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Activision Apparently Forced Nintendo To Release Wii U Pro Controller

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that Activision forced Nintendo to release the Wii U Pro Controller. Pachter says that if Nintendo didn’t produce the traditional controller, Activision said that they wouldn’t bring their franchises to Wii U.

“Activision never said anything to me, but I know that [for] big games like Call Of Duty they said, ‘No, we’re not putting it on there if you don’t give us a conventional controller’. So they gave in.”

139 thoughts on “Activision Apparently Forced Nintendo To Release Wii U Pro Controller”

        1. All I hear is:

          “I’m making predictions that have already been confirmed in some way so I can get some credibility back”

          *Queue quake 3’s “humiliation” announcement*

    1. Activision COULD have used the Wii U GamePad for Call of Duty in ways like a more detailed map, UAV, precise air strikes and care package drops, but NOPE! Too innovative. Too complicated for their developers.

      1. i could see dice doing stuff like that with the controller, but not activision. they’re going to be desperately clinging on to that ancient engine they’ve been using for call of duty for as long as possible.

    1. Yeah seriously, for starters if that was true than why the hell did they design CoD games for the Wii? I know you can use the Classic Pro, but you can also use the Wiimote.

      1. I agree. I know this is my opinion, but I prefer wiimote anyday over the classic pro whenever it comes to shooters on the wii.

        1. every . day. …. now if we can get some kid icarused controls for the 3DS and Wii U shooters… I would die a happy man

  1. is he retarded or something, they had a regular controller for Wii aswell, its just common sense to make one for wiiu aswell

  2. Well in a sense, Activision is helping Nintendo by making them release the Pro controller. Many hardcore fans were pleased to hear about it when it was first announced, so I think that both companies will benefit from the controller. :)

    1. Activision are NOT helping Nintendo, Pachter is talking crap as usual.

      Why would Activision care about the Pro controller at all.

  3. i have my doubts that they were forced. they already had a similar controller for the wii (Classic Controller Pro).

    1. Precisely. A lot of people said the Classic Controller Pro came too late, and that it wasn’t supported as it should have been, the earlier CoD games didn’t support it for example. I think because they want the hardcore back, they intended to have this at launch anyway, just Activision said that they wouldn’t support Nintendo at launch unless it was available, so Nintendo just made sure that happened.

    2. My doubts simply lie in the fact that the very first dev kits were equipped with the Classic Controller Pro and Wiimote support ONLY. That tells me the controller was already in development long before the system was sent to developers. Michael Pachter is a joke, and it’s very interesting how much his ego is driving his desire to speak in public.

        1. The funny thing is that the Pro controller is pratically the Wii U game pad without screen, NFC and motion, so, what’s the big deal? I know, that’s Patcher talking BS again.

  4. “They never said anything to me” should be the part where Journalists stop and think “well, no point in posting a pointless rumour then”.


    Pachter himself ADMITS that they never said anything to him. There is no proof. He ADMITS that he’s guessing. His entire job is guesswork.

    And yet gaming websites CONTINUE to give him article space. They CONTINUE to peddle his bullshit guesses.

    Get a real job, Pachter. “Analyst” just means “I’m not smart enough to have a real job so I’ll try and make up things about an industry that is already full of rumours and hopes”.

    Good god that man annoys me.

    1. Maybe I should be an game analyst, I’m pretty good at making that kind of stuff up. Ahem, lets try this.

      If Nintendo wants SSB4 to be successful they’ll have to try something new and add a few more characters

      Now pay me!

      1. Meh, MNN will post anything that they see will get hits. I wouldn’t be surprise if sickr or alba started flane wars on purpose.




          1. Please Nintendo would never listen to an American company nor would they care about them.

            It’s just Michael Pachter talking crap as usual but only this time he’s trying to pass them off as fact.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, the tablet control it’s cool ,but that thing simply doesn’t work for fighing games, RPGS, etc..

      1. I don’ know. I just said that because I was bored. the Classic Controller Pro however is still better! Why? Because I grew up with the snes that had a great traditional controller.

    1. I think it will actually get in the way of fighting games but RPGs are going to greatly benefit from the tablet controller.

  7. I hope a lot of games utilize this controller, I’m not interested in the tablet like controller. It was a real letdown that a lot of Wii games didn’t utilize the classic controller and forced the user to use the wiimote by itself or the wiimote with nunchuck. It’s gimmicky.

      1. What possessed you to remotely entertain the thought of labeling me as a troll? I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I simply expressed my lack of interest for the “innovative” controls. I’d rather much experience top quality games with a traditional controller.

