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Michael Pachter: ‘The Wii U Isn’t Going To Work’

Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter is still skeptical of Nintendo and its upcoming console. Pachter thinks that the Wii U will not achieve the same success as the Wii. The reason the Wii sold well is, according to Pachter, because Nintendo got lucky; and Nintendo will not be “getting lucky with Wii U.” Pachter believes that the only people who will buy the Wii U are hardcore gamers and Nintendo fanboys.

“I don’t get it. I think that essentially this is a solution in search of a problem. I mean, somebody had an idea–‘let’s make the controller a tablet’–and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that.”

“[The Wii] worked, they got lucky, [but] I don’t think they’re getting lucky with Wii U. I don’t think they suck. I just think that they really believe that, ‘If we’re still novel, everything we do will work’. This isn’t going to work. Hardcore gamers will buy them; hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it.”

261 thoughts on “Michael Pachter: ‘The Wii U Isn’t Going To Work’”

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        1. cheeky sod, i’m old, love games and think pachter is a complete twat, so less about us oldies not being gamers, just remember some of us were gamers before you were swimming in your dad’s sack ;)

    2. omg u have my vote there dude. i’m so tired of this ass-hole shooting his mouth off about things he clearly knows nothing about. he definitely needs a pounch in the mouth.

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      1. No, he’s not. Fanboys may be fanboys, but insinuating that a fanboy will buy a piece of shit is utterly retarded and biased. Every one of Nintendo systems are interesting in some way or the other. The Wii may have been a lower spec’d machine but it still had something the competition didn’t, a new way to play. Pachter isn’t right, he doesn’t like change, he likes too much mainstream things and isn’t open to new ideas. Everything new that comes out that either he has never heard of, or doesn’t know much about, he says it will fail, that it will never make it out of the drawing board.
        Pachter is wrong about everything to do with Nintendo because of this reason. And you’re wrong about fanboys buying a piece of shit just because it has the Nintendo logo on it. We’re not that gullible you fucking dumbass. Now go suck Pachter’s dick, I’m sure you can’t go a few minutes without doing that.

    3. I wonder how that luck worked out for Sony or ms? The wii isn’t even selling yet neither have past it. The other guys must have bad luck huh?

    4. So… Can I get paid to blurt nonsense? Blah bler roiaba isdasihdahsdihasdihasdhua. Now give me money :D

      Seriously I swear, the OPPOSITE of everything Pachter says about Nintendo is what actually happens. To be honest Nitendo probably made the controller for games like CoD, for the “hardcore”, but on their own. CoD has already been on different hardware and it’s already confirmed on Wii U which means it probably has touch screen support, so that statement is completely asinine.

    5. His credibility from Nintendo fans have to “if see this guy Imma keeeel Eeeeeemmmm!!!!!” and below…..

    1. that and also saying “they got lucky” is such a stupid generalization. Yes, the Wii was a risk but that doesn’t meant there wasn’t a clear marketing strategy for the console. The Wii was risky but it didn’t sell well because Nintendo was being random. They knew what they were doing and they were aware of the risk involved.

        1. He means that the reason the wii sold well wasn’t because Nintendo was being random, it’s because Nintendo knew what they were doing.

      1. Its called Mynintendonews…they spread the news about Nintedo and thinks that could effect Nintendo. As much as everyon hates Pachter, it is still Nintendo news!

        1. I understand it’s not called but this “analysis” offers little beyond “they got lucky”. Sixth graders can do better..

        2. Its not about it being negative… he says these things and not gives reason to why he thinks this… He’s no different from any overly enthusiastic sony or Microsoft fan so why not post everything people happen to say… not just someone who’s bad at his job

    1. He will never shut up, he’s a xbox fanboy and internet troll. The wii was the most successful console ever. Over 90 million sold and patcher says it got lucky. If Wii U sells 90 million guess what patcher will say? “wii U got lucky”

        1. actually the most succesful console is ps2 with OVER 120 million and counting… google it if in doubt ;)

          I am a Nintendo guy but please dont make comments like that or the trolls will attack u and give u links that say otherwise :P

          1. Actually it’s a tie between the Nintendo DS line (you know DS,lite,DSi, and XL) and the Playstation 2. They both have a little over 150 million systems sold.

