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Nintendo Says “Mario’s Home Is On Nintendo Consoles”

Ben Taylor, Nintendo UK marketing manager has attempted to explain to VG247 why Nintendo franchises haven’t found their way onto Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Taylor says that only Nintendo platforms can support the functionality that their titles require.

If I was Nintendo and I wanted to make millions of dollars very quickly, I’d release Super Mario Bros. or Pokemon on iTunes. Why has Nintendo avoided this lucrative marketplace so far?

“Nintendo is home to some of the most creative and innovative gameplay experiences and franchises in the industry. We spend years developing consoles that will allow us to support the kind of game functionality that our titles demand. You wouldn’t be able to have the same immersive gameplay experience on other devices – Mario’s home is on Nintendo consoles!”

67 thoughts on “Nintendo Says “Mario’s Home Is On Nintendo Consoles””

                    1. C-c-c-c-c-Combo Breaker!!

                      You just got Chock Blocked Bro, let the numbers reset

    1. If Nintendo wanted they could just pull out of everything but Japan and probably stay afloat for a long time.

    2. I find it dumb that people say “they would make so much money” no, they would be SHARING money with their competitor, that’s a stupid move.

      1. Oh my God, someone who gets it.

        lol at their bull!@#% answer of “It’s not about the money! :O we would totally release mario and pokemon on itunes if we wanted millions…but…but…this is their home!”

        Oh, and their home happens to cost 250-ish bucks per launch. How convenient. Oh wait, could it be that these 1st party titles are the incentive to buying the CONSOLES? OH MY GAWWWD
        I’m not saying that’s wrong. I mean, they’re a legit company that makes good games. It’s just the sugar-coated BS that’s hillarious. I wonder if people actually eat that up.

  1. Nintendo will always be better than Apple, all Apple can do is buy patents and sue anyone that uses the devices they created.

    1. lol I have every pokemon game soundtrack since Red and Blue to Black and White. On my computer. Hint to get em PiBa.

        1. Halo never gets old……nvm, if they made a Halo 12 i would stand up and Exclaim “I’M DONE!!” and walk away.

          1. It not that i dont like Halo, although Halo 4 is pissing me off because its going to cause massive Metroid/Halo arguement, and stupid fanboys will side with Halo “doing it better”, which is retarded when theyre nothing alike m, but i digress. When they said “finish the fight”, it shouldve stayed at it. Halo 1,2 and 3 were awesome games, but they tarnished the Halo name with ODST, Reach and *shudder* Wars. I dont want to see it just become another COD. Leave its legacy, and let it rest.

  2. Why do people keep asking the same stupid question over and over again? I don’t see them asking Microsoft/Sony to put the IPs on iPhone. It seems like people are deliberately trying to troll Nintendo into whoring out their products to others.

    Get it through your thick skulls, Nintendo doesn’t need to do that to survive. Nintendo will not bastardize their products for a quick buck. Leave that to desperate devs with no choice. The day Nintendo starts doing that, it would render them obsolete as a console maker. Which is what I think these idiots are aiming for. Never gonna happen. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Same for me. Lord knows I could be putting that money towards other things. As a matter of fact, the day Nintendo leaves the console race is the day console gaming dies. They’re the only source of any real innovation in the industry anymore. The other two are very content giving you the same thing with a shinier coat of paint generation after generation.

      2. Quit gaming because your beloved company quits? That’s some brand loyalist dedication, I hope all of the Nintendo fanboys disappear when that happens. Their presence shits up the industry with the stupidity coming from them anyway.

        Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. :)

  3. let nintendo do what nintendo wants to do. if they don’t want to ruin their mascot that’s their decision. smart decision that is.

  4. the wait for the Nintendo Wii U is slowly killing me!!! I’m ready to swipe my debit card Nintendo!!!!!!

  5. A million people have already attempted to bring Mario to iDevices, flash, and other consoles, and anything short of perfect emulation has fallen short. Even perfect emulation on iPhones, without game pad support, falls short. Even perfect emulation on iPhones with game pad support falls short because the buttons are unresponsive.

    No. Sorry, only Nintendo consoles can handle Nintendo games.

  6. Nintendo games have always been on Nintendo consoles…its the way it has been for all time and it should continue that way for ALL TIME :)

  7. (~˘▼˘)~People keep begging to play Nintendo games on other consoles because Nintendo makes the best games. PS360 fanboys know it too. Nintendo has the experience and the franchises. Nintendo is the best  ​~(‎​˘▼˘~)

  8. nintendo should only do that if they are forced to, kind of like sega was, but I hope it never comes to that

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