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Nintendo To Announce Wii U Pricing And Release Date September 13th

Nintendo of America will be holding a media event for Wii U in New York City on September 13th. The event will be hosted by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime and promises to shed some more light on Wii U. The invitation that has been distributed says that will let us learn “more about how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment.”

Update: the event will take place from 10am till 4pm EDT

198 thoughts on “Nintendo To Announce Wii U Pricing And Release Date September 13th”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      ”more about how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment.” So they are telling us this ^ , but what about this V
      price and launch .
      are you guys just presuming they will tell us the price etc ??

      1. It’s more clicking on the source, which really should be quoted here:

        “The last time Nintendo did a Reggie-hosted event in New York City, the event was held in January, 2011 and the system came out in America in March 2011.

        The time before that that Nintendo did one of these Reggie-NYC things? It was a big Wii launch showcase. Essentially the crossing-the-T’s-dotting-the-I’s event for that system’s U.S. launch.

        So, barring some strange change in behavior, Nintendo is likely to tell the world on September 13 when the Wii U will come out in America, how much it will cost and maybe even which games we’ll play on launch day. They’re not saying that, but that’s what history tell us.”

          1. or since the last time they did a newyork thing the system came out a month later, the system could launch in october.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          ok thanks man , i guess i will 95% trust this then.
          AND YES , they would be insane to host such a bigtime NY event , to say everything we already know .
          ”the wiiu will change the way you play”
          me -”yes reggie so did everything else you ever gave me , now make with the phuckin price ”

      2. Thats the first thing that popped into my head… But at this point not announcing release and price would be ridiculous…

    2. Agree! I think this will be the final time we are going to get the news we want and will see more videos on games and will probably hear more games being made by other companies too

  1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .


    1. w000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t yes soon we know the price

    1. Yes it is, Reggie announced the 3DS release date and Price on the 3DS in New York City and it was a media event too. So yes People this is the day =D

      1. unfortunately my 3DS XL is already going into the shop it wasn’t even 24 hrs for me that it had issues with it. :-(

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          what was wrong with your XL bro ?????

          mine has a slightly lose hinge , but i can live with it . it is actualy ok :/.

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              yeh they are AWESOME!!! totaly hooked to my XL now. love playing games on it more than i did the small 3ds.

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  good for you . i genuinely love my 3ds XL more than i loved my small XL.
                  it is better IMO because of the huge screens.
                  i dont give a shit if you think it is fanboyism.
                  i am a nintendo fan . and proud of it . i still have a ps3 and a 360.
                  but i was just saying my XL is awesome. maybe when you stop being poor , you will be able to afford one !

    2. Because Nintendo of America did the same thing with the original 3DS (revealing its launch date and price) and the Wii (revealing its launch date and lineup of games) in the past when hosting an event in New York City, whether it be in regards to a gaming device or home console. It’s mostly obvious to this point in time.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      are you serious ??? nobody cares about border lands 2 , compared to this exciting new console .
      you can shove borderlands 2 up your microscopic butt hole .

      1. You’re ALL crazy!
        I’m looking forward to BOTH!
        Borderlands 2 is going to rock me to my core, and the Wii U info dump is going to blow me away, all in the same day!
        You people would have to be NUTS to miss EITHER ONE of these momentous events!XD

        1. I know Borderlands is going to be awesome, hell I’m excited for it, I’m just saying that game alone won’t make everyone ignore the Wii U, like the troll above is implying.

    2. Borderlands is an awesome game, but you’re putting on too high of a pedestal if you believe that it’ll overshadow the WiiU. For all we know borderlands 2 could end up being ported over to the WiiU xD

    1. same here Got to take out another school loan to get mine, i had the money 2 months ago ended up buying the 3DS XL which is already in the shop not even 24 hrs later

      1. Yeah, same, i had about £300 in my bank and i went to buy Darksiders 2 (couldnt wait anymore for the WiiU version lol) and ended up buying a 3DS instead xD

    1. Almost definitely, even if Nintendo doesn’t themselves (which I am almost sure won’t happen), a third-party will.

    1. inb4 ps4 1000$ and xbox720 500$ wont even surprise me if those greedy basterds do that check the vita dieing got one but only has like 5 good games

          1. Watched it, and he explained nothing. It was pure speculation under the assumption that it was using a higher end R700 card.

            I don’t do speculation, I do facts–and he has none about the GPU powering this console.

            1. Ok then, if you don’t do speculation and only facts, you cannot say ANYTHING abou the Wii U. All of the news about the Wii U’s power so far relaesed has been through rumors and speculation. You have no ground to stand on with your “overclocked 360” argument.

              1. I can actually, based on the fact that none of the games shown displayed any signs of being above the current generation. Along with the fact that a console significantly more powerful than what’s available now isn’t going to be sold at $300 and still make a profit for the company. That isn’t happening, and you’re kidding yourself if you think so.

                Wii U is going to be an overclocked 360.