        1. With the Wii U Game Pad, you can learn new gaming experience. Imagine playing Assassin’s Creed III, you can change or switch weapons without pausing the game. Or in Madden NFL 13, you can strategize your plays on offense on defense using the touch screen. Your second player won’t know what your play is during the game. Or in New Super Mario Bros. U, you can play the game on your Game Pad while someone else is watching TV.

          The Wii U Game Pad is an innovative controller that no other controllers can do.

          1. Why fix something if ain’t broke?

            I feel the sameway as he does, Just because something is labeled ‘inovation’ doesn’t make it better. The gamepad doesn’t appeal to me in any way either so I’m super excited about this controller pro.

              1. Nintendo copies as well. So your point is pointless. Go ahead and attempt to convince me that Nintendo didn’t copy the Xbox 360 controller.

                1. Whatever, dronefuck. Your ass kissing is pointless. Furthermore, the Xbox 360 controller is a carbon copy of the Sega Dreamcast controller minus the VMU. The Wii U Pro controller is evidently a sucessor to the Wii Controller Pro.

                  1. wow you’re an idiot
                    he said he likes nintendo and he doesn’t want to use the gamepad, so fucking what?
                    I want to use the gamepad, it looks like a lot of fun but so what if others dont? they’re still playing the console anyway!

              2. The fact that you can’t accept someone has a different opinion about a company that you love means you’re the drone.

          2. To be quite frank, none of those listed features of a “new gaming experience” rationalize having a tablet controller as the default controller, and they come off as trivial features. There wasn’t a single Wii game that I played that made me think the wiimote/nunchuck, as the primary controller, were absolutely necessary. Even though they enhanced the railshooter experience, to force me to use them on the majority of Wii games was torture. One of the games that I thought was ruined by using the wiimote was the Donkey Kong Country game. The game itself was top notch, but bouncing the controller to make them roll was beyond silly. In a game where preciseness is important, this feature almost ruined the game. The 3 awesome SNES Donkey Kong games had a perfect controller, and the Wii Pro controller is essentially a replica of the SNES controller. Forcing gamers to play this particular game with the wiimote was slap in the face, as much as it was unnatural. I might be in the minority group, but I much rather would have ditched the motion controls entirely, in return for better games, as Nintendo has consistently always given us. Brawl was a joke compared to Melee, introducing new characters was the only thing Brawl had going for it. In addition, I think the Metroid games were superior on the Gamecube. I was looking forward to a Donkey Kong 64 type of game (not to say I didn’t enjoy Donkey Kong Country for Wii, as I thought that was an awesome game except for the controller), F-Zero, Star Fox, and a lot other games for the Wii, but instead we got an abundance of Mario games and motion controls. Lastly, do you think being a Nintendo fan means you have to like everything they throw at you 200% at all times, with arms wide open, and never be critical of anything because you hold them in some god tier high regard? Calling people trolls because they don’t mirror you’re opinion about something 100%, in anything, demonstrates your immaturity.

          3. Or you can use it to play Atari Jaguar games on Virtual Console. You can play Angry Birds too. Or you can buy a PS4 LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

      1. To clarify, I realize the tablet control and the classic pro controller have the exact same buttons; however, I was expressing my preference for a traditional video game controller (I.E. NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube controller) versus the current Wii-U controller.

  8. I preferred playing FPSs on the Wii. Point and shoot. Who pays for Pachter to be an idiot? There are people who say negative things about Nintendo and then there is this guy. I know that Mario Kart can be hard for some people, but perhaps if Mikey would practice he could make those sharp turns and not drive off the course so much. No need blaming an entire gaming company for his inadequacies.

  9. They forced Nintendo? I can guarantee that the planned to have a normal controller available all along just like they did with the wii.

  10. I doubt this is true. After making the classic controller for Wii, it seems pretty reasonable to assume Nintendo took the initiative themselves to make a controller.

  11. Why is there even a need for such a controller. Isn’t the wiiu gamepad sufficient and a traditional controller other than the screen

  12. Cuz many still lives in medieval times…
    Their brans are not evolved enough to handle more advanced stuff ;D

  13. that’s the kind of controller i would want to use for super smash bros, considering gamecube controllers wont be compatible with wii u

  14. Activision can suck a dick Cuzco they’re tonnage fail big-time since next Gen is gonna be about gameplay and no longer graphics.

