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Crysis Producer Loved Idea Behind Wii, Not Too Sure About Wii U

Crysis producer Mike Read has admitted that he loved the idea behind the Wii and the fact that it appealed to such a wide demographic. Read then said that he’s not entirely sure whether Wii U will reach such a wide audience as its predecessor.

“One thing I really love about the Wii, and I’m not sure Nintendo even realised this when it launched, is that the Wii’s demographic was between the age of six to 60.

I would gladly give a Wii controller to my three-year-old to play that game, but when I saw the Wii U controller I thought, I’m not sure if I’d give that to my child to play with, that’s an expensive piece of hardware.

But past that, in terms of the dual screen stuff, I personally believe it’s a bit of a novelty at this point, and if I would to have to point at anything that really moves into next gen, I think it’s cloud gaming.”

59 thoughts on “Crysis Producer Loved Idea Behind Wii, Not Too Sure About Wii U”

    1. To be fair he really had no way to port his games to it due to it harware limitations. However with the Wii U he can finally take advantage of the Wii’s potential as the Wii mote is compatible with the Wii U.

      1. Yeah, I know. It was just a little joke. I’m not upset about not having the Crysis games on Wii for the exact same reason you mentioned, but I do expect them on Wii U.

        1. He did not have to port his games to the Wii, he could have made original games for it or at least spin offs like how EA made that Dead Space spin off

            1. Gamble? I’m pretty sure if he put time and effort into it, he could have had a system seller on his hands.

              1. Yeah he would. You and I know it’s not a gamble but devs seem to approach Nintendo cautiously. He didn’t want to make the effort to get the most of the Wii. His loss.

  1. Why can’t people see the connection between the Wii U and the DS?

    If the DS isn’t a novelty, then the Wii U isn’t one either. Having a touch screen as a supplement to the traditional buttons is very nice. It doesn’t affect games like shooters because you have all the needed buttons, and it enhances games like Fire Emblem, etc. because of the giant touch controlled menu, etc.

    The only downside is if developers don’t utilize it correctly.

  2. If i had a child id let them play with the WiiU, its called supervision, im gona give them the controller and say “right, see you later”, im gona sit with them, so derp on that part.

    Also, will everyone stop riding the dick on cloud gaming! Right now, ITS IMPOSSIBLE. We need unlimited broadband access, for everyone, before cloud gaming really kicks off, and even then, theres no way itll start because people WANT physical copies. If you get rid of pysichal manufacturing, you get rid of one thing. Jobs. Make gaming 100% digital and physical and leave it there -.-‘

    1. Lol I don’t even have internet, the biggest game I downloaded was 1.2GB and it took me about 12 hours to download on my 3G tethered Internet :( cloud gaming would not work for me.

    2. i dont have internet(besides my slow 3G phone) so i do NOT want cloud gaming. that will be the day when I stop gaming, and i fear that day might actually come…..

  3. He’s just sayin’ it will appeal to more harcore players than casual to Wii ratio wise, not as bad as what the title puts it. I’m not letting no 3 yrs. old mess with it either, that’s what the other controllers are for.

    1. Too man companies *cough* MICROSOFT *cough* forcusing on what THEY want, rather than what WE want.
      Theres a epic Windows 8 failure, which i hope spawns the death of Microsoft, where any programs, services thats arent not licensed by Microsoft, are ILLEGAL on Windows 8, including Steam, Video editors, ANYTHING.
      I mean WHAT. THE. FUCK…..ReviewTechUSA made a video on it, its a fucking joke, and if you consider the Xbox 720 is runoured to be called the Xbox 8, because of windows 8 interaction, and just te general money grabbing bullshit theyre lulling, MS are dead next gen, and te onky people that’ll support them are fucking morons, or ‘Mericans, thinking its good because its ‘Merican, patriotic backwards thinking

      1. i dont buy it just because im american, I happen to hate my country, I buy it because it has thegames i want. and yes windows 8 for the most part is stupid. and i really doubt microsoft will die this gen, more likely it will be sony, and no aeolus it will NOT be nintendo so dont even say it.

    2. Why? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like cloud gaming will change the gaming experience. Not to the negative, at least. It will simply a different way to get games running on your systems, it’s not like it’s going to change the content of individual titles. I believe that it will have many benefits, to be honest.
      Anyway, it’s sad that you feel that way. I just can’t comprehend why anyone would quit gaming because of cloud gaming, it’s just completely senseless.

  4. He doesn’t have to use the touchscreen.

    He basically now has an HD Wii to develop on.

    He’s excited?

    1. Thats what get on my nerves. People look at the WiiU and think, “oh people wont want to play or make every game using the gamepad”. They dont have to? Theres 2 more controller types, the pro controller and the wii remote. No developer has to stick using the gamepad as a defult.

      1. Except the Gamepad is the packed-in controller, so it would automatically have the widest market penetration. Generally it’s very hard to change how a developer approaches a system after the day-of-launch. This is why Wii Motion Plus was underutilized, though launching it earlier would have helped.

        What a developer could do is develop a game w/o utilizing any of the controller’s other features like the screen or motion sensing, and since the Gamepad has all the same buttons as the Wii U Pro the control scheme would be easily transferrable.

  5. I think that when they’re marketing the WiiU from now on, instead of just marketing the gamepad, they should have an image of the console, gamepad, Wiimote, and classic controller.
    Like a quadrant of fun. It would send the right message, methinks.

  6. i love the idea on the Gamepad even if its used for the Map. do you know how many times i have to pause the damn game in Assassins Creed series and zelda and many more.. it enhances the game play.. :)

    1. While backwards compatibility w/ Wii controllers is a great aspect of the Wii U, he’s focusing on what the key innovation specific to this system that would make him buy it is. The way he would see it is “I can already play with a Wiimote on my Wii. Why should I get a new system for that?”

      NOTE: This is not my personal approach to the situation, as I believe “it’s what developers are making games on” is the answer. It’s just what Mike Read is concerned w/.

  7. Another Ignorant person who thinks could gaming would work for everyone everyone and be the answer to all problems not everyone has fast internet i myself have to get the internet Via satellite and if I didn’t I would be without it like so many around me My internet speed is around 3Mbs witch is far below the global average of 11 and even drops below 1Mbs when heavy use happens could gaming is not possible for everyone with 1MB an hour download rates that allows me 10 hours of playing my game I bourgt with my money a month. IF i dont do anything else on the internet many pepole i know have to get their internet from a mobile broadband whose limit is 500mb a month at high prices the world isnt redy for the “cloud” yet so we won’t be seeing it for a long amount of time (unless of corse they make it and everyone without the required internet speed and cap is unable to play games)

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