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Mass Effect 3 For Wii U Will Be A Port From An External Developer

Melanie Faulknor, Assistant Localization Project Manager at BioWare, has confirmed to Got Game that the company is using an undisclosed third-party developer to bring Mass Effect 3 across to Wii U. Faulknor told the publication that they are working with a third-party external developer who has plenty of experience developing for Nintendo platforms.

“Well, we’re actually working with a third-party external developer who has a ton of Nintendo experience.”

“We wanted to bring that to the platform as well, just so we had somebody who knew Nintendo really well.”

108 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 For Wii U Will Be A Port From An External Developer”

    1. Just like every other shooter? Not at all! Mass Effect is more like a story than a shooter. It is, after all, an RPG.

      1. I like the different story elements and decisions you can make.

        It’s a nice break from stories of shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

    2. masseffect is one of the best, if not the best series of games to ever exist. in other words, its really good.

      1. Ok let’s not go overboard on that statement, tho it has great elements to it, it isn’t the best series of games to exist….maybe in the Shooter/RPGS yes but not overall. It is worth buying def. I think that ME3 was the worst of the series due to the fact the graphics weren’t on par with the first two, and the worlds seemed less emmersive, but even still it was a great game that’ll trap u into its storyline immediately…best part u don’t have to play 1 or 2 they recap it for u

        1. wiat wait wait what? ” 3 wasnt as good because of the graphics.” first of allo, 3 has better graphics than one and two, and second, why would that even factor in to the overall quality of the game? i mean seriously, people still consider ocarina of time the best game ever made and it is nowhere near the graphics of any games made today. and seriously, the way that mass effect is designed, and carries out from one two and than three is spectacular and totally deserves to be known as the greatest trilogy of games ever created. if you can honestly give me an example of another set of games that is better, im all ears.

          1. Skyrim? although the bugs were a big issue and let’s not forget Skyward Sword and God of War.

            I understand your point actually and I would love to play Mass Effect. However, please don’t compare games that were created in different timelines, Ocarina of time was made in 1998 and Mass Effect on the 2000’s. Besides, Ocarina is one of the best ever created not only for the graphics, it was all the level of design, storyline and gameplay.

            1. because “skyrim” in and of itself is a trilogy, and so is skyward sword. and im not discrediting ocarina of time. i was saying that his arguement about me3 not being good because of the graphics was retarded, and i use ocarina of time as an example because i do believe that is is a fantastic game, despite its graphics not being as good as a lot of games today. and i was saying mass effect is and awesome TRILOGY. give me another TRILOGY as in three games that are each direct sequels to one another. and no god of war doesnt compare. it is good, however it is to be talked about in the same caliber ass the likes of zelda.

              1. Ok The graphics wasn’t the bases of my arguement if u played ME2 which I’m sure u have judging by what you said you’d realize between the three games it’s the biggest in terms of size, meaning where u can go and what you can do, if u don’t think so then u are lying to yourself, I also think ME2 even tho a port looks better then ME3 and above statementabout skyrim and skyward sword I agree with, much better series-Metroid too

                1. omfg, skyrim isnt a TRILOGY,skyward sword isnt a TRILOGY. elder scrolls and zelda are SERIES but they are not TRILOGIES. im not talking about single games, im talking about a collection of three games that are direct sequels from one another. and the mass effect TRILOGY is the best one out there. can you not read or are you just infinitely learning impared?

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      1. Its basically for anyone who hasn’t played it before, people may complain about the trilology and the decisions, but trust me, they barley matter at all.

  1. What an exciting PORT.

    Hey guys, what PORTS are you looking forward to with brand new controls? Personally I’d love a Battlefield 3 PORT, but it may be too late for that seeing as BF4 is already underway.

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      Hmm, so port is automatically bad? Let’s see, everything, except for exclusives, on the PS3 are ports. As well as most if not all triple A releases on PC.
      You should learn what port means dipshit.

      1. There’s a difference between multiplatform titles developed at the same time, and ports. I’d advise you to know what a “port” is before trying to look like a smartass. :)

        1. Most multiplatform games are Ports from the PC, others are ports from the 360 to the PS3. Very rarely do we see ports of games built for the PS3 and taken to 360 and PC, because its more expensive to make games for it than for 360 and PC.

