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Indie Developers Are Extremely ‘Important’ To Nintendo

Nintendo UK marketing manager Ben Taylor believes that independent developers are vital to the success of the Nintendo 3DS. Taylor would love to see more indie developers bring their creativity to the platform in the future.

Nintendo has increased its support of digital downloads considerably in recent years. How important is it to maintain a strong digital store front on 3DS, and would you like to see more indie developers taking part?

“This is definitely important to us. The 3DS provides a great platform for indie developers and we’d love to see more.”

26 thoughts on “Indie Developers Are Extremely ‘Important’ To Nintendo”

  1. Well, many indie devs have had problems in the past with Nintendo and shied away. Hopefully this new era of the 3DS and Wii U will increase productivity and exposure for both indie devs and Nintendo alike.

    1. Ben Taylor used the word “Important” he didn’t say “Extremely Important”. Sickr added the “extremely” so it wouldn’t make sense to have the “extremely” in quotes.

      It does make the “important” look sarcastic if you read it a certain way, but it is correct.

  2. I find it funny how all three say this. Hopefully nintendo does a good job. I’m not bashing them but just look at MS. They were supposedly the best for indie developers then more and more devs came out saying its excruciating working with them. MS also just changed the agreement/contract by saying that if a game was released before on a different system or if its released but not with all the content or features that the game had on other systens then they can block it and take it off the marketplace

  3. I would like to see a small version of Minecraft on 3DS with a big enough area like on the ios version with at least 4 player online and locaol.

  4. BULL SHIT! they didn’t put binding of Issac on 3ds because it had religion in it part of the indie experience is freedom and the creator of the game expressed how much he like pc gaming and steam for freedom.

    1. It had “questionable” Religious themes to it. Nintendo, as a whole, want indie experiences on their consoles, but they also regulate it, too. They can’t just add any indie game to their system unless it’s the one that won’t cause too much controversy. Steam is the exact way, except they’re more lenient to them.

      The creator expressed that because he was still upset over Nintendo’s denial, which is understandable.

  5. I don’t know, if this were true, I don’t think the selection of quality indie games would be so sparse.

  6. Sorry, but refusing to release Binding of Issac on 3DS makes me call bullshit. It was a great game and would have been awesome on the go, but you were afraid of offending some over sensitive people. You can maintain a family friendly image while still releasing games with a more mature or shocking edge to them. It’s not like BoI was a first party game that would have the word “NINTENDO” plastered all over it.

  7. This just confuses me more…

    Colors 3D started as a homebrew app for the DS. I had it. Later Nintendo took it to the eShop and now we have the same app, remastered, empowered and a thousand times better.

    That was pretty darn awesome.

    Next, we hear that they are releasing Darksiders II as a launch tittle for the Wii U. Awesomeness ensues…. but….
    They didn’t allow The Binding of Isaac for it’s religious themes? and they DID allow DS2??? A game were you control a horseman of the apocalypse?!?!?

    wtf nintendo?

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