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Activision CEO Says Competitors Games Are “Less Than Adequate”

Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick firmly believes that his competitors games are less than adequate. Kotick was questioned about the challenging marketplace this year and why sales have been down at retail. He went on to say that the demand in the marketplace is for great quality products, and that’s what Activision is providing.

“I also think you’ve had, unfortunately, a stream of products that are less than adequate from some of our competitors. The demand in the marketplace is for great quality products. If you look at the success we’re having it validates that there is an opportunity for great quality products but I think at this stage in the cycle, it’s challenging for anything other than great quality products. Beyond that, many gamers are happy to keep playing online games for longer stretches of time instead of rushing out to buy new products.”

54 thoughts on “Activision CEO Says Competitors Games Are “Less Than Adequate””

    1. There’s a difference between “great” and “same”. You can copy and paste something as many times as you want, it would still be just as great as the original.

        1. Hmm, is that why Call of Duty 4 (along with Modern Warfare 2) hold a 94 at Metacritic and are hailed by some as the best FPS this generation or ever?

  1. Not gonna lie, at first, your games were all about quality. I loved Tony Hawk Pro Skater when it came out. It was all me and my bro played when we got up. Back then your games had so much life and originality and innovation. But now all you guys do is abuse that by rehashin your games over and over by the year without bringin in somethin new. Dont get me wrong, Imma get that Tony Hawk remake, but only cuz it will be a nostalgic purchase. But as far as you guys bashin other competitors for their quality games, That’s low and cocky even on your parts. You’ve been one of the luckiest third parties in the gamin industry, but I’m pretty sure your luck is runnin out. If you can dominate this next generation then I will eat my words about you. Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    1. They are the assholes that ruined Spyro and Crash. R.I.P Spyro and Crash. They were the kings of PlayStation.

          1. Those were some of my favorite games, and I still get a nostalgic rush from them. But honestly, that’s probably all that fuels the passion. I loved CTR, but I just tried playing it a few weeks back and I couldn’t get into it. When you’re younger you just tend to latch onto things more.

            In 10 years a new generation will be complaining about games not resembling the classics like Skylanders and Mario Kart Wii. And we shall be the lameass dads waxing nostalgic about Ocarina of Time and Halo 2, just as our fathers do even now to the likes of Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.

            1. First never ever ever ever put one of the greatest games ever ‘Ocarina of Time’ in the same sentence as the nonsense that is Halo 2.

          2. HELL FUCKING NO…. that game is forever in my heart. i still remember finding dragon eggs on spyro 3(ps1) , and bianca and hunter…. not to mention Roo (kangaroo) …. i also didnt forget about money bags who pissed me the hell off because he made me buy a portal with the gems i worked so hard to collect LOL… but it pisses me the hell off to see what they did to him and crash (another childhood favorite)…. those games that easily lasted up to about 30+ hours on campaign and about 20+ hours spent collecting the rest of shit to get the last big door open…. now the left crash on a bench at the bus station and that bastardized version of of spyro in skylanders whose game sole purpose is to nickel and dime people with money that have fetishes with toys in games…. my favorite series have been getting fucked and there talking about quality but were getting the same rehashed bull shit CoD

    2. Call of Duty games are different enough to justify multiple releases. Each game takes two years to make; they stagger developers to keep pushing new content. If they went the Nintendo route and released Call of Duty every 3 to 25 years, nobody would be complaining.

      Activision is more than Call of Duty anyways. They’ve made or published some really top-tier games during the past six years. The Goldeneye remake for Wii, the charming Skylanders series, Prototypes 1 and 2, and some pretty neat Spiderman games are a just a few of the different products they’ve brought us. Guitar Hero, while it has a bad rep now, was and is a fun party game.

      It seems like you stopped being a fan back in ’99 or so. Perhaps you should catch yourself up on the details. Until then, perhaps you should be the one shutting up?

      1. A remake? That’s all? The games that are not remakes SUCK. The Amazing Spider-Man was a letdown and the Prototype games? LOL. Mediocre-fest ftw!

        1. Didn’t say I particularly cared for Prototype, but they sell millions and people to genuinely enjoy them. How else can you objectively measure something like “quality”? And why discredit a remake? The game was fantastic, one of my favorites for Wii.

          I never got around to playing more than the 3DS demo of Amazing Spider-Man, but Shattered Dimensions was a good romp.

          1. I don’t hate the remake, but it’s like Nintendo it’s all the sudden ” Fuck that”. They release bad Zelda games then they remake WInd Waker in HD, then they continue with bad games.

              1. Activsion SUCKS at making Goldeneye 007 games. Rare should have made all the james Bond games. They are the only one good at those.

                1. Absolutely not. Bond games have only gotten better with time. Play Golden eye today and then come back and tell me honestly that it is the best Bond game.

