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Here’s A Closer Look At The Assassin’s Creed 3 Graphics Engine (Video)

Ubisoft UK has uploaded some brand new footage of the company’s radically redesigned game engine that’s titled AnvilNext. This proprietary technology renders seamless worlds of nearly infinite possibilities. The AnvilNext engine powers the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 which is due to be released on Wii U sometime later this year.

67 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At The Assassin’s Creed 3 Graphics Engine (Video)”

  1. wiiU's suppoter is a piece of shit and he is the real peteriuss

    I hope this version has some exclusive content that the ps3/360 version doesn’t.

    1. It has the wiiu controller functionalities. Also, it’s apparently gonna be in 1080p.

      Maybe better textures and stuff but nothing has been said on that…

  2. Anyone realize that ubisoft is nice? Well im a new gamer and watched ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2012, and that woman was so nice! And funny, someone kept talking about mr. coffee or something?!

    1. ? not sure what you are referring to when speaking about mr. coffee. But the woman you are talking about…are you referencing Aisha Tyler? She is a comedian and avid gamer.

  3. No hate, I love this game, but it’s funny and impressive how most big budget games nowadays are still playing catch-up with NaughtyDog’s Uncharted engines. NaughtyDog ftw.

    1. have you SEEN cryengine3 or frostbite 2 on a highend pc? they totally destroy uncharted imho. hell, even arkham asylum, and arkham city ofcourse, murders uncharted with max setting on dx11.

    2. What are you talking about? You need to remember, this is all in an open world game. Uncharted, as good as it is, is very linear. And this engine has over 2000 ncp’s on screen at once. Then you haw to remeber you can climb pretty much everything, interact with NCP’s, the fact that the character models and movement change when walking throug snow and walking up hill.
      I might not be as visually impressive, although not far off, but this engine is a fucking beast.

      1. stratisfire is right the current Ps3 and 360 are running directX9 (i believe) and between,dX9, dX10, and dX11, there is big and i mean BIG difference…. if you think that game looks good on a smaller mabye 40 inch T.v it does. Blow that it up on a 60 inch T.v and it looks like shit…. thing be current gen systems dont even compare to low end PC’S let alone one at max setting… and there really isn’t as high of a graphics setting next gen will get with out costing the price of a low end PC…. anyway prove me wrong if you can….

  4. (Is it weird to respect a Trailer?)
    I have the utmost respect for this trailer. It shows the GAME you’ll be playing and explains how it was made with care. This’ll likely be the best-selling AC.

      1. Looks too awesome. it’s my most anticipated game that it’s gonna be released! I am more excited for AC3 more than even Halo 4!

      2. Its coming ‘sometime later this year’. It’ll be here before you know it. And was that Inception-like music, or is it just me? And that ‘RISE’ at the end? lol Borrowed!

      1. Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I think you need to stay off the internet, since talking shit over it is the only thing you’re capable of doing. Like every keyboard ninja warrior.

        1. I dont think i displayed any form of stupidity in that comment. I was just doing what you do, saying something retarded, just to troll.
          “oh they like Nintendo? Better go on a website and bash some fans for some lolz”

          Im the stupid one? Im the keyboard warrior? I mean, seriously? You’re being serious? I think you need to spend more time in the womb, because you were clearly born undeveloped.

          1. No, you did display stupidity with a very off-topic and utterly bullshit reply that would’ve had your face implanted into the nearest concrete wall if this was said anywhere else.

            I say the graphics don’t impress me and like a sheepish little FAGGOT you come out of nowhere and just talk shit? Are you above the age of 12? You’ve got a long way to fucking go.

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              1. You can’t WRECK SHIT. You’re a pussy, all you ever do is talk shit when somebody says something that offends you or goes against your opinion online. That’s pussy behavior, going to cry when someone verbally guts the ever living fuck out of you in real life and you can’t do anything back to them? I see your type online all the time, and when they try to take it to IRL, almost 100% of them are whiny little PUSSIES like you.

                Your life and world is Nintendo and gaming, grow the fuck up and try to say that to any other person in real life. I guarantee your face will end up looking like fucking Nemesis from RE, without any of the teeth left. There’s no way in hell you’re “21”. Subtract maybe 7 years from that.

                  1. I’m raging? I didn’t write an essay of talking shit like you did after saying “Not impressed”. It’s quite clear who the child is.

                    This game looks doesn’t look any good; deal with it.

    1. I dont really play assassin’s creed for the graphic but more for the gameplay and missions/story. Sure graphics are nice, but its not something i need, esp in an ac game

  5. I hope that Ubisoft uses the AnvilNext engine for Wii U’s Assassin’s Creed III. BTW, I heard a rumor (although I don’t believe what I read on the internet) that Jesper Kyd and film composer Lorne Balfe will return with new epic tracks.

    1. Assassins Creed 3 uses AnvilNext. Theres no, it might use a different engine, they made the game on that engine.

      But yeah, good to know the composers are coming back

    1. I would love that, it would be awesome, big step in making a good franchise have a big departure. Im still waiting for my Traditional/Scifi Zelda game >.< the fanart for those ideas looks awesome

  6. That jasper guy from the future is going to be the worst Assains creed character. He will be redundant like Deus Ex or max payne 3.

  7. i hope the new zelda is this massive, i mean i love nintendo to death, but when i see games like this and how deep they are, it reminds me of metroid prime, Zelda OoT and MM, mario sunshine, pikmin 1 just to name a few, games that really make me love Nintendo, games that really make me explore things, play all day long, games that had huge replay value. but sadly this last gen even skyward sword didnt make the cut even though its a great game.

  8. just think ive heard and read that ASSASSINS creed on wii u will run at 1080p and 60fps FUCK NINTENDO ON TOP WERE IT BELONGS

    1. 1080 P is enough, I don’t care even if it’s two or 1/2 a frame per second. The fact that it’s better than the one one drone-ware is what makes me happy.

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