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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Characters To Differ Between Platforms

Sumo Digital’s exec producer Steve Lycett has confirmed that the characters for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will differ depending on which platform you purchase the game on. Lycett says that each platform will have specific characters that are unique to that system. Who would you like to see feature on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions?

The thing is, different people think of different things when you say ‘How many characters are in the game’.

Are we talking about playable choices, drivers, vehicle forms, which platform are we talking about, what?

Me, I go with actual playable choices on the character select. Over all the different platforms, this totals up to 29 actual playable choices. But that doesn’t mean that there are 29 playable choices in all platforms (in fact no single platform has all 29). Some drop down to the low 20′s, some instead have high 20′s.

Why is this? Well some platforms have characters that are unique to that platform. I’m not going to say which, that’s part of the fun of the reveals! Some are SEGA characters, some are not. Don’t bother asking :p

69 thoughts on “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Characters To Differ Between Platforms”

      1. The first game was pretty awesome and had a good sized community. I’m sure quite a few people care about this game, even if you do not.

        I’m looking forward to it for sure.

      2. “Who cares about this game?” Were my thoughts exactly. Let me answer your question. Sega dickriders, and idiots care about this game. The general public doesn’t. Only those who are dumb enough to play a Diddy Kong Racing/Mario Kart 7 rip off.

        Sega, when will you learn? You just cant survive off of other’s ideas forever. What goes up must come down. I will be there to see that day.
        And if I make you bitches angry, go ahead and call me a troll. If that sooths your fanboy feelings, go ahead. Lololol!

        1. “You just cant survive off of other’s ideas forever.”

          There’s the problem, companies do survive off of other peoples ideas. The DS didn’t create the idea of dual screen or touch controls. The 3DS didn’t create the idea of 3D gaming. The Wii’s motion control wasn’t new, nor was the Kinect.

          All games and consoles take inspiration from somewhere. Mario wasn’t created by Shigeru Miyamoto waking up one day and randomly thinking about a Gorilla and an Italian plumber.

          1. Mario “Jumpman” was a carpenter that was mean to his ape. That ape “Donky Kong” broke free and grabbed “Lady” and went to the top of a building. He began to roll barrels at Jumpman.
            Jumpman had a hat because hair couldn’t be animated. He had suspenders so you could see that his arms moved and they gave him a mustache to cover a mouth they couldn’t animate.

            1. Yeah, but all of that would’ve been inspired by something. It’s been happening since the dawn of time.

              1. Just cause it wasn’t made first doesn’t mean it was inspired my something. And the DS was inspired by “Game&Watch” (Nintendo). Who said the 3DS (Nintendo) created 3D gaming, it made glasses free 3d gaming… ever heard of the Virtual Boy (Nintendo). And as for Wii (Nintendo), it was inspired by the Nes Zapper (Nintendo). And didn’t some Game Boy (Nintendo) games us motion controls.
                I’m not saying they have made every thing, I’m just pointing out that they help this industry in their own way.

      3. I do, fans of the first game, Sega and Sumo Digital.

        Lots of people care about this game, you dumb moron.

        Now the big question, is who cares about you?

        1. Nope. Sega cant survive forever by pulling such shitty rip offs. It would make sense if their games were actually worth playing. But OH WAIT. They AREN’T! Lolol And Mr-Joker. Aww are you butt-hurt little bitch? Like I said only covered in wool fanboys and idiots care about this game. We know which moronic category you belong to now dont we? =) Bitch. Lol!

    1. That’s…..actually not a bad idea now that I really think about it :O maybe do that to stir up more interest in F-Zero also

    1. Riding around in his Masterball which you cruelly used on a level 1 Pokemon that was on next to no health.

    1. I don’t like Billy hatcher but he be a good character to add for the 3ds and wii u of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  1. That’s a great incentive. I hope that no one I like is on the PS3. Did they say that the exclusive characters were guest characters, Sega Characters, or both?

      1. “…this game follows Japanese history…”
        “…so, here’s this GIANT ENEMY CRAB…”
        – Sony E3 2006.

  2. wasn’t kirby considered for the first one? (nintendo version only, of course) that would be pretty neat.

  3. one my opinion the nintendo sony and microoft should have 1 or 2 characters that belong to them like for the 360 they should put banjo and kazooie or some other character that belongs to microsoft.For the vita and ps3 they should put either sack boy, rachet and clank or sly cooper.for wii u and 3ds mario and link

    1. I think Nintendo might be trying to buy the rights for Banjo soon, at least that’s what I’ve been hearing.

      I think Mario and one more character will be on the Nintendo version. Wouldn’t mind seeing Pikachu.

      inb4theyaddNess or Lucas from Mother <3.
      That would never happen ^.

      Anyways though, hopefully this game sells well, it seems they're beginning creation on Sonic Adventure 3, sonic adventure 2 was one of my favorite games growing up. The characters personalities were really captured in that game in my opinion.

  4. Well, Wreck It Ralph has already been confirmed as a character in the game. So I assume he will be Nintendo exclusive since the Wreck It Ralph game is Nintendo exclusive too.

    I don’t know. Just an assumption.

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  6. I would prefer it if they did a character from an old Sega console…like Vyse, from Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. I know he’s confirmed to be in the game, but I hope he makes it to the Wii U version. I loved the first game from what I played of it…that is, the Sonic All-Star Racers

    1. Chances are they wont be in this game. So I commend you for making a wise choice and avoiding this shit.

  7. Bad Ass Ghetto Pimp

    If you have to link copies of the Wii U and 3DS games to unlock all the characters then you can FUCK OFF!

    I hate having to buy the same game on 2 consoles just to unlock things.


  8. Wii U- Mario
    Xbox 360-master cheif
    PS3- Nathan Drake.
    I would just lol if I say master cheif driving a small kart! Same with nathan drake!

    1. Master Chief xD

      MC: Wake me, when you need me
      Cortana: Chief, i need you!
      MC: Whats wrong!?
      Cortana: youve gotta race in this Sonic game!
      MC: What the fuck, a-are you serious…

    2. Xbox doesn’t have many characters I see that could like… well… be in this game? All the popular ones are like in FPS’s. Also this is just a guess but I think we might see Olimar due to him being on Wii U at launch, well it’s possible is what I’m saying.

      Also Wii U will probably have all characters 3DS has, or might have a 1-2 character difference. I’d see the 3DS as having like 22 characters while Wii U might get 27.

      (All just guessing)

  9. Kirby, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Olimar, or Captain Falcon.

    Actually, speaking of Kirby and racing, I want a new “Kirby Air Ride” game. I want the game to not use one button this time. That, and I want if the graphics will be as good as Pikmin 3’s. Beutif-

    Wait, I shouldn’t be ranting. ..Someday…

  10. 3DS and Wii U will obviously have Mario unique to their systems. PS3 and Vita will probably have Ratchet and Clank. Don’t have a clue about Microsoft. The talking paperclip,maybe?

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