handheld would be the same fucking price as the 3DS with the Circle Pad Pro.

      You dumb ass.

  20. Might as well add it the garbage is already big proven big time lying nintendo who lie but fans dont mind cause shitendo cannever do any wrong. If idiots had a brain that lying gimmick mediocre company would have failed a long time ago. Useless tools

  21. Who needs the anolog just look at how playable that garbage trash kid icurus was dont lie to defend this disgraceful company every site givd their control mechenic bad scores. Kotaku,ign,world nintendo and metacritic.

  22. @joker stop being a lying kiss asss the controls were garbage metacritic,ign,kotaku,nintendo world report all gave them bad reviews. Let me guess nintendo is not a lying screw up company thats not out of busniess cuz the fans r total idiot cocksuckers

    1. Metacritic isn’t a reviewer, IGN gave it a 8.5/10, hardly a low score and Kotaku is run by idiots anyway.

      The control for Kid Icarus: Uprising is fine and required a small learning curve.

      A second circle pad wasn’t needed, unless you were left handed.

  23. Nintendo doesnt fail cuz i cocksucker who likes buying tired played out mediocre half assed trash from a biv time lying company that are only good at admiting the fuck up alot oh but that makes them humble lol yeah by lying and cheating how humble

    3dsxl isnt portable it cant fit in my pocket. If it was any other company that excuse would fly and lying and chruning out constant revisions would ensure they fail but since its shitendo they get a free pass to lie and bullshit cuz they make mario pt. 56

  24. blah blah. I still prefer they added that second circle pad to shut mofos up and satisfy people at the same time.

  25. Nintendo doesnt fail cuz i cocksucker who likes buying tired played out mediocre half assed trash from a biv time lying company that are only good at admiting the fuck up alot oh but that makes them humble lol yeah by lying and cheating how humble

    3dsxl is not a revision even though making it bigger and switching around the buttons counts as one. But we can all agree 3dshit was a fail gimmick by lying iwata if you disagree that means iwata is a imbecial who should stfu lol go ahead make your choice

  26. Nintendo doesnt fail cuz i cocksucker who likes buying tired played out mediocre half assed trash from a biv time lying company that are only good at admiting the fuck up alot oh but that makes them humble lol yeah by lying and cheating how humble

    @croxy blah blah id prefare they went out of busniess for be lying pricks who released a 3 inch garbage on purpose to later release a revision thats not portable and made ya waste money on the 3d garbage prototype. So fagboys whats the excuse now

    1. So you must like that 250 dollar pos vita that has absolutely nothing to offer but rob ya just like the 600 gaystation and 500 dollar hexbox i wouldn’t have paid a penny over 300 the wii murdered those losers u wish the dsp had 3d which is beast the war is already won the u will slaughter weaks4 and wetbox i know u want a playpad and xpad 2 go with your wetbox inkorrect ps lose the n will easily keep it on lock and they didn’t even fire all their bombs in this war

  27. damn.. this is definitely not the answer most want to hear.. it’s a troll bait.. should’ve just be quiet mr. Iwata =_=

  28. Maybe if the XL were a lite instead, adding the second circle pad would just make as big as the actual XL today. If you add the second circle pad onto the XL today, of course it would be bigger. That’s a point Nintendo forgot to address.

  29. BS, it’s a PR spin.
    They probabably already had XL design finished and ready for production so they said F-it we don’t need to do a re-design. Plus it was Mr. Iwata’s b-day, they had to get hammered.

  30. Also what would be the point of having a second circle pad that does absolutely nothing for 90% of the games already released.

    1. You wont be saying that if a lot of 2-stick games get released later.

      Remember that 3DS is only 18 months old, so its still early days.

    2. And what would be the point of having 3 cameras that do absolutely nothing for 90% of the games already released?

      The point is options – more options for developers and users!

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