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Wii U Pre-Orders Available First Week Of September?

You can’t pre-order a Wii U console from GameStop yet – but you can, however, reserve Wii U games from the video game store. According to a GameStop manager, consumers will be able to pre-order Nintendo’s upcoming console from GameStop stores by the first week of September. Perhaps this suggests that Nintendo will reveal the Wii U price and release date sometime during August.

179 thoughts on “Wii U Pre-Orders Available First Week Of September?”

      1. Edward Elric!?…why…are you the Fullmetal Alchemist!? I just finished watching your Anime series off of Netflix! Might I say that it was pretty good!

          1. Yup. I’m planning on getting the Black too. It will match my PS3, 360, TV, and sound system.

            My Wii is the only one that stands out :/ I still have the original white one. :\

              1. I have all 3 too, xbox for skyrim and cod, ps3 for bf3, nintendo for zelda and mario. Im sure ive spent the most time on the xbox, but it will gather dust after wii u launches

              2. Yup. Recently, I have been a bit too busy to play anything. For now, I guess I use my Vita the most.

                However, with KH 3D coming out this week, I’ll likely play my 3DS more.

                After I’m done with that, there are a few games coming out on the PS3 that I plan on picking up, so I’ll probably play that more.

                I guess it depends on the games out.

                Overall though, I guess I have spent most of my time gaming on my PS3 this generation.

                1. Hey, Simply G, do you play any RPG’s on your PS3 and, if you do, can you recommend some? I already know plenty for the DS but I want to look into some console RPG’s as well.

                  1. Yes. I love RPGs. I’m not quite sure which type of RPGs you are into (jrpg, action rpg, turn-based, etc), but for the PS3, I can recommend these:

                    -Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I actually liked it better than XIII)
                    -Mass Effect 2 and 3 are great RPGs although they are a mix of shooter/rpgs
                    -White Knight Chronicles (1 and 2)
                    -Borderlands (FPS/RPG)
                    -Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
                    -Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
                    -Fallout 3
                    -Deus Ex: Human Revolution
                    -Free Realms (fun casual MMO)
                    -DC Universe Online (pretty extensive MMO)
                    -Valkyria Chronicles
                    -Tales of Graces F
                    -3D Dot Game Heroes (an awesome homage to Zelda)
                    -Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
                    -The Atelier series
                    -Trinity Universe
                    -Disgaea 3 and 4
                    -Rune Factory

                    These are the only ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more.

                    1. I guess I should have specified, sorry for that. But me, I personally enjoy turn-based and real-time RPG’s. Oh and thanks for your recommendations, I’m definitely going to look into them.

    1. Ok guys, look. On the homesite, they let you see the WIi U in BOTH black and white colors. They CAN be hinting towards both colors at luanch. If not, then im waiting till the black Wii U comes out

    2. I dunno why the pre-order situation is different overseas. Since the WiiU was announced last year, EB Games Australia has had it available for preorder. The way our system works, is you simply put money on it before you buy it. I put on about AU$50 a fortnight on my preorder, which goes towards the purchase of the product, so when it comes out, its already paid for.

      Also when i recently put money on my preorder, EB Games asked me if i wanted to change my colour preference to black. Thats pretty much definite confirmation it will be available in both colours.

      1. That made absolutely no fucking sense, get your butthurt arse out of my sight, Wiitard peasant.

        And NeoGAF isn’t the place to post bullshit, if Digital Foundry is calling it legit, it’s LEGIT.

        Wii U is going to get bulldozed by superior hardware, hope you fanboys are ready.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if microsoft offers a subsidized console like the $99 360s, that would be smart pricing and people would be able to afford it, rather than $500 upfront.

            1. It’s funny how 95% of the people who commented say that shit it’s fake. haha. Also, nobody will buy a $2000 console. MS will go bankrupt. lol!

              1. 95%? I’m seeing otherwise, you must be reading a different thread, bro. And the ones who claim it’s fake tend to get downvoted because they’re Nintendo fanboys speculating. :)

            2. The Wii U is the an eight generation console and the Wii U is more powerful than the current generation consoles so leave it as that. No one will pay that much for a game system. …gulible…

              1. Wii U is barely more powerful than existing consoles, just like the Wii.

                You obviously haven’t read my other replies, so more of your price speculation bullshit won’t be watering down this blaze.