              1. If you think the Wii U is going to be as successful as the Wii, then your all off your rockers!! XD. Glory days are gone. Nintendo is going to get a full dose of reality when it’s finally on the market (and overpriced I bet).

  1. PhantomBowser16 on twitter

    Pachter, can I have your job? I’d love to make a living out of being paid to spout endless bullshit.

      1. Best part of the whole article. >.<

        That's true about fanboys with any company that sells consumer goods though. Slap an Apple logo on anything and people will eat it up, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc.

        But anyway, it's still too early to say how the system will do. We really wont know until at least a year after its release.

  2. XD So hardcore gamers buying it – which is what Nintendo was aiming for – makes it a “failure”? Yeah, um, apparently he hasn’t paid attention to the demographic Nintendo’s trying to appeal to with the Wii U.

    1. TRUE! if hardcore gamers buy it that is a good thing, because Ninendo already hs the casual gamers locked down. Pachter is a moron…the Wii U is going to be a freaking huge success.

  3. That’s such bs to say that about people.. You could make a console that does everything the Xbox and PS3 does combined… Put your name on it and only people who don’t know who the hell you are would even consider it… Idiot

    1. Well this is the first thing I have heard from Pachter that actually said somthing “GOOD” about Nintendo.

      1. this video slightly changed my opinion on Pachter, but I still stand by what I said before
        Alba, shut the hell up with the Pachter posts, nobody want’s to hear em, especially if your gonna quote everything he says out of context

        1. This is only alba’s second Pachter post, the last one was by sickr. Alba’s first Pachter post was on June 7th, after E3

    2. I wonder what is going on this guys head… the way he answered the wii u question, the sentence, the tone sounded natural.. you know, when people gave honest first impression, it would sound like this… but from the article, he kinda snapped… opposite of what he just said in the video.. it contradicts.. the part he slammed the idea “let’s make the controller an tablet” is just wrong…. the eff is he thinking? almost like he was drove by some biased motives or something…

      but maybe im just bad at judging people’s expression or body languages lol

    3. U realize that he said really bad things at first then said something nice (like an apology) then he goes all shit on us then goes nice.

      he does this all the time, nobody notice that because people get fool all the time by his nice comments. he just said shit all the time.

  4. Well, Wii U isn’t going to be as great of a success as the Wii of course. Wii was targeted at a more larger audience, hence the term “blue ocean”. But I don’t agree that Wii U aren’t going to work, it could actually be like Wii if Nintendo continues to release those type of games on the Wii U since Wii accessories work on that console too

    1. Actually the Wii U will probably be greater than the Wii. It targets casual gamers AND hardcore. So it’s audience is greater than that of the Wii.

      1. The Hardcore will not be fooled again after what the Wii did to them. They dont want to be associated with the name WII. Sad but the truth.

        1. What you fail to realize is that the original Wii wasn’t set out to be something to “fool the hardcore demographic”.
          It was made mostly to draw in the casual audience while giving a few core titles to keep players loyal to them interested enough to wait for a console that does BOTH.
          Now here comes the Wii U, with tons of third party support and the promise of games that core gamers will find likable as a whole.
          They’ll do just fine because there’s no tricks here.
          Core gamers want core games, both first and third party, and that’s what the Wii U will deliver.

          1. Core gamers ain’t gonna touch the Wii, I don’t know why this needs to be beaten in your head.

            The majority of “core gamers” aren’t even interested in it, and would much rather PS4/720 info.