      2. I’m well aware of what they’ve brought out, hence me sayin that they made new and innovative. But I also said they abused it, hence Tony Hawk 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. and all the insane variants of Guitar Hero. Don’t even get me started on Prototype, that game never got my full attention, and Skylander’s hasnt even been out two full years (probably just over 1 year) and they are already makin new variants before squeezin out all the potential of the first one. I’ve always been a fan of Activision, but the proof is in the puddin. They’ve just been gettin extremely lucky, and they cant keep this strategy up for long, because it’s bound to fail sooner or later, and in this case, possibly sooner

        1. Tony Hawk’s Underground is probably the best Tony Hawk game I’ve played. It’s up there with 4. Activision’s gusto when it comes to pushing out games has historically come around to bite them in the ass, but by that time they’ve usually developed a new must-have title and are on number 2 or 3. Apps and smaller games have very iterative sequels and can sustain themselves at that cheaper price point. Activision seems to be trying a similar strategy with AAA titles, primarily in the form of optional DLC. And it’s working.

          I have every reason to believe that they can sustain themselves for many years to come.

      3. Go sit some where until you learn
        1) think for yourself
        2) know that there was a time being trendy was for morons
        3) anyone that ever defends COD of this age cannot be a leader, let alone attract a smart wise and intelligent woman.
        4) thinks ford makes great cars.

  2. I just loled when i read this, quality products you must be joking there are far better quality games out there. Cod is just the same shit over and over with no effort to improve or evolve.

    1. My god.

      We’re talking about Activision.

      Its CEO says that it’s a difficult climate to make games in and acknowledges that others do in fact make quality titles.

      The quote was taken out of context but even so it’s apparent that Bobby was referencing the console cycle in its entirety. He said a bunch of smaller studios flooded the market with some pretty crap games. No one can deny this.

      His company is massively successful. He is right to point it out and to attribute the success to Activion’s software.

  3. Quality? the grafic is really bad and gameplay is´nt as good as it is in bf3.
    but i have only played mw3 in multiplayer on ps3 maybe the older ones is better, don´t know

    1. mw3 is seriously one of the worst sequels i have ever played. dont even bother with call of duty anymore, just stick with the great multitude of vastly superior games.

  4. How about something completely different for COD….. No more fucking hackers!!! In the wild west if you were caught cheating…you would get killed. Punks today have no skill with the aim bots and account hopping shit. You can jack my game up but you’ll never take my skill away. It’s obvious you don’t give a shit cause the first 3000 on the leader boards are hack fucks. I hope to see you on the battlefield!! =DoWorkSmurf=

  5. wow, activision is truly a piece of shit company. i mean seriously, since cod 4, since when has ANY game that they have published even been nominated for goty? i mean seriously, everything almost everything they push out has just been a rehash of a tired franchise, whether it be guitar hero, tony hawk, or call of duty. they have NO PLACE judging the quality of other companies games when they themselves can’t even produce a quality product.

  6. To be fair, just because something sells well doesn’t nessisarily make it a quality product. That’s like saying a chinese product is ‘quality’ for selling well. To be fair, people are more interested in the experience than the actual quality. For example, the company Bethesda makes extremely glitchy games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout. However, people completely disregard said problems because the gameplay/story meets their standards of fun. (or because the glitches are damn hilarious)

    TL;DR? Activison can say they’re a successful company, but they can’t rate their own ‘quality.’ (especially given the bullshit mechanics in Black Ops)

  7. If we want a quality product, it shall be for our own mind to decide what quality is determined by…and it shall not be affected by a snot nosed suit with company Bias!

    Quality is in the eye of the beholder, Activision…and OUR eyes shall not behold you!

  8. “many gamers are happy to keep playing online games for longer stretches of time instead of rushing out to buy new products” Seems like an oxymoron coming from the publisher of Call of Duty…

  9. Two of my most recent rentals were Activision games that were less than adequate. Amazing Spider-Man and Transformers: Cybertron Adventures.

  10. i totaly dis agree i think activision is the wost company ever. its competions games may not be as popular but im willing to bet they stand behind there products. Activison does not care at all about individual customers and if there bran new games dont work on your system your screwed. dont expect activison customer service to help or even care that they rip you 60 dollars or more. BUYER BEWARE ACTIVISONS GAMES WILL BREAK YOUR SYSTEM AND THEY COMPANY WONT CARE AT ALL. YOU WILL BE OUT MONEY, HAVE A GAME THAT BREAKS CONSOLES. AND A BROKEN CONSOLE TO BOOT. AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY THEY WONT HELP WITH ANY RESOULTION, AND CONTINUE TO EMAIL “HAPPY GAMING” AFTER THEY RUIN YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM.

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