                1. I see that you’re not popular with the ladies, shistain Aeolus. The Wii U is an 8th generation console. Unlike you, you’re more of a fucking fruitcake than Michael Pachter. Uh… wait. You are Michael Pachter! Keep sucking your own dick.

        1. “Wii U is going to get bulldozed by superior hardware, hope you fanboys are ready.”

          Did U even read your first comment above?

          “Next-gen consoles won’t be a significant leap they said.
          Wii U will be on par with them they said.”

          fail dumbass^

              1. Because you know the inevitable is coming, Wii U will be Wii all over again.

                Save your money and purchase a real gaming system with clear signs of being future proof for the forseeable decade. Nintendo will kill Wii U in 5-6 years after launch, they always do that cycle. They’re greedy fucks.

                  1. Bro, we all know that he’s obviously not enjoying his PS3/VITA so he tries to find amusement by wasting his life away, hating on Nintendo on an obscure Nintendo website

                    1. IKR… he claims hes a gamer and spend most of his time bashing this site… pathetic

                1. Also 8 GB of RAM?? Damn, I don’t wanna waste 1000$ on something that I already have in my computer.

                  1. Dev kits tend to have double the RAM, they’ll probably cut it in half to 4-6GB. Also, RAM isn’t even expensive since it’s obviously going to be DDR3 instead of DDR5, your argument is invalid. :P

                    1. Let’s not forget that RAM on PC it’s cheaper than RAM on consoles. That’s why PC can have up to 16GB of RAM without problem.

                    2. No, RAM on consoles is typically NOT more expensive like you’re insinuating, not by a long shot. I’d advise you to do your research.

                      Crytek and Epic have been asking MS for more RAM, so this falls very well in line with their demands. The nameless GPU is probably going to be some custom card, similar to perhaps a GTX670.

                2. “Nintendo will kill Wii U in 5-6 years after launch, they always do that cycle.”

                  that’s normal, the reason why ps3 and xbox360 does 10 years is because Sony and M$ did overprice the consoles that’s stupid for them, they still have not even earn profit from those consoles.

                  1. Sorry, can’t hear your fandrone bullshit tossing water over the fire and failing because it’s an oil fire bleeding from the Wii U.

                    PS3 and 360 lasted longer because they were simply better consoles without the intention to rob people every 5-6 years like Nintendo does so you could play the latest Mario.

                    1. “PS3 and 360 lasted longer because they were simply better consoles without the intention to rob people every 5-6 years like Nintendo does so you could play the latest Mario.”

                      right and this is why there earning profit… oh wait.

                    2. “Sorry, can’t hear your fandrone bullshit”
                      your suppose to read it not hear it wtf?!

                      that’s normal, the reason why ps3 and xbox360 does 10 years is because Sony and M$ did overprice the consoles that’s stupid for them, they still have not even earn profit from those consoles.

                3. Oh I see.. Wii U will be Wii again huh? Guess that means it will sell 30 million more than the other ones… Thanks for the kind words :)

              1. I do know shit, Wii U is going to get fucking obliterated by Microsoft, they want to get rid of all competition with their living room of the future vision. It’s all piecing together, Xbox 8, Kinect HD, Surface, Windows 8, all of those partnerships.

                While Nintendo will have a fisher price toy with a bloody screen in it, LOL.

                1. Doesn’t this article you posted though, with it’s high specs, contradict those leaked patents from earlier this year? I know they could have changed their pakns, but they seemed to imply a cheaper console with less of a power leap than Sony are likely to go for, and aimed at a more casual market. Either way, in light of this it will be interesting to see what Microsoft come up with, and what effect it’ll have on Sony.

                  1. Those documents were very old, actually. Probably wasn’t even an Alpha, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what made Epic beg Microsoft to make it a substantial leap. It’s Epic who got the 360 to have 512MB of ram instead of 256, by the way.

                    Sony is actually taking a similar route, they’re also supposedly using an 8 core CPU, except it’ll be from AMD, details are still sketchy right now though. NeoGAF has the threads if you want to see them:


                2. right…, they should have done that from the beginning because they know they can’t compete only money can save them, even thought there American company trying to buy a JP company; JP company don’t trust Americans like M$ so that’s never going to happen.

