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Check Out This Blatant Pushmo Clone

The pictures shown above are not from the Nintendo eShop exclusive Pushmo, they are from an Android game called BlockShift. The game’s design and gameplay are practically identical to Pushmo’s. BlockShift players can solve puzzles, create custom levels and scan QR codes to download additional interactive levels – all of which can be done in Pushmo. Unlike Pushmo, however, BlockShift can be downloaded for free.

98 thoughts on “Check Out This Blatant Pushmo Clone”

      1. . what a rip-off. They’re ripping off games from e-shop as well as vita’s app library (maybe). These motherfucker dont have any ideas left to make a game so they rip it off. And that is why smartphone is selling because of this cheap rip-off. Thats just ridiculous. and they’re saying that smarthphone is gonna destroy traditional gaming handheld.

        1. It has probably already been done in the Apple App Store, but it is hidden under the countless amounts of shovelware and few good software.

  1. forget microsoft and sony ripping off nintendo. The mobile phone guys are the king of blatently ripping off nintendo. first the crappy pokemon rip-off now this.

      1. whats next Zelda rip-off, kirby, smash bros, luigi’s mansion. the developers that ripped off those games a re lazy fucks, lack of imagination and experience.

  2. Oh please stop doing this, It’s just so sad the lack or originality that this people has. At least put “Based on Nintendo’s Pushmo” lol

    1. yeah i see the review, man there saying it the best game for android, um…. no, it the best game for 3ds, they don’t know because they (i bet ya they don’t own a 3ds) have a smartphone, plus its free.

  3. i almost read blockshift as blockshit and they really are shit for trying to copy someone else its like the mario kart rip off mole kart or whatever it was called.

  4. I’m pretty sure pushmo designers got that idea from somewhere. nevertheless pushmo set the standards for games like this.

    1. There is a difference between setting standards for games that are inspired by and taking the source code itself and changing a few things. It looks like most of the texture is the same as well.

      1. Mario bros 2… they ripped off a japanese game and put mario on it. That was just terrible.

        I see no problem with this. The mobile market is where most of today’s new concepts or gameplay innovations come from anyways.

        1. I am sorry, but no.
          The game you are talking about is Doki Doki Panic, a Nintendo game, developed by Shigeru Miyamoto.
          NOJ thought SMB2:The lost levels would have been too hard for American audiencs, so they took Doki Doki Panic and put Mario in it.

          Ironically, many of the game’s elements, became a staple of the Mario series.

        2. I swore Nintendo made that game :/ Until you prove me wrong I’m gona believe Nintendo was the ones who made Doki Doki Panic, and only slapped mario on it cuz it didnt sell well enough and The Lost Levels was too difficult to port over to America

          1. You’re correct, good sir. Nintendo (Miyamoto specifically) created that game. And it was because Lost Levels was too hard.

        3. really, what’s so innovated about Farmvile… Zynga RipOff or the Ville Zynga Rip or any Zynga Rip Off game that they have. I know this is not zynga, but none of these Mobile game companies have done anything innovated, as I keep stating time and time again. Infinity blade is the only game that’s actually decent and even then it’s not innovated. DS already had games for years were you attack by swiping the screen. So please show me one innovated mobile game… Please… I would really love to see that. All I see from mobile is trash games ( I even lost intrest in Square Enix ports because they didn’t translate well on iOS- Final Fantasy 3 (originally a Nintendo game remade exclusivly for a while for the DS wasn’t the same and just felt loose)- that I lose interest in an hour after I download it. Infact since I got a 3DS in February, i haven’t even touched my iPod touch for games, only for web browsing while at work on my break.

          1. Same here man, I bought all kinds of games for my 3DS, even bought a cheap 32 gig sd card and loaded all my music… Ended up giving my ipod to niece. I just wish the 3DS was a little bit louder. I even jailbreaked my ipod and I still got tired of it.

    1. All companies seem to copy eachother in different ways. Most are inspired or try to put there own take on others ideas. But this… this is just pure rip off clone!

      1. Oh Certainly,
        Taking inspiration from other Companies is a healthy way of moving Forwards and delivering deeper and more developed experiences.
        And though these sorts of things are a little in the ‘Grey-Zone’ there is a difference between a ‘Rip-Of’ and ‘Inspired-By’ Idea

  5. I guess this is why Google is trying to find apps/game knockoffs and their developers and “ban” them from their store. It just gets out of hand, and just because this is free doesn’t mean the person who made it is not receiving any income off of it.

  6. Fucking lazy ios bitches. Why can’t they be original for once instead of ripping off every company and preaching that they are going to destroy all consoles! Seriously nintendo microsoft and sony don’t make huge rip offs of eachothers games! They create their own games, why can’t you do this too? And don’t in any way think that this rip off will come close to pusmo, in any dimension. Ever. Period.

      1. -__- no. Move was designed long ago, but they never made it, plus it did 1:1 motion before the wii.

        And theres about 4 games that are more blatant rip offs of Smash Broa that came before Sony All Stars

        1. I’m sure Wii made them less hesitant to do it. Cause you know, Sony doesn’t like taking chances and has to make sure that it worked for Nintendo first. And it doesn’t matter how many Smash Bros rip offs there are, that doesn’t make it okay to do it.

  7. This isn’t about laziness, or about being original. The developers’ motives behind making this ripoff are far more sinister: They’re trying to undermine Nintendo’s position as a handheld developer. They KNOW they’re ripping Nintendo off, and they’re counting on people seeing the similarities, because after people do see them, they’ll ideally opt for the cheaper (or in this case, free-er) version of the game. By making games like these, they’re making Nintendo look like it’s overly charging customers for handheld games, when in reality, we know that’s not the case. Ladies and gentlemen, do not view the mobile gaming industry as a piece of shit beneath your feet; view them as a malicious force that MUST be brought down.

    Did I not say in a previous comment that business competition isn’t as friendly as naive morons make them to be?

    P.S. Any time someone gives you something for free, consider the circumstances of which that free thing came into being, and consider whether free products are really worth the loss of credibility. You should also consider whether or not the company really respects your worth when it gives you the free stuff, and not just simply gives the free stuff to you because it thinks you’re a dog that will accept anything without standards simply because it’s free. Because if they give you too much free stuff, chances are they don’t respect you at all, and if you accept those things too easily, chances are you don’t respect yourself either.

    1. just wait til ouya is released… changing gaming for the worse, destrying established companies cause people want cheep trash instead of quality…

  8. Normally I try to defend games that are supposedly “blatantly ripping off another game”, but there’s no way to defend this shit

  9. Woah guys, the official app store on Google play says it’s inspired by Pushmo! So hey, at least they give it credit. But it’s still a rip off. Well, maybe rip off isn’t the right word to describe it, considering that it’s free.

    1. Wow… Bullsh*t. Pushmo was awesome, but this… they f*ckin copied Pushmo. Just like Lep’s world copied Mario.

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