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Nano Assault Remake For eShop Supports Circle Pad Pro

Yesterday it was announced that Nano Assault, which was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS as a retail title last December, and is now being re-released in digital form on the eShop in both Europe and North America, will support the Circle Pad Pro. The new version is apparently “based on the original release but with new game modes & options.”

“We will have a bigger announcement in September where we will detail all the new stuff.” – Manfred Linzner, co-founder of Shin’en Multimedia

49 thoughts on “Nano Assault Remake For eShop Supports Circle Pad Pro”

  1. keyword IN SEPTEMBER meaning during Nintendo Direct, they said nintendo direct for wii u is in autumn so its in SEPTEMBER FOR SURE! SOLVED

    1. they should make a hd version, with full HD! That would look good, like mario galaxy in HD or Zelda HD OH MAN NOW IM TURNED ON O_O

    1. Seriously how old are you?… Oh and that was a rhetorical question…please don’t respond, you might embarrass yourself…

        1. Ok well you are just being childish and gross…there are other more adult websites you could be having conversations like these on. This is a gaming website/blog….could we stick to the subject?…

  2. I hope they make an update for the retail version since I bought it recently, but I don’t think it’ll happen… :(

    1. It is not likely…it would probably be too confusing to consumers to have 2 different versions on store shelves so they will probably only release the new one digitally.

        1. OMG…read the freakin’ post already…it is a DIGITAL RE-RELEASE of Nano Assault (which is already available at retail)…

            1. You just seem more concerned with what is going on in the comments section than actually reading the blog posts…

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