                  1. It won’t be standard and they won’t use it like nintendo and if they copy they have to do it quickly like at launch or a year in

                3. just like the Wii did…RIGHT… just wait until Sony and m$ do it make way for a kinect 2 and dual shock with a screen in it

        1. Same here. Although apparently even things Nintendo reps and President say isnt 100% true according to him -__-
          Not that i want to buy MS shite anyway, i’ll be buying a WiiU, then a PS4 when its released

        2. MS is going to say something about a console they have not officially acknowledged based on developers under anonymity to avoid getting fired from their jobs?

          Just like they did with that leaked (and old) 720 document?



          1. oh yeah cause even though they havent been announced yet ” The Wii U is shit and the PS4/XBox720 are more powerful than PC and even GOD”

      1. You don’t post bullshit on NeoGAF. Nor DF, you’re in denial because it’s exactly what I’ve been predicting all this time. I bet if this involved Nintendo, it’d be authentic to you, though. That’s how you fanboys roll.

        1. People dont post bullshit on neogaf.

          Wasnt that 60 page document and all those different wiiu specs from neogaf. Stop talking amd posting shit that has nothin to do with the article.

          1. That 60 page document was legitimate. Microsoft wouldn’t have bothered taking it down from the speed of light if it wasn’t, but it’s seemingly ages old.

            The Wii U specs are too, but like I said, it wasn’t a significant leap from this generation at all. You’re just mad.

              1. …Because this wasn’t posted in a manner that can be “taken down” by lawyers, are you dense? Or incredibly stupid?

    1. Excuse me, Aeolus,but I have a question; Why do you waste your time and life here, just to argue against fans of a certain thing? I’m serious. Everything you do is incredibly pointless.

      1. I have a question for -you- fanboys:

        Why do you insist on making whiny, asshurt questions like this and expect me to give a flying fuck to bother answering it?

        1. Because I see your life as pointless, currently. Arguing with people who will not change their minds is pretty much the most pointless thing one can do.
          And obviously, you gave enough of a “Flying Fuck” that you answered it.

          1. My response was not an “answer” to that; answers don’t happen to be “questions”, either. It’s clear to see what degree of intelligence you hold. So I’m sure I’m putting my lifer and education to good work to see how badly you fellows flop when trying to question it.

            1. You should tell politicians that, Aeolus, because apparently they don’t have the same idea.
              Yes, I understand that I do have a high degree of intelligence, thanks.
              I also agree somewhat with the comment on the “flopping of the fellows”. The members here really do need to stop making the situation worse.
              About the education part, not really, seeing as you aren’t using it to get a job and contribute to society, maybe raise a family, or possibly move out of your mother’s basement.

              1. I already have a well paying job, and probably using it to better extent than you will ever dream to be. You’re just another idiotic fanboy, and another piece of crap to skip over when it posts.

              1. And what is this job? Apparently, you don’t have to work much, seeing as you’re just here everyday to try and degrade us.

                1. I’m here “everyday”? Prove it, and cite how many articles I’m in as well.

                  I seriously want to see this shit, I think I spend less time on this site than any of you frequent shitposters.

                  1. What the fuck is a shitposter?
                    Yeah, you probably do spend less time.

                    Seeing as I have a life, and have to be somewhere in five minutes, I can’t cite those articles though, sorry about that.

        2. Yeah, but the thing is, we’re on here for news. I mean, this post has nothing to do with what you posted. You literally went out of your way, to post a link about a rumour by an unknown source. We’re just here for the news. We got to work, hang with friends, and occasionally check on here. You call us butthurt, but youre the one whos butthurt. Nothing shoul drive you to come on here, other than fear or some fucked up mentality brought on by some sort of neglect and desire for attention. We dont care. If you died, we wouldnt care. Some of us would dance on your grave. Shut your face, you pathetic troll, and go find a girlfriend and some friends

          1. It’s impossible to be from a “known source” as he’s under NDA, fucking nimrod.

            And you don’t do any of that shit, you’re here all the time fanboying Nintendo, all from your iPhone. Don’t kid yourself.