    2. you know… it depends… the wii u works with previous wii controller… which gave nintendo an opportunity… nintendo could introduce multiple wii u bundles… one with the gamepad only, or one with gamepad + nunchucks + motionplus..

      and the latter sounds like the wii isn’t it? only with better graphics and hardware, and the gamepad… and I believe most good wii games came from nintendo am I correct? im not a nintendo gamer, wii u will be the first product I bought that is from nintendo, pls do correct me if im wrong… So, Nintendo had all the capabilities of making that could capture the casual audience, yet again.. all they have to do is produce more games like they did with the wii, only improved and with better experience…

      but of course, it’ll be a bit more expensive, like $30 more? I don’t think it’s that much of a burden.. then again, most likely the casual audience are the returned customer from the wii.. so they already had the necessary accessory…

      what seems to be the problem is that nintendo focused so much on the gamepad.. the motion controller is kinda left out… it gave the impression that they dont care about the motion controller anymore, that the wii u didn’t have the kind of motion controller the wii did… so nintendo had in some way, promote the motion controller with the wii u… im sure it’ll attract more non-gamer people like they did with the wii..

      so all in all, I think it depends on how nintendo promote the wii u… right now, it’s the gamepad… and I believe, most casual gamer didn’t even know about wii u backward compability… promote the motion controller and the gamepad on same level, and im almost sure it’ll be a success just like the wii… almost…

  5. Really? You know what he might be right, but honestly it doesn’t add up for me. The Wii U is very interesting and unique and I think will be a success. Everyone said the same thing about the original DS, didn’t they? And guess what there 3 iterations of that (4 if you count XL) and then the 3ds and XL which was doomed from the start and still the number one selling game related device in Japan and possibly NA (not sure). Analysts arent very good at their job, or we obviously just have ones biased against Nintendo.

  6. “…the only ones who will buy it are probably hardcore gamers and fanboys…”

    Isn’t those 2 reasons the exact same reasons to why people buy Playstation or Xbox?!

    That silly ape must get slapped with a Wii Motion Plus both in real and virtual life.


  7. If Nintendo somehow made an entire console out of Cardboard, hell YEAH I’d buy it!
    And Nintendo would be the first to do it too, just you watch.

  8. If they made a piece of cardboard where you can play a Mario game (or any videogame) on it, I’LL BUY IT!!

  9. The One Who Wrote This

    It’s probably just a better idea to just see what happens as opposed to predicting failure.

  10. I am BEGGING you guys.

    Stop posting anything that has to do with Michael Pachter.

    This guy isn’t news.

    This guy is never correct.

    He is BARELY better than Jack Thompson.

    Just. Stop. Posting. Pachter.

  11. Haha silly pachter. Oh you guys should check out the legend of zelda t shirt I made on redbubble. Let me know what you think. Here it is

  12. I think what he’s saying is that they can’t capture the casual market again, that the soccer moms aren’t going to buy it. This seems like a legitimate argument to me, since the iPad and so on have made such huge strides in the field of gaming since the Wii, although I may be putting words in his mouth.

    That being said, all Nintendo has to do is put out an ad saying “No More Fighting Over The TV” that shows how kids can play their games on the controller while you watch TV, and I guarantee it won’t matter if Mom wants to play the games herself or not– she’ll buy it on the strength of that alone.

    I also think that the ‘showcase’ mode, where you show Youtube videos and stuff on the TV by sending them from the Gamepad with a dramatic curtain pull, is going to be a massive draw for teens and tweens– they just need to advertise it.

  13. It is sad that he’s getting paid for doing this. The only people that supports him with this is trolls and extreme fanboys.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is right WHEN he doesn’t open his mouth about Nintendo. And that’s sad as he usually have some points (when he doesn’t talk about Nintendo).

    The reason why the Wii successeded is because it’s the only console that does what it does. The 360 and PS3 is overall the same system as the last one, only better graphic. Even the controller is the same. Nothing new. Nintendo does new things with every system. No system is the other like. And that’s a great thing! (excuses from this rule is GBC to GB and 3DS for DS)

  14. I don’t like to say I hate anyone, but I sincerely HATE Michael Patcher and that’s very easy for me to say. The guy constantly insults Nintendo and their fans, including me, simply because he’s a complete idiot and doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand neither Nintendo’s market nor their products. The Wii got Lucky?? Are you Kidding??? He is an insufferable troll of the highest degree and is not respected in any way, shape, or form, yet the worst part is he seems to be untouchable as far as people like us on forums like this are concerned.

