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Wii U GamePad “Works Best” For JRPGs

The Last Story lead designer Takuya Matsumoto feels that the Wii U GamePad’s interface “works best for browsing and arranging information” in JRPGs. For example, thanks to its many features, the Wii U GamePad can be used as a device to locate a monster’s weak spot to help understand battlefield conditions on a second screen.

The Wii U GamePad can also be used to store information during gameplay and can add to a JRPG character’s experiences and memories. Matsumoto also thinks Miiverse, where Wii U players can share their gaming experiences with others, will be a typical feature that will be applied to most Wii U games.

58 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad “Works Best” For JRPGs”

    1. Agreed. Xenoblade is not only one of the best games on the Wii. It might even be the best RPG of this generation.
      Also, another “Last Story” would be fantastic. Loved that one. Played through the whole thing in two days. It was fucking-A.

    1. Sadly it seems Nintendo has no intention to ever make the MMO Pokemon game we know would be perfect. Imagine a World Of Warcraft type world in which. you travel the land randomly encountering Pokemon and battling trainers in a fully 3d world. It would be perfect. With the UPad they can even get rid of the old 4 move limit on the Pokemon and let them go all out.

    1. Anything dual analog can do the gamepad can do but better im going to use gamepad for off tv play and any game that doesn’t have motion if it requires dual analog it’s a no for me i hope you can use motion for most games

  1. Somebody please tell that to Namco! I’d like to see good Tales games on the Wii U.

    Oh, and The Last Story 2 please!

      1. games i want for wii u

        donkey kong country returns 2
        kirby returns to dreamland 2
        super mario galaxy 3
        mario kart
        Fast-racing league sequel (ONE OF THE BEST WIIWARE GAMES EVER!)

        1. Sequels, sequels everywhere.

          Seriously, stop desiring sequels -.- thats partly why Galaxy 2 was made.

          What i want is

          A 3rd person Metroid, where i can actually aim
          A Mario that uses the gamepad heavily, like pulling blocks and flinging Mario into the air.
          A sci-fi Zelda. Seriously. Zelda is getting a little predictable…i want new shocking stuff, i want them to make a title that people will remember and actually have the chance of saying, “that was better than Ocarina of Time”.

          As for everything else, just gimme new stuff, no more sequels, no more “i want Sunshine 2”, new stuff.

          1. I played Skyward Sword and said “That was better than Ocarina of Time” What is your point fucktard.

            1. Maybe you did, but the majority of people didnt. SS went in the right direction because it changed the combat, sword play and item usage for the better, but other than that, it was ok for a Zelda game. The freedom of riding around Hyrule was gone, it was too linear, every fucking side mission was a fetch quest that involved you walking back and forth, or flying back and forth, or going to the ground back and forth for wind turbine.

              But, the character development in SS was fantastic. I actually wanted to save Zelda, not just do it because the games fun. So i dont appriciate being called a fucktard for making a very valid point, by some loser whos using my username, because hes so original, and not a dumbass

  2. I get shivers thinking of a Xenoblade, Last Story, or Little King’s Story type games on an HD Nintendo console with a touchscreen gamepad.

    Brrrr, it must be getting cold in here. Awesome.

    1. aww i cant wait for Wii U too. Only if pre-orders could be acceptable and we can get a little beta version. Sighs

  3. – Pokemon in a full blown 3D world – I know not gonna happen. Maybe the next one is slightly more likely.
    – Pokemon Snap (make use of gyroscope/panorama view please)
    – New Mario with a 3D world and a massive hub-world like Sunshine had. No remakes please, sequels I can live with as long as they are original enough to enjoy and not too different to not fit the franchise anymore.
    – Ni No Kuni (Spell book on gamepad would be an appreciable extra)
    – Probably much more, never enough, take your pick.

    Thank god we [I] don’t ask for alot and/or have too high expectations.

    Thank you.
    You’re welcome.
    And so.

  4. I really want the Wii u to become the go to console for all JRPGS, like the PS2 was 2 generations ago. I want the Final Fantasy games, Tales Of games, Xeno series, MMOs, Suikoden. On Wii U everything is possible for JRPGS. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yep. The PS2 it’s a masterpiece. Remember. before the N64, the Nintendo consoles were the kings of JRPGs.

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    1. Final Fantasy says Hi! American FF fanboys are crazed by that shit even tho FF it’s getting worse every time.

  6. A Xenoblade HD Edition please, including the levels that were unused on the Wii version for some reason and more weapons and armour.
    My life would be complete.

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