  15. Why does Michael Pachter spend his time talking crap about Nintendo all the time!? doesnt he have somthing better to do? Somthing else to “ANALYZE?” Nintendo came out with the Wii U Pro controler….does it matter if Nintendo decided on it themselves or Activision “forced” them(which sounds fake to me). It is coming out, it provides veriety, etc. Thats all that matters.

  16. no no no, Pachter didn’t “REVEAL” this. he “CLAIMS” it. sometimes i just want to create my own site to compete with this and put shit like this right

  17. wasn’t suppose to be CAPCOM for Monster Hunter 4 U and Super Street Figther IV(for) U as the Circlepad suppose to be

  18. “Activision never said anything to me” Wow Pachter… I knew you where a douche, but that you would go as far as taking things never said out of their meaning and then use it in a way that fits you… That takes the price in trollery.

  19. This guy is a fucking fruitcake who needs to gtfo the internet and reassess his life. Anyone with any significant knowledge of gaming knows Nintendo would’ve released a classic controller pro, its common fuckin sense look and the classic controller on the wii.

  20. This is just crap. There is no way Activison forced Nintendo to make the pro controller. Michael Pachter is just doing some gaming crap.

    1. you moan that Aeolus is always trolling this site. Stop bringing him up or he will reply and stay on this site!

  21. Patcher nintendos main troll he leads then rest on the internet if you want to get rid of all thhe. Trolls take out there leader take patcher out jp but really i. Despise him

  22. This is the stupidest thing ive ever read. Like Activision have any control over Nintendo, give me a break. They put every COD om the Wii, using the Wiimote, i reeeeealy dont think they have a problem the controller, seeing as its just the same as the others, but with a screen and sensors.

  23. Keywords: APPARENTLY, NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO ME. Like anyone cares what a Nintendo hater thinks. You

    1. I know you hate cod… or you pretend to, to look cool…. but Nintendo NEEDS cod. cod SELLS HUGELY. heck it even broke records and this is a game that is familiar to HARDCORE gamers

      I tell u hu needs COD….. MILLIONS of people according to sale records…

      Think about it… if cod sells on wiiU… wiiU sells = Nintendo being richer for selling bundled wiiU’s with cod. Nintendo being richer means they can experiment more… they better anyway,,,

  24. Right……. Because everything is about Activision. COD isn’t that great of a game anyway. Besides, the Wii U is about the new controls. If Activision doesn’t like that, then don’t put your game on the Wii U, that simple.

    1. Sales say otherwise…and plus NINTENDO want the core back so why not have a variety of controls? or do you wstill wanna waggle your way to thee end of the game?

  25. Where does he come up with this stuff? The wii had a regular controller yet activition used the wii remote for all the COD games for wii. so he’s a complete moron to think they wont use the new controller

  26. Though I doubt this was the case, they may have said they wouldn’t develop specific things such as CoD without an optional, more conventional controller. A Wii Mote is by no means going to work well with CoD, so it will definitely work in the long haul for many games. I seriously doubt Activision threatened to stop developing for Wii U with all franchises though. Sklyanders for example will definitely be on Wii U (or at least Wii)

  27. Translated from Pachter to English: “Activision said something to me, I know that [for] big games like Call Of Duty they said, ‘Yes, we’re putting it on there even if you don’t give us a conventional controller’. But they wanted to offer a familiar controll design similar to what they did with the classic controller pro and did so.”

  28. This dude needs to seriously get a life. I wish I had a job where I got paid to be wrong. The Wii U Pro controller is just the Wii U GamePad without the screen, NFC and motion control. A third party was most likely going to make a controller like that for the Wii U so Nintendo did it first. The classic controller pro worked well so why not do it here too. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Considering what you are, telling someone to get a life is incredibly ironic when you lack any semblance of such.

  29. well whatever the reason it’s nice to see that pro controller. it will make playing vc games a lot better.

  30. Right…… Because everything is about Activision. COD isn’t even that great of a game. If Activision doesn’t like the new controls( Which is what Wii U is all about) then don’t put the game on Wii U. That simple.

  31. Wow being a game journalist sounds easy just say random stupid shit to attract the attention of fanboys world wide. I seriously can’t believe he makes money doing this!

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  33. I seriously doubt they were forced. I also wonder what Activision thinks of this. If this is true, then I’ll be shocked, that Nintendo pretty much submitted to a third-party’s demands.

    It only seems logical the company would release another Classic Controller/Pro after it’s mild success with the Wii. It’s smart to have alternatives, it’s fundamental in these generations.

    Also, I doubt this because the previous system was supported by Activision despite relying heavily on the Wii Remote & Nunchuk. This was even before the Pro was released in the late cycle of the Wii.

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