    If a celebrity or some other public figure said something that offended masses of people like this guy does on a regular basis, they would be immediately checked, forced to apologize, and that would be the end of it. People like Patcher though, you can’t seem to do anything to them. I’d love to write the guy hate mail, but 1) He probably wouldn’t get it and 2) Probably wouldn’t read it if he did.

    At any rate, this moron owes a lot of people an apology. No one elected him to be an analyst in the first place. I have no idea why he thinks he has the right to serve as one. If I ever see him, I just might punch him squarely in the face.

    1. get over it. Nintendo games and consoles are just TOYS. Grow up. You hate someone cos they insulted your toy? what are you? 5?

        1. Nothing wrong with TOYS ;) notice I said CONSOLES AND NOT NINTENDO CONSOLES

          gonna ignore u from now on so good luck trolling… fail troll is fail

      1. Kids have to grow up early enough as it is. You grow up. You’re just an old jaded fart who has nothing better to do than argue with NES fans.

        Get a fucking life.

  15. youre calling “lucky” a console that sold 100m units ? seriously… ?
    this guys its getting worse everyday…

  16. Since Nintendo originally was a cardgame company I don’t see why they would fail making a CARDboard game.
    So even in this Patcher got owned.
    And I’m sure Nintendo would manage it better than that boring excuse of Wonderbook or whatever Sony showed that never seemed to end my fuckness.

  17. I really dislike Pachter… especially when he says dumb stuff like this… ‘They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it.’ No, no Pachter you have it wrong…I am not that dumb or naive. I have been following the news coming out regarding the Wii U and made an informed decision regarding the Wii U. What I found Pachter is that the Wii U is not a ‘piece of cardboard’ and it plays Mario! It also plays some other pretty legit games…I am in!

  18. Has this man even picked up a game controller in his life? Also, directly insulting Nintendo fans isn’t very professional.

    1. Actually on his show he said he really liked the Wii U tablet controler. However, he is an ass and likes to bash Nintendo for some reason. Every Nintendo fan should hate him…and does because he makes crappy irrelivant comments all the time. -.-

  19. wow this patcher guy is bashing nintendo alot this guy talks lots of shit he needs a punch in the face

  20. ok, shut UP Patcher
    seriously Alba, quit posting about patcher’s stupid opinions, it just pisses everyone off
    no one cares what he thinks

  21. Unsurprisingly, the fanboys are rabid and mad.

    Hahaha, pathetic. Get over yourselves and blind defense for a company that isn’t even relevant anymore.

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      Suck it!

      1. Did someone cut off your finger?

        Or is that the result of jaggies in Wii games? I know they’d slice off my limbs too just by looking at them.

  22. Ok Pachter, time to get out of fantasy land, and take that android phone out your ass, because you’ve never said anything that made sense

  23. It’s pretty obvious how Mr. Patcher only crave attention and doesn’t not seek information.

    Just because one man said “Oh my god! The wii won’t work! Screwwwwww it because it’s not MY taste! ;_;” Doesn’t not mean everyone else will think the same. The Nintendo will work. After all, the real gamers who went through each of Nintendo’s reputed system are there to last. Like me. Nintendo isn’t much of a kid’s system, it’s a family system who take care of giving what we want.

    After all, what Patcher said here is how Nintendo will give out to the hardcore gamers and all-time Fans. But catering only to one kind of gamer…Let’s take for Example, those who play Call of Duty, will only lead to one’s demise. I also have to mention how those playing Cad are wannabe-kids who believe this is the greatest game made, while it’s only dragging back to not even several hours of gaming and just killing for having kills, not for the most important feeling: Fun.

    Nintendo will prevail once again. The only thing that will back off some is the hardware looking exactly like a wii. Most people expect a different shape and WILL buy it just for being a new shape. But let’s face it: Who wouldn’t go through a game with such a controller? Holding this thing will be my greatest joy for completing a game.

