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Viewtiful Joe Sequel Wanted By Director

The director of Viewtiful Joe, Hideki Kamiya, has revealed to Famitsu that he wants a Viewtiful Joe sequel. Kamiya is also the designer of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title Bayonetta but if he were given the chance to make a sequel to a game that he worked on, Viewtiful Joe would be his top pick.

39 thoughts on “Viewtiful Joe Sequel Wanted By Director”

  1. If they make this maybe i can start having faith in capcom again i just hope if they end up making it a year later they don’t cancel like their megaman games.

    1. If they give me VJ3 and Okami 2, i’ll love Capcom again. Wouldnt mind them having another go at a handheld Zelda game, Minish Cap was my first Zelda, and its awesome

      1. Okamiden was Okami 2

        Also Capcom just needs to localize AAI 2, Wright vs layton, and ace attorney 5 and i won’t hate them anymore

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    1. Viewitiful Joe was a unique game with many movie elements. Seeing him in Capcom Vs. games made me wonder if Capcom is considering a new name. I wonder if most of the original cast or anime characters will be in it. They at have to have Silvia and Captain Blue in it.

  2. Yes yes yes to a sequel. This Machine the Wii U shall have support like the NES, SNES, N64, infact all Nintendo consoles, we need to really start saving up now!!!!!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed the first game. Bit hard though but great fun, wouldn’t mind a remake with achievements or a sequel.

  4. Sickr, a couple of new things from EA showcase, Fifa 13 and Mass Effect 3 will have new controls and features exclusive to the WiiU, and ME3 has a back story comic for both ME1 and 2, allng with all the new DLC (including the new Leviathan DLC)

  5. The first time I’ve ever heard of Viewtiful Joe was with that crappy tv show years ago… good thing the game is 2000 times better.

  6. I beat the first Viewtiful Joe on Gamecube, but the sequel was just too damn hard. Not that im complaining though, I love a well made game that gives you a challenge.

  7. I don’t thinkCapcom cares enough to do it. They’re really going downhill recently. Leave luck to heaven.

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  9. HELL YEAH I WANT A JOE 3!! I loved that game, the second one was alright, to me the rest dont exist. I loved the feel of some sadistic mofos telling me I suck because I dodged bullets from four different directions while dodging a giant fire ball sent by a 9 foot tall metal lion, I loved the roar of the crowd when I got a rainbow ‘V’ and the feel of adrenaline when I was so close to killing blue only to have him destroy me, i haven’t fully finished it, i own both Gamecube and PS2 versions of both games, ultra v rated is just hell… Especially with Alastor… I hope they make Joe 3, the ending to Joe 2 made it so that they HAD to…

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