Rare, the legendary developer behind such beloved classics as Banjo Kazooie and GoldenEye 007, has stated on its website that there are currently no plans to bring any franchises over to Nintendo 3DS. The development studio wouldn’t confirm whether or not Nintendo 3DS development is being discussed, but let’s hope it is. Would you like to see some key franchises from Rare on Nintendo 3DS?

Q: Dear Gods of Gaming known as Rare,
Do you plan to make any games for the 3DS? I think a Banjo game would be perfect for the 3DS marketplace with other platformers of its kind, like Super Mario 3D Land, and Kid Icarus. I know me and a lot of long time Rare fans would make it their top priority to get the game. In fact, I’d even buy a 3DS just for the game itself. Thanks for at least looking at this, love you guys long way. Happy 30th, bros.
Tyler Robinson

A: 30 years! Blimey. Well, it is if you include Ultimate – it’ll be 2015 if we’re going from the birth of Rare, or 2017 from Rare’s first console release (aw yeah, go Slalom).
No 3DS plans have been announced, and I’ve heard nothing along those lines, though of course that’s not an outright denial as there are bound to be all sorts of things going on at a high management level that most of us know nothing about (and, conversely, things we do hear that are apparently not true at all – those personal hovercrafts are taking far longer than expected). So that’s the best you’ll get for now. Thanks for the reminder to nick my son’s 3DS and have a stab at Kid Icarus though.



  1. Huh? Isn’t Rare owned by Microsoft? Why would Microsoft allow Rare to make games for their competitor’s system? And Rare has lost all their good developers, how would they make a new good Banjo game? WTF, I’m so goddamn confused.


    • Rare has released games on Nintendo’s handhelds even when owned by Microsoft in the past. So it’s possible, but unlikely.


    • Rare have made two DS games before, just because they’re owned by Microsoft, doesn’t mean they’re prohibited from developing games on Nintendo devices, well handhelds at least.


  2. Microsoft owns rare in the console portion, not the handheld portion. Remember Diddy Kong racing DS? Yeah that was Developed by rare ;P


  3. I kinda want this and don’t the same time, I don’t. Do because they have the licence to Banjo Kazooie and other properties. Don’t because of I’ve heard that they suck now. Has anyone here played a recent Rare title? Are they flat out awful or simply below their 90’s standard?


    • Two Kinect-titles (Kinect Sports 1 & 2) are probably the ones who made people feel that some great IP’s are being wasted by Microsoft. Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts was mor eof a spinoff than a true Banjo-game and a lot of people didn’t like a spinoff after so many years (I know I didn’t). But Kameo was a fun game! … it’s probably their best “new” game though and that’s below their 90’s standard.


    • I would really like to know why you don’t like Nintendo (since you didn’t state it in your comment). Its hard for people to believe you if you don’t have a reason to back up your statement.


    • Nintendo keeps the industry alive without the wii this gen would’ve been as stale as the 6th gen if they ever left the industry it would surely die


          • I should be asking you that question, do tell how one company who has been irrelevant throughout the generation will kill the gaming industry.

            Do fucking tell.


            • 1. More people play Nintendo’s hardware than Microsoft’s and Sony’s.
              2. XBox and Playstation 3 games keep getting repetative (you keep playing first and third person shooters).
              3.How else would Microsoft and Sony evolve their systems if Nintendo wasn’t their for them to copy (Motion Controls, and two screens with the Wii U, the Smart Glass, and Cross Play).

              You still haven’t even said one reason yourself sir.
              I’m not saying that the industry will die, but it would be ruined I can tell you that as a fact.


              • oh !! you are stupid !! no one plays or cares about the wii anymore , it was only famous for that cheap motion gimmick which only lasted a while and the casual fags got bored of the gimmick … the wii only sold becoz of that cheap gimmick ..after buying the wii people realized how shit it is and bought ps3 and xbox and abandoned the wii ..the wii was usless this gen ..Fucking fanboys


              • 1: Uhm, no. There are more than 130 million owners of HD consoles and 97 million Wii owners. Along with nearly 80 million PSP owners and smartphone gamers around.

                2: I’m not even going to bother going into how stupid this was, it’s okay if you want to believe that silly stereotype, though.

                3: Nintendo doesn’t evolve; they regurgitate gimmicks and expect them to replace standard controls. News flash: They will never replace standard controllers of today. Period.

                This is nothing but weak arguments, and if that’s the best you can do, then you’re not worth going full tl;dr and crushing anything you bring the table to fanboy Nintendo with. The industry can live without Nintendo, the proof is all over the amount of platforms for gaming there are.

                Have a nice day.