    1. Nintendo could probably survice on Japan alone, especially now. Nintendo have never failed, the Gamecube and Xbox sold poorly, but that was because of the PS2. Even if they dont get “lucky”, people will still buy it, fans will still buy it, cores amd casuals. Most people ive ever talked to about gaming, say, “i have a ps3 and wii”, or, “i have a 360 amd Wii” and even, “i have a PC and a Wii”. People love Nintendos games, enough to buy a console. Wii was disappointing, but it still sold. Yeah its market were most casuals, but the core lost interest because it lacked graphics. Not a problem now.

      The guy’s talking shit, as usual.

  24. When i first heard about the Wii U, i said to myself “I won’t buy this, it doesn’t look great to me… But i will have to wait for what this thing can really do.” and now since I heard like half the stuff, i now say “I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS THING!”

  25. I think the Xbox 360 is a pile of shite. Is that news? Effectively I have as much power over the industry as Patcher so I do hope all my feeling and thoughts from now on will be headline video game news.

  26. This dude is real dumb. Does he know how many people buy Sony products just because of the brand regardless if it’s good or not. And I know people who buy XBox only to play FPS games. So yeah you hide behind your career, but your comments are only opinions and not facts.

      1. Then you need to pay more attention homie ;) Oh Btw, you’re doing a good job as a fan in trying to help Sony in marketing, it’s really helping. I hope Patcher sees you trying, maybe he would hire you to bash on anything you dislike. Good luck, no need to thank me ;)

  27. Bad enough dude to save the president

    =/ I can’t believe people can get so worked up over a guy talking about games. I’d hate to see your reactions when something that’s actually offensive happens. I’m actually glad this pro controller is being made. The Wii U only supports 2 gamepads so it’ll be a nice alternative for multiplayer and split-screen playing.

            1. >Asks how I’m a Sony fanboy.
              >Does not actually provide legitimate “proof” of this and instead looks like a bitter, smelly, twat of a fanboy.

              Idiotic Nintendrone detected. Then again, with a username like that I’m not surprised in the slightest. You’ve always been stupid and this comment is no different. When the fuck will you learn? Serious question.

              1. Learn what? From you? That’s not happening.

                As for proof, anyone can look at ANY of your comments and know that you’re a mindless Sonydrone. Such as when you talked crap about the 3DS and praised the VITA like it was a god send. Such as when you said the Wii-U is going to fail and that the PS4/720 will blow it out of the water. Such as when you practically dismissed and called every 3DS game I named crap all because of your Anti-Nintendo bs. What exactly do I have to prove? That you’re a mindless Sonydrone? Your comments already proved that.

                1. You can’t even grasp the definition of a “fanboy”, and once again provided zero evidence of such. Or what you “assume” is evidence, I should say.

                  Do explain how this is “fanboy” behavior. More importantly “Sony fanboy”, normally isn’t that pure loyalty to Sony? Why would I praise the 720? Or a heap of competitors unrelated to Nintendo/Sony if that were the case?

                  Makes a metric fucking heap of sense, NOT.

                  I state the facts, and provide side by side comparisons to prove my points. The Vita is superior hardware and the library is far stronger than the 3DS’ at launch AND during the same age. It is -the- generational leap of gaming handhelds. Slapping 3D on a device with internals barely more powerful than a PSP, isn’t a “leap” no matter how far your head is stuck up Nintendo’s arse.

                  You’re a little fanbitch dude, you don’t like opinions, and it’s obvious. Stop pretending that you’re not riding Nintendo as the saint of the industry, you hurl the most predictable and overused fanboy arguments to support them and you resemble a blatant stereotype of their blind brand loyalists.

                  Call me when that company has the entire industry in the palms of their hands again, something that hasn’t been done since the early 90s. Thanks.

    1. It’s not specifically what he is saying that winds people up. It’s the fact that he is getting paid for coming up with drivel which video game sites always put up, despite 99% of posts under the stories being “stop putting up this crap!” Oh, and his delusional sense of grandeur.

      1. Bad Dudes eat burgers with presidents

        I can understand getting a little annoyed, but some of the comments his articles get are still too much. Especially the people saying they hate him and wanna kill him.