                1. I’m sorry, but that is pure speculation on your part. Have you seen or played a Wii U game up close on a proper TV in front of you? No, then you can’t say anything about the graphical quality. Besides, all of the currently announced games with gameplay trailers are slated for a launch window launch, and if you remember the last generation transition, many launch games did not look that impressive compared to the PS2. You don’t even know the price of the console yet, that is speculation and rumour. Therefore you cannot use the price in your argument. You do not know the specs, so you cannot keep a speculation-free argument.
                  And even if you are right that it is an “overclocked 360”, then it has gameplay exclusive features from the gamepad, which simply cannot be replicated well on other consoles (looking at the Crossplay and Smartglass) Gameplay>graphics.

                  1. What I’ve seen up close is entirely irrelevant if absolutely no gaming site says anything claiming the games to look better than what’s available now. None of them.

                    While many games did not look better than the original XBOX (not PS2, you flippin’ idiot), several of them did indeed look next-gen at launch. Kameo and Resistance, namely. Hell, they even showed clearly next-gen looking demos. Nintendo has done no such thing for this device.

                    And we “don’t know it”? It’s incredibly fucking obvious this is going to be a $300-350 device. Nintendo would be relying on hopes and dreams if they think it’s going to sell at any higher of a markup.

                    “Exclusive features from the gamepad.” Yeah, because NFC is a big contribution to gaming. Besides that, it is literally a single screen DS without any processing power of its own.

                    Good graphics and good gameplay > Bad graphics and good gameplay. Sing a new tune, fanboy. This retort is old, and straight from 2006 to defend the original Wii’s shit graphics. What’s funny is, the majority of games didn’t have good gameplay either. So, so much for that fanboy powered one-liner.

                    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                      the wii had AWESOME games. dont make me write the list xbox noob . gtfo of this site.
                      the wii wasnt trying to compete with the ps3 and 360 graphically was that too hard for you to understand ??
                      the wii sold more units. nuff said.

                  2. Bulby1994 just stop responding to Aeolus. Trolls like him/her do this just for kicks really. Allow it(i said it because idk your gender) to have it’s opinion. If it wants to bash Nintendo, then let it. It jus shows how much potential a gaming company has if its got people going around bashing on it for no particular reason.

    1. there is a flux capacitor in a 3ds. if you buy a 3ds i will remove the flux capacitor and insert it into the car of your choice.
      you hit 80mph = bam , right at the wiiu launch.
      if you end up in jurassic Pangaea , call me . on the nokia flux capacitor phone which i will provide.

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        that was me ^ the whole flux capacitor thing . god knows why it says anonymous.
        different browser :/.

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      1. siegfried von schroder


  3. siegfried von schroder


    1. I find it amusing that you used CAPS, believing that it’ll help you state your point or dominance in some way.

    2. I find it amusing if you honestly think that Microsoft has or have any intentions to improve the industry. If anything they are ruining it with their crappy disfunctional system that do nothing but redringing and playing multiplatforms which are better on both PS3 and PC (only exception is Skyrim which sucks on PS3, but that game is still better on PC)… Improvement? No..







    1. *looks at calendar*

      another 3 weeks.yipee we gotta wait for an announcement to announce the real thing. Yay nintendo you dont spoil us even though u should


      1. well she is happy. I banged her outta excitement. :D i just lifted her legs while she was watching tv. Slammed her clit. and i walked away. she was satisfied but didnt even know what happened.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          is she really happy ????? with your 3 inch pecker XD thats why she didnt know what had happend XD .
          tell her to meet me and my 11 inch shlong , in manchester England . i will show her jake the ‘snake’ is NO MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. bruh, sooooo not gonna lie to you, that’s not impressive at all. I’m at LEAST 6” on soft and when on hard at LEAST 9” and I’m bein quite generous there, no braggin intended. But if you wanna use the age excuse thats perfectly fine. I can understand that

    2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      hahahah , my shlong is certainly ready for all this wiiu -ness.
      of course there is going to be 120 million ps3/360 haters. but they can burn in hell.
      i have their little consoles and i willl have a wiiu . i will win .

    1. if you’re being serious and not an autistic fucktard grasping at any straw you’ve ever seen, the reason the 3ds didn’t sell at first was obviously because of the price.

    2. Yeah, they did that with the WII too, fucktard.

      Let’s see where the Wii is. Hmm, oh yeah, it outsold every fucking console. Dipshit.

    1. DO WHAT I DID!

      while ur girlfriend is watching tv, lift her legs and fuck her. When ur done just walk away, look at her face expression when ur done and dont even say anything :)

      1. Haha i did somethin similar to that except i didn’t fuck her, just ate her out and walked on like nothin transpired. Facial expression had me rotflmao

        1. YEAH LOL EXACTLY!


  5. I really hope that the Wii U tanks North America Nintendo. And it will if it’s $300 or more. They need to learn that they can’t rely on 3rd party content, recycled games, and “family friendly” hardware.

