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Wario Land 2 Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week

The retro Game Boy Color title Wario Land II hits the Nintendo eShop this week. Mario’s nemesis Wario will need all the help he can get in recovering his treasure which the ominous Black Sugar Gang have stolen from him. Take control of Wario as he attempts to track his spoils down and claim what is rightfully his in a comical platforming adventure.

Elsewhere why not test your mettle and reactions in Zuma’s Revenge!. You must take control of the fearless frog and fire stone spheres at the stream of deadly balls in order to destroy them. Featuring 60 adventure levels, six evil tiki bosses, and all new Daily Dungeon challenges to conquer, will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle and guide your agile amphibian to victory?

There is also a double dose of side-scrolling action on offer this week with the classic NES title Double Dragon II: The Revenge launching on Virtual Console on Wii and Flip the Core is available on DSiWare.

48 thoughts on “Wario Land 2 Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week”

  1. My first gameboy colour game :D
    Wasnt there a Wario Land on the Wii? Hope we see a WiiU Wario Land, searching for gold and garlic using the gamepad

    1. Honestly, Mario should be replaced with Wario in New Super Mario Bros. 2, and it should be a new Wario game. The greedy coin-collectathon suits Wario so much better than Mario. I’m patiently awaiting a new Wario Land, as the games are awesome. Heck, I’m still waiting for a Waluigi game.

      1. Nah man, Waluigi sucks, its just an excuse for Wario to have a tennis and mario kart partner. Not to mention annoying as hell. Only his pinball stage on mario kart was good :p

        But yeah, it would suit Wario better

        1. Waluigi is about just as good as Wario. If you think he’s annoying, then Wario must be just as annoying, because he’s basically just a fat version of Waluigi. Their voices are similarly annoying and bad-guy-rival-ish sounding. He just needs a true game, and a break. Wario got his own game, and he’s pretty big now (pun intended). Waluigi needs a chance to shine.

          1. Wario was a decent name…..waluigi?? Not even trying!! Hope nobody at Nintendo got a bonus for that lazy name!

            1. The Name Wario stands for replacing the M in mario with a W… At least that’s what it look like to us western players.

              there’s more. The word for “Evil” in Japanese is “Warui”. ‘R’ and ‘L’ sounds the same in japanese, so you should add a “ji” and you have “Warui-ji” or “Walui-ji” which stands for Waluigi. It’s a smart name but not for us westerns ;)

  2. Haven’t played this Wario Land game, so I guess I’ll be checking it out. But this means that we are one step closer of getting a release of, what is in my opinion, the best Wario Land game, Wario Land 3. :D

  3. The Wario Land games were always an odd departure from the regular 2D Mario outings, but I’ve always thought they’re just as good.

    1. Yes! It is! It’s really original while it at the same time keeps the classic atmosphere that only old-school Nintendo games can give.

    1. The funny thing is, the real Aeolus hasn’t been on this site in days. It’s just the clones left -trying- to make him look bad.

  4. I agree with the suggestion that Wario should have been in that game instead of Mario.

    They could have done a new Yoshi game aswell or why not Toad’s own game for once?

    Considering he is like a mini Hulk…

    1. Yeah mario is stupid rehashes now, wario land atleast was good…

      but it’s nintendo lol do i need to say more?

  5. No one is forcing you to buy Mario games, there are plenty of other games out there.
    Although I rather buy a new Mario game than another stupid yankee fps game where you only shoot arabs.

  6. Not bad but what happen to wario his 3d outing sucked and although warioware is fun how about some 2d sidescrolling with some homage level about his virtualboy adventures. Enough with mario give him a vacation.

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  8. Isn’t Zuma’s Revenge and Flip the Core already on the eShop or are they just recommending it besides Wario Land 2?

  9. As someone who usually bashes the Wii… I am very happy this game is coming out. Brilliant game. This game is one of the games of Nintendo’s glory years. Pity Nintendo love to play safe now with NEW/REHASH super mario and not enough Wario Love

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