There’s a rumour floating around the internet that suggests that EA were desperate for Nintendo to use its Origin system with Wii U. We’ve already heard that Nintendo was consulted by third-party developers to help improve the online experience with Wii U, and EA were apparently one of these developers.

EA became greedy and asked Nintendo to make the Nintendo Network for Wii U officially part of Origin and run Origin’s interface and netcode. Nintendo declined, and according to the source, lost EA’s support for the console. The individual who posted the rumour also stated that Valve are hard at work creating a Left 4 Dead prequel for current generation formats.

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  1. Thank God, the Big N declined. Origin would be terrible. Is. It is terrible.
    N should do it themselves, though having Valve do it would be fine.


    • To integrate Origin into 360/PS3 now would be pointless when they’re probably working with their successors on that. With iOS/Android all the games are either ports or made specifically for iOS/Android devices so there would be no need to have Origin running on it.

      It’s not surprising that with digital media getting popular, the next consoles definitely going to use digital sales more, and EA’s own new service is out the door that they would want to have it available on there.

      Besides I’m pretty sure at E3 this year in some of the interviews on the Nintendo E3 website that EA and other devs were giving input, and working with Nintendo to make their online infrastructure better. I’m not surprised if EA tried to sink their mitts into it and tried to take control for themselves.


  2. If EA dropped support for the Wii U then why is it that the Wii U is STILL getting Mass Effect 3 and NFL 2013?

    Wouldn’t that mean the games wouldn’t have been even shown at E3 this year if EA dropped support for the Wii U


    • It’s just a rumour, besides, Wii U has great potential to sell very well both hardware and software. If EA dropped support to Wii U, EA could lose millions of dollars by revenge.


  3. Heard this a while back. Basically EA wanted it Origin only, hence why Nintendo declined.
    I am curious about their online service for the WiiU…especially seeing as every title is available for digital download.


  4. EA = Eternal Asskissers

    I think this is why EA won’t support Nintendo to the fullest as they probably intended to do.
    Like the Madden game that won’t run on that engine…
    Bunch of lazy noobs.


    • Yeah. Fuck them. At least we got Ubisoft who will support the Wii U with Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, Tom Clancy, Prince of Persia and other great series.


  5. i just hate unsubstantiated claims people make, how will we ever know they are true and in the end to we actually care. why would they allow another company run their online store, it makes no sense what so ever. just think about about it would you if it meant eating into profit, this is why i think it sound to far fetched


  6. Of course EA was desperate; many hate Origin and EA wanted to gain some popularity for it.
    What better way than to rein people into it by hooking it into the newest system of Nintendo, the most well-known name in gaming?
    Shame they didn’t design the service better so that Nintendo would actually be convinced to try it.
    But then again, Nintendo has been known for always doing things their way, on their own, so I’m not surprised in the least at the result.


  7. Origin – pah, a worthless pile of pathetic programming that prompts pompous Prissyness!

    Not even worth sending to the moon – We all know that Nintendo would never stoop so low!


  8. figures. EA being the greedy bastards that they are thought that nintendo would accept their crappy platform. And because they didn’t, Wii U has lost EA support, they can’t just assume that everyone will make origin a central part of their console. EA are full of themselves. God I hate EA.


  9. I dont think some people realize, if the wii u was launched (without steam) and then a set amount of time later, integrated steam, SALES WOULD FREAKIN SKYROCKET-THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF. Having a game like tf2 or a full super meat boy, half life, left 4 dead, THE LIST GOES ON. Role playing games like diablo and torchlight, just thinking about it makes me shutter. If that actually happens, instantaneus orgasm.


  10. What has happened to EA, shouldn’t making games that enrich the lives of people be the first goal, and have profits be the second. If you take care of the first than the second will take care of its self. EA being desperate for Nintendo to include Origin is kinda selfish, Its like asking Sony to get rid of PSN and making it Origin, what makes you think they would even second guess that, Its kinda sad actually, then to throw a hissy fit when you dont get your way… wow..


  11. In all honesty Nintendo would have never let either Valve or EA run their online Network. People have to remember that Nintendo is very inclusive company. They will let you help and pay you for you’re services, but when it comes to running anything in their business, they want to be the soul owner. Every decision made they want to have the sign off on down to the greatest detail. That’s how they’ve survived so long. That’s why Sony and Nintendo couldn’t make a console together because Nintendo wanted all of the rights to it. EA should have known they were going to decline the offer from the get go. And EA knows their service is shit, so if they were serious about it, they would have greatly improved their service to where if Nintendo was ever to even consider it they would have little to no reason not to. But obviously they didn’t.


    • If nintendo let them handle the online some other publishers would just argue even more that they’re not doing a fine job. Sony wanted the right of nintendo games and of course nintendo didn’t wanted that to happen is the reason why they left them. Sony just got greedy.


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