          Porting a game is way cheaper than making a game from zero for different hardware.
          Thats why Wii would not get Multiplatform games, it cold not handle the ports, so developer had to make games from zero, which is more expensive.

    2. seriously whats wrong with ports ps3 and XBoX 360 has them…. and you may be thinking you cant sell a wii U with ports…. Well the XBoX 360 sold well and it has little to no exclusive’s

              1. Uhm, wha-? A SDK is necessary to write the damn software, so it’s not technically on a “PC” like you’re implying.

      1. At least they actually had clear next gen multiplatform games and exclusives, Wii U has none of those. Bwahahahaha.

            1. Its not even released yet you dipshit. How many good multiplats were on the ps3 and xbox 360 when they first launched?

              1. This is 2012, not 2005-2006. The times have changed and gaming consoles need to demonstrate a quantum leap to fend off the rising mobile storm and “set top boxes”.

                Wii U has done nothing of the sort, it’s an overclocked 360.

                  1. I’m not talking about the goddamn launch. I’m talking about the fact that absolutely no Wii U tech demo or anything shown on it looks “next-gen”. Not in the slightest.

                    My predictions are once again coming up as correct, heaps of PORTS, no actual exclusives showing everyone this device is “next gen”. And that’s because it probably isn’t, just like the Wii.

                    1. Killzone 2, FFVII, amongst the heap of graphics and physics demos?

                      Were you born past the year 2000 or something?

                      Wii U had a 720p 30fps Zelda demo with no AA and wasn’t even all that impressive. Don’t even get me started on that crap bird demo, lmfao.

                    2. What you dont get is that it wont be the same graphical leap as last generation. If you disagree you are seriously retarded and kiddin yourself.

                    3. I’m tired of hearing this Nintendo fanboy “won’t be as big as a leap” bullshit. You keep fooling yourself into believing that, you said you’re not a graphics whore and that alone removed your credibility, because you literally don’t know shit. Have a nice day.

                    4. You seems to like talk a lot of crap, don’t you? Let’s see, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Project P-100, Lego city undercover, New Super Mario Bros. U , aren’t they all exclusives? Your new next BS is…?

                1. Yes times have changed. It will interesting to see what the other next gen consoles come up with besides slightly updated graphics.

                    1. I wouldn’t say that just yet. 4K TVs do exist, but they’re quite expensive right now, this probably something that can pop up in the future with later next-gen games being upscaled to that resolution.

          1. Clearly next gen titles. Yeah, because everyone loved Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo. Everything else was a port, games COD2, tony hawk, need for speed and a shitload of sports games, all ps2 games. It was just in HD

            1. At least they had them. Wii U doesn’t, period. Nor has it shown games exhibiting such. What part of this are you possibly not comprehending.

              I have yet to have seen a clearly next-gen looking Wii U demo. Because they don’t exist.

              1. What do you call a next gen game? Do you even know what it look like and dont say UE4 bullshit cos it is so lame.

                  1. I dont care about it cos Im not a graphic whore. UE3 looks really good and that good enough for me. Wii u will probably scale down UE4 and thats good enough anyway.

                      1. Awww whats wrong? You are saying that cos im not a graphics whore that I have no credibility?

                    1. Also, if you think wii u wont get third party support cos it wont run UE4 from the ground up you are seriously retarded.

              2. Yeah, let me draw attention to the transition of NES to SNES, big change. SNES to N64, argueable the biggest change.
                Ps2, decent change at launch.
                Ps3/360, quite better at launch, seemed like a big step becausd of HD (look at HD releases of ps2 games). WiiU, better than 360/ps3, can run 1080p on the majority of its games.
                The line is thinning with every generation. Thats just how it is. Any thing you do now, is just extra detail. “but better graphics make your games bigger”. No, bigger storage on the disk and developers effort makes the game bigger. In fact, im worried that next gen is going to have even shorter games than this gen, iF the graphics are soooo superior. Uncharted 2 is about 19GB of memory for download, on PSN. How the fuck are they gona fit a next gen title on a 25GB disk, without it being 5 hours long.
                And yes, graphics really do affect the amount of GB, so dont bullshit your way round that one.
                Id rather have games that are made, with the WiiU’s graphics, on a 25GB optical disk, crammed with a 30 hour Zelda game, than some flashy 5 hour piece of crap.