                    1. Naturally you won’t be laughing, it hurts your feelings, hence why you keep replying to me and -trying- to talk shit.

              1. you wouldn’t be posting on here if you weren’t fucking worried that microshit is going to fuck up somehow. why the fuck must you be so defensive you fucking ignorant idiot. and nobody fucking cares about hardware when will you learn dipshit software sells it and nintendo has the better 1st and 2nd party titles fuck off your an idiot have a nice day

              1. Owning all of those (which is a lie anyway) doesn’t make you any less of a fanboy. It’s an overused retort by obvious fanboys.

                1. “which is a lie” hahahahaha you stupid fatcunt,get out myface. I played mypsone and ps2 to death, playing crash, spyro, kula world, rayman 2, and same with ps2 playing red faction and having in freeze when i was crawling throughthe vent,and puttinghundreds adhundrdds of hours into Ratchet and Clank, 2 3, and Gladiator.
                  You are the biggestdumb fuck i have ever witnessed. Take your ridiculous opinion, and child molestingpresence out of mysight,, you fanboy cunt.SUCK DICK BIAAAATCH

        3. i have a question for you FAN BOY why are you on this site clearly this is a sanctuary for nintendo fans… why do you think we give a flying fuck that you’re here you big GRAPHIC WHORE… ARE YOU STILL SAD YOU’RE DAD LEFT YOUR

  1. i pre ordered it it months ago they quoted a price of £299 i hope the price comes down a bit so i can get an extra game already pre ordered 6. also they should give it a R.R.P unlike what they did with the 3ds. the price some people where charging where just stupid

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  3. Pretty awesome…as long as the console is not 599 US Dollars in which any dummy knows Nintendo would not overprice their hardware, especially since they’ve learned that mistake of the 3DS price at launch. At least make the price near $300. Sheesh! Make it something that is affordable for consumers.

  4. Boners just keep flying dont they?

    But a preorder can be like the 3ds pre order where it was 50$ pre order cant it?

  5. Nintendo: Hmmm lets see what do we do now?
    worker: lets just tell them the info already, they been waiting from last years E3!
    Nintendo: got the stuff?
    worker: What stuff?
    Nintendo: did we make enough gamers get boners and feel tingly inside?
    worker: trsut me, we been hyping them up
    Nintendo: Ok, let me call gamestop

  6. How many people masturbated?

    Let me see, 1,000 right now

    And how many did while reading about the Wii U?

    Lets see O_O” 10,000

    How the fuck is that possible? Im not sure either

  7. I’ll be very disappointed if I have to pay more than £250. Hopefully I can get it in a bundle with NSMBU from GAME or something for maybe £269.99.

    1. “I’ll be very disappointed if I have to pay more than £250.”
      well its powerful ill tell U that so its likely that it is more, as long as U are happy bout the games U will look forward to.

        1. Yeah, we always pay more than America, so around £240 and $300 is probably what it’ll cost. The 3DS was about £210 and $250.

      1. How about, Sony and Microsoft? Seriously, hate on Microsoft, and Sony all you like (although i like Sony), but calling the companies silly names makes you no better than Aeolus (except your not cunt)

    1. Come September, it’ll only take a picture ;). As of now it takes ZombiU footage/impressions to get me going. Will pre-order, will wait in line probalby playing my crystal white Vita(which I plan on getting this fall with Asscreed 3: liberation). 2013 is gonna be a good year for gaming.

  8. man, I hate buying consoles at launch but then I wouldn’t get to play with my friends if i didn’t :<
    and i don't want them to be better than me at fighting games or something jeez

    if the black wiiu really isn't available at launch, i might wait, depending on how long they take to release the thing :/

  9. I will pre order it, same as aeolus. With his smarts he must have piles of money, even if it means bashing the system! Right Aeolus ?

  10. Wow… a lot of hostility in some of these posts. True, nothing’s set in stone until we hear from the big N, but hasn’t Nintendo sort of driven its fans to rumors and speculation? They haven’t supplied a release date, pricing, or color availability. We want all three of those things =)

    I’d consider a Gamestop manager a pretty credible source. Of course they’re not going to give us their name and location, that would be a poor career choice, but good for them for actually telling the customers something. This way, if you’ve been saving your pennies, you know to possibly be ready by September.

    Years back I messed up. I didn’t pre-order my Wii and had to wait almost a year until one appeared on my local store’s shelves. I’ll nab this one for sure, black or white. Until Nintendo actually says something, I’m pretty glad to see articles like this.

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