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Nintendo Learned “Expensive Lessons” With The 3DS

Industry analyst Jesse Divnich feels that Nintendo has learned some expensive lessons with the Nintendo 3DS. Divinch says that Nintendo swiftly realised that you can’t release a $250 console in a “shifting” handheld market, dominated by smartphones and tablets.

“The handheld console market is shifting and there is no doubt that competition from mobile and tablet games are stealing playtime and consumer wallet share,” he said. “It’s a tough environment and I have no doubt that expensive lessons were learned.

“Nintendo has always turned to changing form factors, both physically and aesthetically, as a strategy to increase both visibility and purchase intent. Nintendo has sold over 150 million Nintendo DS and I doubt that was to 150 million unique consumers.

“Our data shows that well over 20% of Nintendo DS purchases were to multiple users either replacing or upgrading their DS. It’s an excellent strategy and one that can realize incremental revenue from their loyal install base.”


79 thoughts on “Nintendo Learned “Expensive Lessons” With The 3DS”

  1. And you conducted this study by doing what? How did you come to terms with 150 million sales, to only 20%?

    1. Exactly. The only difference that these users bought more than an XBox 360 because the architecture of the system was flawed, had problems. Apple is a good example. Every year the same user will buy a new iPhone or a new iPad.

      1. Ps3 technically kicked the 360’s ass. It came out a year later, and overpriced, and its almost neck and neck with the 360. In fact, the 360 ONLY sold more in the USA -__- typical

        1. Seeing as the PS3 was dead until about 2 years after it was released, when the Wii hype finally fell, the PS3 has done great since then. And the only times when 360 sales pick up are on the release of American games like CoD and Battlefield.

          1. That too. Ive had my ps3 slim for about 2 and half years, never regret buying it, tons and tons of games. And its never broken on me once :p its always just certain games that freeze like Bethesda games -.-

            1. good for you that you get the slim first. Most phat ps3 owners including me had their ps3 YLOD’ed. Had to buy a new one, the slim.

    2. That’s right.. besides, who knows if that 20% of user didn’t sold the old DS? I sold my older DS, so, another user that didn’t had a DS now have one. We can’t say the same thing about xbox360.

  2. Aeolus,Peteriuss, and Icy Dead had gay butt sex.

    Why don’t they say the same thing about the vita since its failing pretty hard because of its price.

    1. Sony is too proud to learn from their mistakes. As the wise General Iroh said: “Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source.” If Sony was smart they would lower the price of the Vita, but they’re too full of themselves to realize their foolish mistakes, and if they keep that up they will be ultimately shamed.

      1. They can’t lower the price if 250$ is how much the Vita is worth. And believe me, it is worth 250$ indeed. I bought both the 3DS and Vita for 250€ and spending that much money for the Vita wasn’t nearly as painful as for the 3DS. Not that I don’t like my 3DS, on the contrary, I love it. But in my opinion the Vita simply is worth so much money, and the 3DS is not. ( No, I do not regret buying the 3DS, I got the ambassador titles for paying so much after all, so it wasn’t that much of a disadvantage [: )
        Lowering the price would cause them to sell it at a loss and covering up those losses would take them years. Though I’m guessing that Sony is just waiting for the great titles to be released on the Vita to see if it will do better then, and if not, they will probably lower the price by then.

          1. Oh? Didn’t know that. Well, then let me correct the sentence:
            *Lowering the price would cause them to sell it at an even bigger loss […]
            Thanks for pointing it out. [:

        1. yeah, it needs more games. most of the games for it (as far as i’m aware) aren’t exclusive to it, so theres not much need to have it. but making a great game exclusive to it could be a risky move, because that might hurt the sales of the game itself more than it raises the Vita sales

  3. The Nintendo §DS sold not so at the release becouse of the lack of good games and not becouse of the price!!!

      1. The price was a little too high, but if the 3DS was launched in November 2011 with the same price, but launching with SM3DL, MK7 and Zelda: OoT3D, its sales would’ve been much greater, especially with Black Friday and the Christmas period approaching.

        1. Very true. I expect the WiiU to be slightly over the price people are expecting, at around £300-350, but because of its launch date and content, it’ll sell

              1. Wait…Things are expensive in the UK? In Australia, technology costs about 1.5 times the amount it does there. It was horrifying when I moved and saw that Zelda: Twilight Princess was $99, whilst in England, you could pick it up for 30-40 pounds in some places.

          1. Yeah, but my thoughts on that are that they needed some games for the DS too, for the slide from DS to 3DS and also that Pokemon is a big seller and they would sell more on DS, which has a much higher consumer base.

          1. Such as: Guys, Nintendo will die because they have all the worst selling consoles like the DS and Wii.

    1. I completely agree. Not as a replacement for a handheld but just to increase it’s product line. I would love a nintendo phone!

  4. Did we already got this news for like 20 times now? We know Nintendo learned their lesson! No need to remind us again.

  5. For me, the reason why I didnt buy a 3DS at launch is that there were no good games…and by the time some of the good ones came out it was a better idea just to wait for the price drop.

  6. Since Apple is a good product ppk are willing to spend millions of money unlike the 3ds which nobody wants to spend that much on a Garbage brand

    1. Heh, there are other products out there than can do what the apple ones do (with the exception of apple exclusive apps) for a much fairer price, just because a bunch of idiots swallowed everything Jobs said doesn’t mean everyone else will. Garbage brand, nope my friend. Nintendo has been around longer than Apple, they single handedly revived video games in the 80’s and even to this day continue to innovate with their consoles. So yeah, I think Nintendo is a good brand.

  7. I love how they assume everyone games on their phones, I’ve tried to but it seriously ticks me off when you have to FORK UP money to get in-game credits, even if you payed for the damn game. The games are shallow and repetitive. Don’t forget the ads either! Hell, I even gave my iPod to my 10 year old niece because I hardly ever use it. I’d rather pay 39.99, at least I know what I’m getting.

  8. Nintendo Can Suck My Dick

    Omg Nintendo why are you competing with apple smh apple destoryed ya and made you sell the 3ds at a loss. You cant compete with apple unless you want to lose more money like last time

    1. Nintendo is not competing with Apple, hell they are both two totally different things. One is your everyday smart device and the other is a dedicated portable console. Hell I wouldn’t even consider an iPod a handheld, simply because it’s a jack of all trades and master of none. I’d rather have a dedicated gaming machine that wont crash out while I’m in the middle of a game. Oh and it even has 2 screens to boot, more space on the top screen… unlike the apple products were your hands are blocking the screen.

  9. Nintendo Can Suck My Dick

    @armory um some mobile phones have two screens.
    Steave jobs did more than miyamoto has and thats a fact jack

    1. That’s right…

      Steve: Engineer, make an ipod + cell phone
      Engineer: Ok…

      …meanwhile myamoto is at hard work thinking and creating Nintendo AAA games and new ways to change the gaming world…

      Steve: Hey dev, make me an OS that do this and that…
      Dev: Ok…

      …meanwhile myamoto is at hard work thinking and creating Nintendo AAA games and new ways to change the gaming world…

      Steve: Hey developer, steal this idea and put on my OS…
      Dev: Ok…

      …meanwhile myamoto is at hard work thinking and creating Nintendo AAA games and new ways to change the gaming world…

      Just kidding… Steve did a good “Jobs” :D

  10. Nintendo Can Suck My Dick

    @rick how dare u SPEAK FOUL LIES steave jobs also developed computer software and was a humanist and contributor for science and arts smh also steave is jew so he is god chosen ppl and has highest iq out of any race PERIOD.

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