  28. Just STFU already, i dont call it “luck” i call it “good marketing” and “good games” come on its nintendo

  29. Unfortunately, he’s right. Only Nintendo fanboys and hardcore gamers will buy it. It’s because most people don’t understand about videogames. “OMG OMG 360 KINECT PS3 GREAT GRAPHICS PS MOVE”. Most people don’t understand anything about videogames. It’ gonna be an awesome console, but it’s not gonna sell too much.

    1. Agreed. Im gona own a ps3/4 and a WiiU, there wasnt going to be any doubt about it. Its Nintendo, i want my Mario, Zelda, Metroid, all the exclusives.

  30. This guy is pathetic, he does not know what is he talking about.
    He praises Smart Glass but not this (which was the first one) Fucking retarded.

  31. You’re right. Let’s make every game a FPS or TPS where you have the option to shoot civilians. Let’s make sure that only a couple GAMING companies make gaming engines, and the rest bye it for an easy buck with less effort. Oh yeah, make sure games come with a fraction of the full content so you can sell it later on.
    IMO, Wii U will do very well. It’ll have a lot of old favorites that people are happy to buy (Virtual console, remakes and long-time franchises) and Nintendo will drop a lot of great games for the Gamepad. Not only will the Gamepad become a huge selling point, but Sony and Microsoft will immediately rip it off as soon as they see its success. That’s why they don’t really comment on it- they want to seem like they don’t care until they see sales.

  32. He also said the DS would fail as well. He says the only people who will buy it are hard core gamers and Nintendo fanboys. Frankly thats a lot of people. the Nintendo fanbase is pretty big, it has a respectable amount of members. Then add some hardcore people, and add some casuals because not every casual is moving on. Put these together with the fact that wii u launches making profit, and Nintendo will be fine. You do not need to sell as much as the ps2,ds, and wii to have a successful console. Look at the gamecube. sold like shit, but they made profit on every single unit sold so Nintendo ONLY gained money. The wii u will not sell like the wii, no console will ever sell like the ps2,ds, and wii ever again.

  33. Wait he admits hardcore players will buy it. Which means then the conspectus will succend even more Cuzco obviusly the casuals will get it customer its A. Nintendo B. They’ll think its cool and the games look fun C. it’ll have the he’s the wii hsd plus games the ps3 & 360 had. So he’s just a hater

  34. Every time pachter says bad things about Nintendo, great things happen. The Wii sells 100 million, the 3DS becomes the fastest selling console after he opens his mouth. We as Nintendo fans should be happy cause Pachter must be influenced by tv devil. He is ever so wrong. Insulting us the fans is a no no though.

  35. I don’t get what’s so hard to understand. It’s a console version of the DS. It’s actually incredibly useful to have a touchscreen on your controller. The DS proved that. Why is it so hard for people to “get it”?

  36. HAHAHAH at all the reactions. Too bad i was at work :P would of been fun to poke some fun out of you Fanboys. Especially Unibrow NATION

    On topic: Pachter is wrong. The wiiU will succeed for Nintendo fans. Nintendo have a long way to go to persuade hardcore gamers to buy the system. The Wii name to most gamers is offensive but too late now. Third party needs to be constant. Not a big burst followed by a drought. The Wii had some brilliant first party games. When I mean some I mean 3 or 4 which is not enough for a long time gamer like myself. If wiiU has the same quality first party games and the great third party games Nintendo fanboys missed out on because they are too scared to come out of their lil fucking mushroom huts in the mushroom kingdom…then every type of gamer will be satisfied. Hardcore included

    ps: I only want a wiiU for dragonquest X and ZombiU, i may get mario for the lil siblings.

              1. You mention that Tretton fellow a lot, seems you want in his pants with how much comments you’ve typed containing that name.

                You’re such a huge faggot. Go outside; talk to girls.

      1. did you even read what I wrote? the ps pretty much sums up I WILL BUY A wiiU

        Man you are the biggest troll here. and funny how you comment a minute after I post. Sad much? how is the refreshing going? worn out that F5 key yet?

