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Check Out These Gorgeous Screenshots From Project Cars

Slightly Mad Studios has released several high quality images from its upcoming racing game, Project CARS. According to the developer, the photos have not been altered and show purely in-game footage – what you see above is what you experience while driving. Project Cars will be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

109 thoughts on “Check Out These Gorgeous Screenshots From Project Cars”

        1. I’ll admit, Burnout games and SOME Need for Speed titles are fun. Forza is the only realistic one that has really impressed me- I hope Nintendo comes up with something exclusive down the line

          1. Same. I dont mind “realistic” driving games, but if you make it too realistic you take away the tension and speed

      1. your exactly right, we play videogames to enjoy ourselves. You want a realistic car ? go get some. It has better resolution and polygons than what you see in the screen.

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            Game looks beautiful. This is def the PC version. Pity fanboys will say wiiU version is gorgeous but CURRENT gen will be able to replicate this :P

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      1. KoopaTroopaBloopaGoomba

        Gran Turismo is a series of racing games made exclusively for the Playstation consoles.

    1. True dat homie. But so far the Wii U is more capable than the rest of the competition, except PC. So screenshots from a ps3/360, are a little irrelephant.

        1. Ubisoft is showing TRUE potential of what the Wii U can do. Assassin’s Creed III is one example. Nintendo/Tecmo-Koei/Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is another shining proof of example.

            1. My bad, buddy… forgotten about the 2 games– Zombi U and Batman:Arkham City: Armored Edition. These games that I’ve mentioned will show great potential of what the Wii U can do. Most of the games are in pre-alpha stages, I’m sure they’ll tweak everything and add a few things we don’t know about it. This holiday, the Wii U will be like the Nintendo 64’s slogan– CHANGE THE SYSTEM!

          1. None of those games are showing off what the Wii-U can really do or showing the difference between the Wii-U and the PS3/360. Now, they’re running at a better frame rate w/ a superior resolution and mildly improved graphics but that’s about it. It’s not like as if it’s a “in your face” kind of difference.

  1. Nintendo needs to buyout and own this developer. This game should be one of the first to showcase what the Wii U graphic potential will look like.

    1. no, they shouldn’t. why hold the development back to one console when you can make it for all of them so every one can enjoy. and im pretty sure nintendo could’ve open a studio to make a racing simulator game to compete against gran turismo and forza, but they decided not to.

    2. This isn’t showing what the WiiU can handle, this is definitely from the PC version. If the WiiU is even comparable to current gen consoles, it won’t be able to handle this amazingness.

      Also, why would Nintendo buy the company out? Because they made a racing game for all consoles? Why wouldn’t Sony or Microsoft buy them out, and why would NIntendo buy them out in the first place? If they are already making games on a Nintendo platform, there’s no reason the buy them

  2. is it even confirmed to come to the wiiu, or any console for that matter? i mean its still on development, things could change. it might even be pushed to next gen if needed.

    1. yeah on their website, theres a logo for the wii u, so im pretty sure its coming out for that. as for the ps3 and 360, i dont know

      1. nevermind, i went to the website and saw that it is going to be made for ps3/360/wiiu. well im guessing the console versions are gonna be watered down because those screenshot looks very power consuming :/ i mean the closest thing to that is GT5 but by i some only.

  3. Allright guys, these are definitely from the PC version, no doubt. No current console could handle something like this that isn’t pre-rendered. Do not expect this on the WiiU or you’ll just get disappointed.

    1. A lot of people WILL be expecting to see Project CARS to be released on Wii U next year. I’m sure that Slightly Mad Studios will be adding new features to the U version… especially using the Game Pad a steering wheel.

          1. really? classic pro controller was better. the wheel was a GIMMICK. Funny that everyone who used the wheel online always came either last or second last :P

        1. What do you mean look how that turned out? It was only packaged with the game, for no additional cost, and it made playing the game a ton easier and more comfortable, im glad they put it in.

          1. they also sold the wheel seperately… here anyway. Still a gimmick and a waste of plastic even if it was bundled

            Animal crossing wii speak was crap aswell. Least wiiU will be getting headsets FINALLY!

        2. And how does it sound similar? Hes on about using the gamepad, not an add on for it, but just using it in the same way, which was great, and will be better seeing as the controller is much more presise than the original wii controller

  4. If the wii U looks at least 2/3 as good as this, then we have nothing to worry about. This game looks nice. Hopefully the game is good.