                • 1. Smartphone doesn’t count and it’s not even a fucking game system. Your comment is irrelevant.

                  2. Your ass is still sore.

                  3. Nintendo is the leader of innovating video games. NEWS FLASH: They’re the #1 game maker according to IGN.com .

                  When will you ever learn, Amir Stuart. Oh… I forgot. You can’t because your ass hurts more than a motherfucker!


                  • “Smartphone doesn’t count”.

                    Then came the Xperia Play and all of these big mobile games surfacing from major developers. Keep lying to yourself, smartphone gaming is gaming, period. The no buttons argument isn’t going to work forever, especially after Apple’s recent patent. Accept the inevitable death of dedicated handhelds after this generation, hope you’re prepared for it.

                    The rest of your argument sucks because you actually presented nothing, just talking about sodomy because it’s probably the only thing you ever receive rather than delivering it, because no girl would possibly want you. :)


                    • Dude, nobody gives a FUCK what it’s “considered” it’s a gaming platform with games made for it and that is the end of that discussion. The 360 isn’t just a “gaming console” IT’S A DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, NITWIT. Your argument is INVALID, you never had one, all you say is “it isn’t a gaming system”. It has fucking games. From big name companies. End. Of. Discussion.

                      2: You’re pathetic, and this shows how much the only thing you do is use your keyboard to talk shit, because you’d get smacked in your mouth and left to fucking bleed out in no time otherwise.

                      3 Opinions = facts now, and from IGN no less. Sorry, this is invalid too.

                      Keep trying, you’ll just get beaten right back down, idiot.


                    • 1. I like the fact that you added all the HD console together and it still not even twice the Wii’s. How many people own a DS, DSi, and 3DS, oh thats right over 100 million.

                      2. Other than a fighting or racing games think of a AAA title thats no a shooter.

                      3.Wii wasn’t a gimmick. a gimmick is something you see in a few levels in a game that “Changes It Up A little Bit”. Last time I recall, the Wii remote and Nunchuk had buttoms, and all you had to do was flick the controller or point at the screen, oh and Classic Pro Controller anyone. the Wii U Gamepad has buttons, they’re even making a Wii U Pro Controller. So they are obviously not getting rid of buttons any time soon…”KINECT”.

                      Your Turn.


                    • Your argument is being based almost entirely off of sales; not what Nintendo is doing for the industry to keep it “alive”. PS2 has managed to sell 154 million units and still says to this day, no Nintendo console has ever done such, The PS2 supposedly being so lack of innovation whatsoever, so why is that?

                      Like I said before, how much you saturate the market in cheap, rubbish hardware isn’t what’s going to keep it alive. It’s what you do that’s meaningful for the industry that does.

                      What has the Wii done for this generation that has been a legitimate contribution to the market? Reel in a hoard of casuals wanting cheap hardware who left not too long after in favor of Kinect or iOS? Yeah, that’s not a contribution. Xbox Live and PSN were. Digital downloads and full games available digitally were.

                      The PS3 and 360 are still thriving with big games coming out all of the time while the Wii was left with nothing. The 3DS has more of the same DS shovelware and one-shot success story games to offset nothing more than Mario games and little else.

                      2: God of War series, Demon Souls, Infamous 1 & 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Dragon Age Origins, Forza series, Skyrim, Assassins Creed series, LittleBigPlanet series, Batman Arkham Asylum/City, I can come up with a fuckload of others, but it’s not worth to waste further time with ignorance from Nintendo fanboys. (LOL)

                      (PS: Being a shooter doesn’t make it less of a good game, shooters/shooting in games are prominent. Deal with it and stop being a whiny little pussy. Even Metroid and Starfox are shooters.)

                      3: Wii changed nothing. Everybody would be playing with wand motion controllers with minimalistic button schemes if it did, all it did was actually help seal their fate when Microsoft came along on that bandwagon, and Kinect is by far the fastest selling peripheral in the world. Looks like the casuals aren’t very loyal to Nintendo.

                      Like I said before, there’s so much ways to prove that Nintendo dying won’t kill the industry, it’s not even funny. I could easily have this made into a thread on some major forum and I’d love to see all the fanboys like you get wrecked so badly.