            1. Then who the fuck is Aeolus? I’m not paranoid… only Sony dick riders (unless you support Nintendo and other companies) who are more paranoid than me or anyone else here.

    1. Bad Dudes eat burgers with presidents

      I’m really hoping that’s the case. I hated having to buy another console just for third party games. The only 360 exclusive games I own are Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect. I hope the Wii U really is powerful enough this time around. Then developers won’t have much of an excuse not to put their games on the console.

    2. “The Wii name to most gamers is offensive” – what a load of shit that ‘statement’ is. You keep mistaking your opinions for that of most people.

      “Third party needs to be constant. Not a big burst followed by a drought” – sot of. You’re getting to an almost valid point, so well done you. Problem is that most third party developers just did lazy ports of PS2 games which people weren’t interested in, so they didn’t sell. To make money they then started putting out dance games/mini-game compilations/casual games as they sell. Money is power. If the companies actually make a little effort to give gamers the games they want then they will sell. And before you go on (again and again and…) about how all it will get is ports of PS3/360 games – so what? If they do that, they will sell. When they sell the companies will include the Wii U in future games.

      “The Wii had some brilliant first party games. When I mean some I mean 3 or 4” – and we’re back to you sounding like a completely misinformed moron. Care to tell us how many brilliant first party games there are on the PS3/360? I’m lucky enough to have owned all three consoles (recently sold my 360 as it is the biggest sack of shit I have ever owned) and I can think of only one, Uncharted 2.

    3. Ok Aelous if you don’t like the wii or Nintendo then just get your ass off this fucking site and I am talking to all the other Aelouses too so fuck you
      Ps: I am a nintendo fan but I own a psp a ps3 and like third party games like resident evil and silent hill so yhea asshole

      1. Amazed nobody has worked this out yet: just reply to him in a sensible way, disproving his nonsense with facts and he can’t fight back. Call him a twat and he just fights back making you as immature as he is. Stop giving him the fight he wants and like all morons he’ll get bored and knob off.

  37. wait wait wait if the nintendo fans and the hardcore fans buy it thats basically mission complete for nintendo

    1. They need more than that, they will get some hardcore. If that’s all they have it won’t equal 90 million units

  38. That guy is an asshole. He has no fricking idea what he saying. Lets see him make his own game system and watch it suck eggs.

  39. This guy is so full of shit, it’s just funny how he thinks somebody gives a single f-ck about his opinion^^. Really if he doesn’t like the concept he could’ve just said it one single time instead of mentioning it every other day and expecting people to care.

  40. “The Wii U isn’t going to work.”
    Your balls aren’t going to work once I’m through with you, Pachter mate.

  41. I honestly don’t know who the hell he is, or why he constantly makes these bold statements (not just about Nintendo, but about everything). The Wii U could very well fail, that is a possibility. But bashing on it and putting it in peoples’ mind set before it’s even got a release date is pushing it. Honestly, he needs to shut up.

  42. This is actually really comforting. If Pachyderm Pachter hates it then it must be good. “Only hardcore will buy it” implying that this is a hardcore gaming machine? Yes please. There are two kinds of Pachter’s predictions.
    1. It’s wild, crazy, and the complete opposite will be true
    2. Or it’s blatantly obvious and it’s already happened.

  43. Why does anyone care about his opinion anyway?
    Why are articles about his views continuously posted on this blog?
    I don’t appreciate reading about someone who insulted my intelligence about my decision to purchase a Wii U.


  44. I’m going to start treating Pachter the same way I treat Aelous and every other troll I come across. Flat out ignore everything they say. This is the last time I reply to a Pachter post. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. Oh, trust me he has recently enough. Very easy to make the poser contradict himself. He’s Nintendo’s spokesperson, after all. Say yes to anything Nintendo does that competitors have done for years. Amazing.

  45. What Pachter doesn’t understand is that Nintendo is TRYING to get the hardcore audience back. Casuals will still get the Wii U, you know why? Nintendo. Anything with the word “Nintendo” attached to it WILL SELL.

