Nintendo Announces Next Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has revealed that they will be holding a special Dragon Quest X themed Nintendo Direct on Monday, July 30 at 20:00 JST. Satoru Iwata will once again be at the helm discussing everything you want to know about Dragon Quest X which is released in Japan on August 2nd.



      1. Well, with all these imposters running around and the real one not seen in ages… Can’t blame him for doubting in him


    1. It’s a subscription based MMO style game, that wouldn’t work well on the 3DS. BUT a Dragon Quest IX sequel would be amazing for the 3DS! :D


  1. hope it mentions some specific features on the wii u… I’m still excited about this game even if they don’t mention wii u.. can’t wait for next week :D


  2. Aww too bad I’ll be in Honduras during this conference. Hopefully the video will be posted on youtube so I can watch it when I get back. Dragon Quest X is my most wanted Wii game right now.


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