EA Say They Won’t Make Ports For Wii U

EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund was asked about whether EA will bring ports of games to Wii U. According to Soderlund, EA doesn’t make ports “at all” and instead tries to make games that are unique to each platform. Soderlund says that because the Wii U has many unique capabilities, developers have to get a hold of its exclusive features.

Finally, how much is EA investing in Wii U? Will there be just ports of other games?

“Well I would say EA doesn’t make ports at all anymore. We try to make games that are ideal for each platform as much as possible. Obviously for PS3 and Xbox 360 the systems are similar, so we cross-develop. But we will always try to take an approach about what is unique for that platform. Wii U has many unique capabilities so you have to embrace the unique elements of the platform otherwise there’s not much point doing it at all.”

“There is no general rule for developing a game. We custom tailor for each one, so everything is a bit chaotic, but it’s worth it.”

160 thoughts on “EA Say They Won’t Make Ports For Wii U”

  1. good news.
    i am english. and i am HYPED that fifA 13 FOR WIIU has better graphics and more features for the wiiu . it is not a port .
    if anything the ps3 version is an awful version of the wiiu’s fifa 13 .
    you can use the pro controller , you can look around the pitch with the gamepad , touch screen passing and commands , and the crowd resoloution and pitch detail has been doubled.
    compare that build to the ps3 and 360 version which will be EXACTLY the same .
    EA basicaly saying we will try and add good things for wiiu multi platform titles , which i like .

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            1. Where does it imply anywhere in this article, let alone in Nintedward’s comment, that the Wii U is going to fail?

              1. no where . it says there is going to be enhanced ports coming to wiiu .
                thats a really good thing .

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  2. So the graphics for their games that come out on the Wii-U should be graphically superior to the XBOX and PS3 versions, right EA. That is what you are saying?

        1. confirmed by EA live on the internet. and then posted all over news forums on the internet .
          Fifa 13 developer Matt prior has confirmed that he was able to double the crowd resoloution and add ‘infinite detail’ to pitch . so on the wiiu version instead of the crowd looking ugly it will look awesome and the grass is going to look realistic etc . probably other improvements aswell .
          confirmation is a funny thing isnt it ???? ISNT IT ?

            1. look for one then you gimp . its not hard . search FIFA 13 wiiu on youtube . matt prior will guide you through the pro’s and pro’s of fifa 13 wiiu.
              god knows about madden 13 . probablt because it has a tiny budget and is not a worldwide franchise like fifa is.
              a handfull of americans , compared to the entire world who play fifa .
              i think fifa13 will have 2-3 times as a big a budget .
              madden’s developers will be exposed for who they are , or it will turn out to be a great game with wiiu controls .

      1. You’re an idiot. Been watching you post for an hour. There is no such thing as “non excistance” or “nothingness”

    1. it has new weapon , you can play it away from tv , possible overhauled graphics etc etc /.
      it is a ‘remastering’ not a str8 ‘port’

      ocarina of time on 3ds looks and plays better than on n64 for example. they are almost 2 different games although same in story etc .

    2. It has alot of features. Plus you have to remember, the dead line to get these WiiU launch title out is very short, it needs a good selection of games at launch, so they dont have alot of time to spend making massive differences (i think the people making the WiiU mass effect started it in June from what i read. But look at Ninja Gaiden 3, thats almost a complete re-do of the game, and Arkham City has lots of features, along with Fifa, Darksiders 2 apparently has more than just menus according to an interview.

          1. If I played the original, there is absolutely no point in getting what’s basically a GOTY version with controller gimmicks overloaded.

    3. Ok y’all are right EA did not ‘develop’ Mass Effect….Bioware did. I am not here to argue semantics….EA did publish the game so in my eyes ‘publish/develop/make’ all the same. And I can read…but we won’t get into insults…I don’t stoop that low.

  3. maybe this means mass effect 3 will be so much changed that it counts as a ‘remastering” same with batman . not just a lazy port. maybe they have changed the resoloution and detail and everything , which means it is a different version . not a port.
    i am interested in those 2 games ftw .

        1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up. At all. Nintendo is keen to get some big names and hardcore games on their new system, and the companies behind them are excited for the chance to have their games available for a whole new audience. Fact is 75% of people who buy ME3 or Batman for WiiU won’t have played them on PS3/Xbox 360, so they could get away with a pretty straightforward port. Consider yourself lucky they’re throwing in the DLC.

          1. i still expect better graphics and EXTRA features. look at batman it has TONS of new features . scanning with the gamepad , touchscreen . motion etc etc .
            its a completely different build of the game .

            1. I wouldn’t be too sure about better graphics, I doubt they’ll touch the graphics themselves but the hardware might have an effect on them. And Batman isn’t “completely different”, yes it utilises the new features of the WiiU but it wouldn’t sell if it didn’t (and one can only hope effort has been put in to make those new features work WELL). It’ll be a port the same way Super Mario 64 was ported to DS, it’ll have new features sure but it’ll still be essentially the same game.
              I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I personally haven’t played Batman or ME3 so I’m looking forward to picking them up on the WiiU, I just think trying to call them new games or completely different is a bit of a stretch.