  46. There are two kinds of people in the world. Nintendo fanboys. And hardcore gamers. So if we take pachters argument for what it is. The wii u will sell more than any nintendo console before. Pachter. You fucking idiot.

  47. The Wii was such a failure. It sold shit compared to XBox. WiiU will be the same. Nothing with the name “Wii” on the box will ever be profitable.

    Patcher is so right. How blind are all of you? Nintendo has never made a successful console since the Super Nintendo!

    1. Wow. How stupid are you? You’re calling the 2nd-best selling console a failure? Learn some facts, moron.

      1. High sales doesn’t make a turd “successful” in the eyes of actual gamers when it boils down to gaming.

        Objective fact.

  48. Jun 25 2012 1:29 PM. I’ve never been more offended by what this prick said. Put Nintendo on a peice of cardboard and we will play it. Yo bud go jump into a vat of acid. That’s just prickish and unprofessional. Grow up and be an analyst not a troll

  49. Who is this guy!? I think the Wii-U will be highly successful. I know many, including me will purchase a Wii-U, hopefully preordering before everyone.

  50. What’s wrong with cardboard? Cardboard is fun. I swear, people these days have no imagination whatsoever…

  51. To say that the success of the Wii was mere luck is folly. The success of the Wii was based off of a planned marketing strategy, in which Nintendo advertised to casual gamers, primarily, with their new control scheme, and an assortment of casual games. Nintendo also released high quality first party titles (Fire Emblem, Kirby, Sin and Punishment, etc.) and had the support of several quality third-party titles (No More Heroes, MadWorld, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, etc.) which kept them afloat among their hardcore fan base. The Wii’s success was not based purely on probability.

  52. If they make fantastic games for Wii U, great graphics, great gameplay in the games, and they price the Wii U and the gamepad, then the Wii U will sell wonderfully.

  53. Does this guy ever SHUT UP honestly if he gives a justified reason for why the wii u will fail then “they won’t get lucky” people might not consider him a complete tool what a complete dip sh*t get a life.

  54. who gives a flying fuck what a 92yo jizz drinker think’s. what games is this old ass fag playing? hide the dentures. this dude is so dumb he still think’s the wii-u gamepad is a tablet. hey patcher! focus on your funeral since you’ll probably die from a stroke when the wii-u releases in November

  55. Now that I’ve finally saw what this guy actually looks like, he slightly reminds me of an older version of Mr Caffiene, from 2011’s Ubisoft confrence
    Doopely Doopely Doo!

  56. Oh, and I’ve always wanted to know, what credibility does this guy even have? Why should anyone listen to him? Has he worked in the industry or something?

  57. What will make the Wii U sell well is if they market it as more than a game console. Miyamoto said that he doesn’t even want to call it a home console because it’s going to be more than that. Give it the abilities of a smart TV peripheral, advertise it well, and it’ll sell. Right now, no one has a very strong hold on the smart TV market. Not even Apple has branded their smart TV box very well. Gamers already know what is going to be offered, and they will keep being aware of what is offered because gaming is their hobby. Nintendo needs to appeal to those in the market who don’t want a gaming console.

  58. ‘I don’t think they suck. I just think that they really believe that, ‘If we’re still novel, everything we do will work’.—>IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

  59. Does Pachter ever think Nintendo’s going to be successful? Because he’s said the same general things about the Wii for the last five or so years, and he comes off as a troll because of it.

    Why people listen to him I don’t know.

  60. I am a little confused here the comets say that M pachter is saying that wii got lucky and that the wii u will not do too well, but some one has posted a video link

    here it is

    and he is saying he thinks the wii u is a good system and has lots of potential ??

    I think a lot of people will judge the wii u until they get their hands on it and then realise what its all about

    1. i got my hands on it and its fucking awesome kiss ps3 and xbox360 goodbye wii-u is the future of gaming better graphics better gameplay

  61. ”Wii worked because Nintendo got lucky”
    Such a pathetic, childish comment. It’s the kind of thing you hear from a kid who’s pissed because he lost at a game. BAWWW U WON CUZ U GOT LUCKY

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