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Nintendo To Announce Wii U Price And Release Date In September?

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich strongly believes that Nintendo will announce Wii U pricing and a release date sometime in September. Divnich is also adamant that both Microsoft and Sony will announce price cuts during the holiday season to damage sales.

“I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September. Likely around (but not at) the Tokyo Game Show.”

“Nintendo didn’t release any information regarding pricing or unit expectations. It is tough to pinpoint any type of expectation when Nintendo themselves are being incredibly vague about it. Considering the potential for PS3/Xbox 360 price cuts this holiday, it is understandable that they are keeping their cards close to the chest.”

92 thoughts on “Nintendo To Announce Wii U Price And Release Date In September?”

  1. “Divnich is also adamant that both Microsoft and Sony will announce price cuts during the holiday season to damage sales.”
    Typical competition

    1. Well, Nintendo did that to the 3DS after the Vita’s price was announced. Thing is, the Vita’s price was announced so early, it gave the newly-priced 3DS a great head start.

        1. It definitely did though. With weak sales pre-vita, all sorts of Vita hype, Vita had expected to launch in October, Nintendo was concerned and had to push the quality software to the front lines in November/December. Of course the Vita got delayed, and it hasn’t lived up to its hype and doing poorly now, but I am very confident Nintendo was really concerned about it.

          1. ^ This. I was obvious that a competing system which out-powered the 3DS coming out for the same price played a major role in the price cut.

            No one knew the Vita would bomb so hard back then.

            1. yeah when U have Mario 3d, Mario kart , and monster hunter (jp only) vs Vita, they knew the holiday would not be good. Plus resident evil and kid Icarus vs Vita; man there where in trouble no matter what.

            2. Except, the Vita hasn’t “bombed” at all, that would apply to the PSP GO.

              Holy fucktits, I really don’t want to have copy and paste what I posted in an article days ago.

      1. Actually Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct the SAME DAY the Vita came out and all of them games and footage announced/shown QUICKLY made the Vita irrelevant….not even a fanboy I have a vita and 3DS but that day I was only excited for one…

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        2. if u havent taken notice to my gravatar, i am a Reshiram, which happens to lack such an entrance point.

    3. Nintendo already confirmed a direct video in September to give us the price, release date, and even more third party games… I don’t know why this wasn’t just titled to reflect the possibility of PS3/360 getting price cuts rather than “are we gonna here details about Wii U in September?” when it’s already confirmed

  2. Damn it Nintendo is really killing me. It will release when I’m back in college, taking exams. I can’t wait; Wii U and football season.

  3. september ? that fuking pathetic , nintendo why do you always anounce the price and release date at the last minute ?? fuking dumbasses at nintendo !!

      1. Aeolus is awesome !!!

        Fucking fanboy mad ? Lol numbskulls like you are so fun to reply to … when did i ever say i hate nintendo ? dumbcunt.

          1. I don’t think he hated Nintendo, he’s just mad like everyone else about tight lipped Nintendo, but I understand it’s part of marketing and givin competition no clues.

            1. How old are you… 7? You need to quit kissing Aeolus ass and quit being an ass-hurt drone/graphics whore for a change. And work hard on your spelling grammer… you suck balls little dude!

              1. Go kiddy mario shit fanboy cunt ..LOL fanboys like you are useless , Nintendrones are fuking retarde ..and ur calling me a drone ? haha dumbass i play on all consoles and the wii is a piece of shit

    1. I love how you say it’s the “last minute” and you don’t know when the fucking console’s going to release.

      Dumb ass troll.

      1. Lol U MAD ?? its most LIKELY its releasing around november and most of the wii u games are releasing in november and november is near the holiday season .. it will be a disaster if they release it in december , november is the perfect time to release this piece of shit …I love how these nintenfags start getting all butthurt over a comment i made …LOL stupid fanboy is stupid.

    2. Actually it’s a marketing strategy. If they release the price too early, that gives Microsoft and Sony a huge chance to cut the price of their systems, so people would buy those instead.

      1. well thats a stupid marketing strategy .. it makes the consumers angry , if someone wants to know how much to save up and they release it at the last minute it will be a disaster ..same thing with the 3ds ..they anounced to price and release date of the 3ds WAY TOO LATE ..and it failed at launch …sony & microsoft reveal their price and release date early .. why cant nintendo ?