                    • You are hilarious. You complained cause I mentioned sales and then you bring up PS2’s sales. You say its cheap now but I bet your ass that you only say that cause if wasn’t HD and it wasn’t as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PS3 but when it first came out you were like “Holy Shit”.
                      I guarantee you Nintendo is one of the reasons that the industry isn’t as bad as it already is. There wouldn’t be Kinect or Move if Nintendo Wii wasn’t what it was.
                      “Digital downloads and Full reatail games” Wii has had digital downloads for years (but you wouldn’t know that sense you don’t have a Wii). Do you really think that the Wii would stiil games the AAA titles consider that the Wii U is coming out in 2-3 months, I mean do you even think. You obviously have not seen the games for 3DS. Just cause its a Nintendo console doesn’t mean the only thing you can play is Mario.
                      Forza is a race game like I said. Other than AC and Batman Arkham City (which I figured you would say them) none of them are innovative. But they are still fun. There are good shooter as long as there is something new thats worth paying 60 to experience. “Whiny Little Pussy” Does that make you feel strong about yourself, do you think that saying stuff like that makes you more mature. Can I asked if you waited till your mom left the room before you typed that. And for your information I am well aware that if a game has gun it is not just a shooter considering Metroid is action adventure and Star Fox is rail shooter and also action adventure. And I can see you like the word fanboy, me personally I think its the most stupid term ever (along with troll). Just cause I defend Nintendo does not make me a “FANBOY” consider I play all consoles and handhelds, I even play on my tablet and PC, and I love all of them. So I go back to my first statement as I do not believe the gaming industry would die off, but i do believe that it would be tragic. I’ve had my fun, so I shall not continue to pollute this article with your nonsense. I bid the good day sir.


        • Yeah sure whatever
          I’d like to see Sony and Microsoft release the same consoles over and over again with updated graphics and see how long people buy new ones for


          • They’ve done so for generations and succeeded. Nintendo has done nothing but stupid gimmicks and marketing scams to get some sales rather than trying to actually compete. Too bad this won’t work again in the upcoming generation.

            67 million 360 owners, 65 million PS3 owners, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, 360 being the top selling console in the world for the month of July, I can go on and on, but you can see just how Nintendo isn’t exactly much of a big deal anymore.

            Real gamers are anticipating the 720 and PS4, not the Wii U. Only fanboys care about the Wii U.


            • Are you retarded All Nitendo did was add power to their consoles until the Wii. I’m sure your calculations are incorrect but you have seem to forget to put how many Wii owners there are in the world. Smartphones and tablets are hardly gaming. “360 being the top selling console in the world for the month of July”, Duh considering that pretty everybody has a Wii already, and there is also the fact that Nintendo has a new console coming out in like two-three months. A real gamer anticipates ALL THREE consoles, So I guess all of your comments is invalid considering your not a real gamer.


              • Everybody does not have a Wii. People are returning their Wiis and letting them dust in the closet for being so boring and played out.

                A real gamer does not waste money on scams and buys real game systems, that play real games. Not controller tech demos and trying to emphasize graphics over gameplay, yet even the gameplay sucks.

                Smartphones will take over and there is a market for gaming on it. Otherwise major companies wouldn’t be supporting the platform. Epic wouldn’t be implying UE4 would run on such platforms if they weren’t. The truth hurts and you’re just mad that Nintendo is effectively out of options now.


            • sonysofters are not real gamers dual analog is the worst interface in the history of gaming the wii passed the crown to 3ds and the u blu ray and hexbox live are the biggest gimmicks/scams ever i don’t know how many n riders there are but when i played goldeneye wii there were always people to kill so why do i need a nintendo clone


            • Real gamers don’t care about technical differences, so long as they get the largest pallet of experiences possible. Fanboys are the ones classing themselves as the ‘real’ gamers purely due to the console they play on.


              • Trust me, real gamers do care. Real gamers want to play games that look like something their previously console can’t do.

                Nintendo gamers are the fakest gamers of the bunch, nothing but horrible and stupid controllers because they no longer have the ability to compete on the same ground as Sony/MS. Total fact. They’d get crushed just like the Gamecube and N64.


        • if you think it will stay alive without them you are really fooling yourself sonysoft is the biggest fad/gimmick in the industry


          • Nintendo fanboys say otherwise, statistics and what the market is now will prove it to be so.

            Nintendo’s death would not remotely affect the industry, many of their second party IPs would go multiplatform from it too, since the company would be dead. While the first party ones probably get sold off *or hopefully buried from further decades of milking*.

            Nintendo is a dead fad, nobody gives a shit anymore but their fanboys.


  4. i would like to see rare remake the n64 banjo kazooie games. but i’m not sure if microsoft would allow that to ever take place on the degree that they already have them on the wiiware. but it would be cool to see a polished 3d version of those two games. conker could use a reboot as well. diddy king racing that one can just stay as is. on the microsodt part i would not mind seeing kameo brought onto the 3d as long as both companies were in mutual agreement


  5. For those that don’t know, Rare can in fact still develop for Nintendo’s handhelds, cause Microsoft has no plans (yet) to come out with a handheld console of their own, Diddy Kong Racing DS is a great example of this


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