  5. Game looks beautiful. This is def the PC version. Pity fanboys will say wiiU version is gorgeous but CURRENT gen will be able to replicate this :P

    Still waiting for a game that proves wiiU is next gen…graphically.

    1. Graphically, Wii U is next gen. Case in point– Assassin’s Creed III, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Project CARS, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Cloudberry Kingdom, P-100, Lego City: Undercover, Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, Tekken Tag 2, Super Smash Bros. Universe, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      1. you left out ZombieU, but don’t worry, Aeolus is only here to get a reaction out of people. It’s quite sad and pathetic really…trolling people is probably the highlights of his days. so sad

      2. None of those games look “next-gen”, you’re delusional if you honestly think so.

        Batman Arkham City actually looks worse, for instance.

        1. “Batman Arkham City actually looks worse, for instance.”
          Can’t see where you got that idea, only screenshot I’ve seen of the wii U version looked pretty good compared to PS3 shot!

          1. The textures are glaringly worse and pointed out on many PC gaming forums and NeoGAF, the only thing better is the draw distance, but nobody is looking at the background, they’re looking at the goddamn characters.

        2. You’re nothing but a Sony drone who gives head to Jack Tretton every time you come up with bullshits that’s coming out of your mouth instead of your fucking ass. And you’re right… Batman: Arkham City on the PS3 is worse! Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition for the Wii U looked three times better than the competition.

            1. Amir… the link that you’ve posted shows proof that the Wii U has better graphics than PS3. Comparing Batman on both systems are invalid. In the Wii U version, he’s wearing a fucking armor suit! You STILL lose, Sony cock sucker!

              1. That didn’t prove anything, the textures on batman are just in-your-face better. You’re an idiot in denial and if you continue your incessant shit-talking, I will be e-mailing Sickr.

                Keep it up. I dare you, Jose.

            2. “Eurogamer recently analyzed the Wii U hardware and found that while the new console is not that much more powerful than current gen systems, Wii U games are already looking better than on competing consoles. Batman Arkham City for example, features a better draw distance, higher resolution textures, and better effects on the Wii U compared to the PlayStation 3 version. Eurogamer’s analysis of Arkham City reveals that the Wii U edition of the game has a different lighting model with more light sources, motion blur, and new textures. Finally, the Wii U version features FXAA anti-aliasing, something that the PS3 version didn’t have. All of these small changes amount to the game generally looking better than on current generation consoles…”


  6. We don’t know what version this is. So I’ll continue in my seat, waiting until we know if this is the WiiU version or not.

    Those WiiU specs are what I’m waiting for, Nintendo…

    1. Cant really judge a console on specs. They dont work like PCs do, it falls down to how well the developers use them. For very earlier development days, WiiU games a looking great, it’ll take a bit before they get truely comfortable, just compare games at the begining of the ps3/360’s cycle, and present graphics of those consoles. Massive improvement. Im not worried.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now. Not really into racing simulators, but this game is just gorgeous. Saw a trailer on youtube with a Jimi Hendrix soundtrack and it was amazing. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. My Top 12 Nes Games:
    1.Mario 3
    2.zelda 2
    4.street fighter 2010
    5.little nemo
    6.tmnt 2
    8.castlevania 3
    9.blaster master
    10.megaman 3
    12.Festers Quest

    1. For the record, before anyone tries to correct it, Steet Fighter 2010 is the name of an NES game, not Super Street Fighter IV which came out in 2010.

      It’s an amusing coincidence, actually.

  9. My Nes honorable mentions:
    2.Rad racer
    3.Destination earthstar
    4.zombie nation
    5. Batman
    6.kid icurus
    7.mike tyson punchout
    9.ironsword 2
    10.robocop 3

  10. It is a Wii U pic of the beta test version of the game. Chill out Nintendo are the only ones initially starting their games at 720 P on the Wii U. Everyone else can 1080 p and 1080 i or 3D their games if the want to on the Wii U that baby was designed for it.

  11. When will people stop calling this in-game footage? I accept it’s rendered on the console but it’s probably part of a replay as apposed to a mid-race image.

  12. In a time when game developers are very much known for showing pretendered screens and movies and calling them “real-time”, I’m not impressed just yet. Especially since these are likely screens of the PC version, running on a high-end PC. It behooves them to do that.

    An since this shows nothing of gameplay, I can’t really comment on or get excited about that.

    So… meh.

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