        1. Well Ness, I think it is a small fraction of Nintendo consumers who “get angry” over somthing so miniscule. If you are enraged over knowing the price of somthing that wont be out for another month(or many moremonths for that matter)….than you need to get that checked out. You may have some sort of anger management problems ;)

        2. It’s not like we don’t have a range to save up for. If you are truly following the Wii U and have even considered it for purchase; you’d already be saving for it. This is part of the early adopter process. Everyone that wants one figures it will be $250-$500. Now the probability of it being over $400 is very small considering what we know about the system. So we’ve had since E3 2011, all of this year, or at the very least since E3 2012 to save for it.

        3. Hey, Apple uses this strategy all the time, and does it work for them? Did you ever hear about the “new” iPad before it hit stores. Did you know it’s price? Did you know that there’s a new Mac operating system “Mountain Lion” available to download now? Neither did Microsoft, so they had no Windows 8 to compete with it!

              1. siegfried von schroder

                @gaymer i wish microsoft could buy nintendo and make that company from a babyish game company into a serius and real game company

                    1. Siegfried von girl: Hey guys who wants to play COD?
                      Friends: It’s boring already, waiting for Black Ops 2 so they can take our money again and pay to play live, but hopefully they have new weapons this time hehe. I have an idea; let’s go bother Nintendo sites because we have nothing better to do. *giggles*. Sieg von girlie: I hate Wii U, I will call it Dreamcast 2 from now on. Friends: Why you so mad? SVG: Sorry, I’m bleeding down there :(

                  1. pity you have to pay for online gaming. That money goes towards the call of duty early dlc crap. Pity its the same game over and over.

                      1. And you have to pay 60 fucking dollars to play games online? You’re fucking crazy, Roy’s boyfriend. I’d rather play games for free like PSN and NN.

    1. “Slow and steady wins the race” -Said the Turtle. Nintendo will take it’s time and in the end, will pull out on top with good planning. I trust their decision to hide their console’s pricing. It is for a reason after all…theres always a reason.

              1. Story of Siegrfried von girlie part 2. Read part 1 above.
                Meanwhile in Nintendo site,
                Siegfried von girl: Damn I hate all these Nintendo supporters and their great games, (I really would love to play a Wii U, oops* I mean Dreamcast 2) but momma always told me to be patriotic and always buy American stuff so I buy Xbox.
                Friends: But it might Xbox might die in 1-2 yrs.
                SVG: So what? We have money to buy more and support COD. Yayy!!
                Dreamcast 2! Dreamcast2! Damn I wish Wii U was American made so momma would let me buy and can play Zombie U with my friends. *Cries*

    2. This reasoning was pretty obvious on Nintendo’s part.
      The waiting game is the smart move, with so much on the line.
      Nintendo wants to make sure that the other companies don’t pull a fast one with pricing on the month of the Wii U’s release, to get as many sales out of it as they can.
      As Nintendo stated before; they’re keeping their plans private to prevent others from developing “Similar Proposals”.
      This obviously extends to their pricing plans as well, as it should.

    3. Episode 3 of Siegfried von Girlie
      Siegfried von Girlie: Gals, *wipes tear off* who wants to go on Sony sight and bash them too? Second thought, nah I mean I hate Sony too but as long as they compete with Deamcast 2, Xbox will take over.
      Friends: Do you think Nintendo will make Zelda for Xbox then??
      SVG: STOP MENTIONING THAT DEVIL!! But that would be awesome wouldn’t it except stupid Nintendo is so stubborn and not making it for us.
      Friends; If this keeps going, I don’t know, Wii U might take over Apple’s supporters too and there will be no more Angry Birds. Nooooooo!!!!

    4. About time they decide when to disclose the price and launch date. We all have a pretty good idea about what Wii U’s release date will be. But, what we need to know is price ($300-$400 sounds like a reasonable range) and specs (before anyone jumps the gun, I really couldn’t care less about specs unless they were on a computer; but, I do want to see whats under the hood).

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    6. To all sonysofters make room for the king this nov we will give you to oct to convert after that don’t come running to the big n when sonysoft scams you for a unnecessary 200 dollars again the n will never lose again

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