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Kingdom Hearts 3D Performs Well In The UK

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance landed in the UK on Friday and has performed extremely well for a third-party Nintendo 3DS game. Ukie has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3D is the second biggest Nintendo 3DS launch in the UK this year, beaten only by Resident Evil Revelations. Kingdom Hearts 3D arrived in the UK all-formats chart at number 6.

8 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D Performs Well In The UK”

  1. They have a totally different demographic over there, shown by the fact that Lego Batman and London 2012 outsold everything on that list, when if in NA something similar was released you would never even think of finding it on the top of the list, instead Modern Warfare, and all those FPSs would be on top. So Kingdom Hearts 3D getting 6th place is actually pretty impressive, hopefully here in America it will do better.

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