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Nintendo Gives Snazzy Trophy To Namco Bandai For High Sales

Last year, Namco Bandai’s Family Fishing for Wii was released in Japan and has shipped 200,000 units over its first year. Because it sold well, Nintendo awarded the Family Fishing team with an exquisite glass trophy, which is shown in the picture above.

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Gives Snazzy Trophy To Namco Bandai For High Sales”

  1. Important question: Is there an English Family Fishing version? This game looks very interesting and I want to buy it now! :)

    This would be great, my little brothers like this kind of game. Not to mention that some of my relatives might like it as well. We enjoy games like Endless Oceans and etc.

    Anyway, is there an English version of this game?

  2. The relationship between Nintendo and Namco is progressing beautifully. I see only good things for this partnership in the future. I want all of Namco’s games to come to the U. Leave luck to heaven.

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