                1. “How the fuck are they gona fit a next gen title on a 25GB disk, without it being 5 hours long.”

                  Dual layered BDs are 50GB, and don’t even get me started on BD XL. I guess you’re not very smart at this as you try to be.

                  That part alone confirms you don’t have any idea about what you’re talking about. :/

                  1. By the way, on the subject of graphics increasing file size, do explain how better looking games like Metro 2033 are only 6.46GB.

                    Oh right, because it’s not the graphics actually doing that.

                  2. Actually let me add to this, some developers claim that one Blu-Ray (assuming 50GB) may not be sufficient…

                    What the hell do they plan to fill on that disc anyway? Sounds like less compressed streaming video data to act as filler.

                    In-game rendering can save HEAPS of space.

                    1. me and this other guy on here where talking about sony and some college in R&D for a violet blue ray disc that reads quad layer disc. And BTW i want to ask you what you think next-gen will look like.

                      1. What next gen will look like? Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs are your best bets if you want to have an idea. I’m expecting games that early on, look at least as good as say Metro 2033 on ultra settings. Later in the life it’ll probably go beyond that.

      2. BF 3 would be nice, I didn’t buy it on my Xbox 360 but I might get it for the Wii U if they introduce something new to do with the GamePad. There’s so many possibilities, then it would be a nice preparation for BF 4.

        I personally think there’s many good games that could be ported, and since they are ports, the developers shoudn’t feel the need to incorporate motion-controls and touch screen. As they weren’t designed with that in mind 1 or 2 years ago when they were launched, again.

        Anyway, do you have a job Aeolus? Sometimes I feel like all you do is browse this website to become an attention-whore. You can prophetize the apocalypse of the Wii U and say bad things about it all you want. But in the end of the day it’s you who is wasting your precious life over non-important matters as you are. Time is precious, make a good use of it. :)

        Here we are all fans of Nintendo, I don’t care shit about how crappy technology-wise the Wii U might be. Heck, it can be as good as a N64, as long as I have enjoyable games with innovative gameplay to spend time with my family. I’ll get the Wii U. Innovation always speak louder to me. :)

        1. I’m surely wasting minutes of my time out of my life, and getting paid no less. Such a giant meaningless waste.

      3. Hey nonsense guy, what about exclusives? Let’s see, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Project P-100, Lego city undercover, New Super Mario Bros. U , aren’t they all exclusives?

    3. You know it’s nice to get ports running in real hd with a good frame rate. I can finally finish playing some of these over hyped games.

      The new additions look fun.

      Right now the next Xbox and ps4 don’t even look next gen yet. I saw the Durango debugger and it looked just like the one they used for the first Xbox!

      Plus no one cares if it is a port or not… Is it fun. Res evil wii make is a perfect example. Fun games never die over hyped screen shots do.

    4. I’m definitely looking forward to this game. It looks like they adapted the control scheme to the Upad very well. The abilities granted because of the Upad make this game really cool. Between this, Darksiders 2, Batman AC: AE and Ninja Gaiden 3, I’m having a hard time decideing which one to get. I’m leaning towards Darksiders 2 atm. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Time to get a job for me my school funds i get each months are noth enough this year haha…

        want those games you listed very bad also….

      2. yeah im leaning toward DS 2…. at first i had no intrest in it whatsoever. Then a guy was like checkout dark siders 2 and i was like ohh nice… it may be a day one pickup alongside NSMB U, lego city undercover, Zombi U, AC III, Avengers battle for earth(maybe),Nba 2K13
        (D. rose, and KD35, but mainly for my player mode). and TTT 2… I wanna see 2013 software lineup for Wii U

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    6. Buying this on Launch day. Mass Effect is one of the best games this year. With those Gamepad touch screen controls and playing the whole game on that controller, its a must buy for all gamers.
      Supporting Nintendo all the way. Peace

    7. Good to see EA being lazy on a Nintendo platform as always…..Mass Effect 3 being done by an outside developer, Madden not using their new engine and missing features as well as only being released in the USA…..only silver lining is their Fifa game which is supposed to be the best version. Plus we knew about these games already….where is the real support?

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