              1. i see your point and i raise you fifa 13!!!!
                lol . i know , if all these new features on batman make a huge difference though it could feel like a totaly newer and better experience.
                lets just w8 and see hey ?

                1. Well for me it’s going to be the first experience, and one I’m certainly looking forward to. And that’s where the focus market lies, really, people who haven’t played the game before and can experience it on the new console in a way optimised for the new console. So yeah, wait and see…

  4. Sounds like EA is saying they only develop with a sort of passion involved (or atleast enough of it to set aside each platform experience) and don’t look to throw things together just to make a game. I hope they follow through with that if they ever decided to develop for Wii U.

  5. I honestly prefer ports for most of these games, rather than exclusive Wii U versions. I don’t want to feel like I’m playing a different game than what it already is…

  6. Ugh, you complain about lying headlines and you’ve just said that EA won’t make ports for Wii U. No, they’re trying to make more than ports.
    Still, good news.

        1. I may be gay but that has nothing to do with my taste in video games.
          What’s more I can actually read, because the article says nothing like that (and any article that did wouldn’t be published because it’s opinionated garbage and libellous). Obviously your primary school isn’t teaching you well enough, if you can’t even read a simple article like that. There aren’t even that many big words in it. You poor child.

            1. Hah, and the final nail in the coffin… immaturity around homosexuality? You can’t be older than 12. Yeah, I’m gay, and? Your point is?

            2. homophobe !!!!! Enjoy hell , i hear it sucks ass and is way too hot.
              leave people to do what they want , it doesnt affect your sad little life does it ???
              we are here because we are discussing a new console which we are going to buy with others who share similar opinion.
              NONE OF US are on ‘nerd box 360′ forums trolling how rubbish it is and the fact it has abou 4 exclusives worth owning .
              get a phucking life and pis off .
              wiiu >>>>>>>> your life .

    1. Excellent work in saying something totally unrelated to the article, or indeed anything anyone was discussing, and in fact appears to have been pulled out of the air for no reason other than to be childish and stir up a fuss.
      Bad boy, you go to bed without any supper tonight.

        1. Run along to bed now, you naughty child, before daddy puts you over his knee and gives you a spanking. It’s well past your bedtime.

    1. If Nintendo closed the gaming industry would collapse, quickly. As it would if Sony or Microsoft were to cease their involvement in the video game industry. Things just don’t work like that.
      But then you’re too young to understand that, and it’s oh so very past your bedtime. Go to bed before I get cross.

    2. there is no gaming industry with out Nintendo. only soulless noob cakes like yourself. and EA .

      1. When microsoft created the pc console,they helped the gaming industry and consoles were getting so boring

  7. “According to Soderlund, EA doesn’t make ports “at all” and instead tries to make games that are unique to each platform.”

    Pfft Wahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Stop fucking lying EA.

    Or better yet just roll over and fucking die you fucking cunts.

      1. shut the fuck up siegfried… I want to beat your fucking ass kid… not becuase you hate nintendo fine cool whatever hate it and not be open to all games but how big of an asshole you are… you can talk the talk but you cant walk the walk.. I promise you I’m THE LAST person you would want to piss off… trust me on this one

    finally after 7 years(i am 12) i can see dicktendo getting destroyed and microsoft prevailing in the gaming industry!

    1. Keep dreaming.

      Microsoft is an American trash that can’t even make a decent gaming system.

      Hell they can’t convince the Japanese to buy them.

      Also it exclusives sucks unless you like, shooter, WRPG, racing, sport games and crappy kincent games.

      1. Hey look, a Nintendo fanboy’s unpopular opinions of a console that’s owned by nearly 70 million people, the majority are actual gamers.

        Hahahaha, what an idiot.

        1. You’re idiot.

          I am not even a Nintendo fan boy since I own all three.
          and let me tell you 360 is the least used one and has been collecting dust for 3 years now.

            1. Except the 360 has literally nothing going for it other than being a weaker PC. With online you need to pay for. Sony and Nintendo systems at LEAST have unique exclusives.

    2. Microsoft can’t even make a console which doesn’t kill itself or the discs it is playing. If the build quality of the console can’t even be done right, I will never buy one of their consoles.

    3. Well, that explains why you’re so bigoted on your opinions on Microsoft as compared to Nintendo.

      No matter how long you troll, you’ll never become a real gamer until you grow up and learn to not lose every friend you ever had due to your opinions.

  9. This is the most missleading headline I have ever read in my entire life. And that’s bad as I did read Eurogamers famous headline about the Wii U’s power being on pair with current gen…

  10. How can I say we are developing Wiiu games that take advantage of wiiu specific features in the worst possible manner?

  11. That’s a very good policy. I’m glad to hear them say this. Still need to see more EA support on Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

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