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Wii U Is The “Perfect Fit For The Survival Horror Genre”

Guillaume Brunier, the producer behind the promising ZombiU thinks that Wii U is the perfect fit for the evolution of the survival horror genre. Brunier then went on to reveal more details about ZombiU, which will be released later this year alongside Wii U.

“Each of the maps has its own particularities, which we’ll let players discover for themselves. However, ZombiU does not present a one-to-one visual representation of London: it’s a credible, creepy, apocalyptic vision of this great city.”

”Players will be able to kill their zombified friends and recover the stuff in their inventory. Our blacklight feature allows players to scan environments and reveal messages left by your friends (other survivors), and you can help each other out all along the adventure and leave secret messages for each other with a secret code that you will discover in the story.”

”Every time you meet up with one of your former characters, who has now become one of the infected, it’s an incredibly thrilling and creepy experience.”

“The Wii U is the perfect fit for the survival horror genre. The Nintendo Wii U delivers an opportunity to immerse players like no other console out there; allowing us to create a truly scary experience.”

72 thoughts on “Wii U Is The “Perfect Fit For The Survival Horror Genre””

      1. I reckon it will pull of the survival horror bit pretty well. But whether it will be good? I dunno. Would be nice to see it come to Wii U though.

    1. Really, I thought we had all matured a little. You must be new to this site. We find “first” people utterly annoying.

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      1. seriously? if you were as “mature” as you claim to be, you wouldn’t care about people saying first. i mean seriously, how does someone saying “first” affect you in any way? getting mad about it is more childish and immature than actually doing it.

            1. well, i mean he does have a compelling argument as to why exactly i’m annoying, he obviously has a place to pass judgement seeing as how much thought and effort he put into his claim.

  1. I totally looking forward to this game. There are so many games that I have to buy for the Wii and Wii U. I got a lot of catching up to do. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m starting with Skyward Sword.

    Sickr, Does the Wii U function to play games only on the Wii U GamePad screen work for Wii games? Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I don’t have a Wii. I’m going to buy a Wii U and Skyward Sword will be my first game. I’m going to try to catch up on all the good Wii games I missed, while also getting the new Wii U games.

        I like Darksiders 2 and I’m hoping they re-release the first one for Wii U for those of us who missed it.

        1. Thats a great idea tbh. My Wii broke about 12 months ago, so when i get the WiiU, i’m going to have so many games to play:

          Pikmin 3
          Assassins Creed 3
          New Super Mario Bros U
          Ninja Gaiden 3
          Rayman Legends

          Skyward Sword
          Xenoblade Chronicles
          The Last Story
          Muramasa: The Demon Blade
          Pandoras Tower
          Goldeneye 007
          Donkey Kong Country Returns
          Monster Hunter Tri

          All currently unplayed (cept for SS i’ve finished that on my sons Wii) and obviously unfinished. 14 A-grade titles, at launch, to keep me busy for at least 6 months. Can’t wait!

          1. Thank you for that list. On the Wii side I have to pick up all those games you mentioned plus Smash Bros. I need No More Heroes too. I looking at Ninja Gaiden, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Batman: ACAE during the launch window.

              1. For some lucky owners it never does. But there are a lot of factors to it. I think for me personally, I live in a tropical country, it’s hotter and dustier here so I have to take special care of my hardware can overheat. I always get at least 5 years out my consoles before that becomes an issue though.

                  1. Funny you think I’m lucky to be in a tropical country, while I’m thinking you’re lucky to be in America where you have much easier and cheaper access to games and of course white women. XD

                    1. So your on a tropical island with lots of black women….I’m guessing… JAMAICA MON!

              2. Yo I have about the same list as you for Wii games that I’m dying to play. Also with Muramasa, Fragile Dreams, Cursed Mountain, and Calling

        2. zax is on bath salts

          DONZALOOG>>>>> Zelda and Link stay behind and create Hyrule after beating Demise.. Demise is The Imprisoned– and Demise is aslo what Gannon is…. Ghirahim resurrects Demise and that is almost the whole ending.. I didn’t want to spoil it for you…….

      2. dreamcast 2 the perfect fit for survival horror games?HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA
        cool story bro

        1. Same. At the moment, im still having that “disappointing launch title” vibe, like i did with Red Steel, and Lair and Heavenly Sword for ps3….
          Other than that, i can see the other titles are AAA

          1. I think it’s be a bit of both but when you’re getting swarmed you will be unable to tell how many there are and it’ll feel like every time you kill one 2 take it’s place.

        2. from what ive seen there shouldn’t be that many zombies.i know when it came to the lan multiplayer there would only be like 10 zombies on the map at a time

        1. moon was a GREAT idea poorly executed! a shame because the story had so much potential! it could have been one of the best shooters out there!! :/

      3. The Wii U might be good for horror games, but ZombiU isn’t one of them.

        ZombiU will be crap just like Red Steel.

        1. Mr-J I think you need to wait for the game to come out to judge it! ZombieU wont be like Red Steel because frankly….they arent really similar at all!!!

        2. Because you tried it at E3. You are able to make an informed decision. Seriously, everyone is going to keep thinking that until launch when they read their shitty gaming magazines, have to crawl out from their dead Xbox filled rooms, ask their Mommies for $250 and go out and buy a Wii U, Zombie U and all.

      4. While the WiiU does enhance survival horror by alot, due to being more immersive ect, alot of it is up to the game design. Dead Space was a great survival horror, and was the original RE, and maybe 4.

        1. while the dreamcast 2 is weaker than the ps3 and xbox 360 all of the next gen games wont come to it so dont expect anything for the dreamcast 2

          1. sigfried…what the hell are you talking about? There is no “Dreamcast 2″….nahh just pulling your idiodic leg… I know U are talking about the Wii U. I cant wait for the Wii U to come out and be successful with tons of 3rd party support and power beyond that of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Must suck for Microsoft and Sony fanboys to have to wait one more year for their “next gen” consoles. I know go buy a Wii U to occupy your time :)

      5. Sounds just about right. The Wii U Gamepad’s going to be the backbone on many games and Multiplats coming this console generation. It’s going to make a huge difference between what we see in other platforms vs Wii U.

      6. After Playing it for over 5 minutes before running out of ammo and fights all I can say this is real survival Horror. Where you run out of Ammo like real life. The WiiU tablet felt comfortable when you have to do various action like,pushing the Zombie off,checking your inventory etc etc. The guys. Now this “Blacklight” Feature will be a great addition since you can leave clues as to wheres there more ammo etc. Left 4 dead left you some messages but most were useless for clues but more to add more horror to the game.

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