    It all comes down to the marketing campaign and the release titles… Sure, the fanboys/girls can keep it afloat for a fiscal quarter, but after that… No sales. And then we’ll see JUST HOW FAST they can rush the production of SSB4, Pikmin 3, Zelda XVII, Metroid XII, Mario Kart 8, and whatever else they have planned for the Italian plumber…

    1. How the fuck do you think the Wii U is gonna tank, Nick the Dick? Nintendo have created the Wii U for casuals, intermediate, and hardcore gamers. The original Wii was the most selling console of this generation, but (due to the graphics limitations) it lacks third party games. Right now, Nintendo is changing the system with the Wii U and now they have not only third party publishers and developers, but now has the fullest support of independent developers.

      Pikmin 3 will be relased after the system’s launch, but games like Super Smash Bros. Universe, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda franchises won’t be released until next year at the very earliest.

      1. hi there no way wii u going tank becuase apple gamers going go crasy for wii u tablet ipad controler tablet conterlers be popular like ipad

  6. I think that maybe… juuusssttttt maybe, they will announce the Animal Crossing: Jump Out (3DS) release date. One of the rumors are that it will release September 28, so Nintendo kind of has to announce a release date if it would release a little more than a week later. Or maybe they will announce it BEFORE that.

    1. I also want Animal Crossing: Wii U (Not the Nintendo Land mini-game). Some titles I made up are: Animal Crossing: U, Animal Crossing: New Neighbors, Or Animal Crossing: Own Life

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  8. Lol their releasing the release date and price 2-3 months before it comes out , lol this system will fail at launch like the 3DSHIT

    1. Your broke ass mama is a failure Ness. BTW, the PSVITAnic is more of a faliure than the portable handheld that that have sold over 19 million units worldwide– the Nintendo 3DS.

  9. Im going to be completely honest. I would love the Wii U to be a huge success like the wii but i have high doubt. Many casual gamers will almost definantly see no reason to own this if they already have the wii. Anyone could have fun with the wii and its motion controllers but i cant see anyone having a lot of fun with a tablet controller. Many hardcore gamers who own xbox 360s and playstation 3s wont move over to nintendo just for a tablet controller. Think about it, if sony came out with a ps4 with a tablet controller b4 nintendo anounced the wii u would you buy it? I think the main consumers of the Wii U are going to be nintendo fans. Sure you may have a casual gamer or an non-nintendo hardcore gamer here and there but i doubt it will be enough. I can gaurentee you that the wii u wont sell as good as the wii. I just hope it doesnt end up like the 3ds and i end up 80 dollars short with some games ive already beat in compinsation. dont get me wrong, ill be watching this event live and ill be getting the wii u day one, but i just dont think that many others will.

  10. alright but I still wont get it if its insainly cheap. No good games at launch = pass until they release something decent, if it interfears with PS4/Xbox720 then I shall continue to pass til its cheaper.

      1. Lol just stating how it is with me. Im not a graphics whore but If I have the option of getting a game that is on multiple systems ill get it on the one that has the best graphics. For exapmle Ill be getting darksides 2 for my PS3 over my 360 and eventual Wii U. Im only getting a Wii U for Zelda and 3rd person open world mario games (like galaxy). Other then that I have no intrest. I only buy nintendo handhelds for Pokemon. To me Nintendo will always be #2.

          1. To me it is Sony, always has and always will. I grew up with playstation consoles mainly and Nintendo Handhelds until I got my gamecube, just for pokemon XD and colloseum. I just got my Wii which I dont even touch anymore for Twilihht Princess originaly but I got lther games on it. Reason why I havent sold it is that my bf likes to play it. And do not call me Allie please. I simply love the exclusive games more for PS3. I think if many of the people on this site gave PS3/360 a chance instead of being such whiney annoying little bratty fanboys (honestly nintendo fanboys are the worst) they wouldent be so bad and could actualy judge it. I have all 3 so I have judged what I like and its PS3 > Wii > 360 for me but 360 is starting to take over Wii.

            I always come back on this site because of the many stupid fan boys on this blog that have no logic at all.

                  1. I dont give a fuck about how I spell or use gramar on theinternet so no.Its just one of thesteps a troll must do anyways when they knowthey areloosing anyways. Call them a faggotand be a gramar Nazi. Playstation had that it does everything statement going on foryearsnow so baiscly its just a rip off.Ddyou knowthag regie likes to play playstation as well and enjoys theexclusives forit? probalynotbecause your just a fanboy. regie is notone, why cant weall be like that and play all 3 damnsystems.

                    1. okay the lack of spaces is annoying but how about you try typing replies on a phone when the mobile site squeezes the box to 2 letters a line.

                    2. Sony isn’t what they used to be since they’ve already closed down Sony’s development studio in Liverpool.

                      “”It has been decided that Liverpool Studio should be closed. Liverpool Studio has been an important part of SCE Worldwide Studios since the outset of PlayStation, and have contributed greatly to PlayStation over the years.”


                      After losing over $6 billion due to poor sales, what’s next for Sony?

                    3. ^

                      Studios are being closed everywhere with almost all companies. No company is what they used to be. I dont live in the UK so this doesent really affect me much but they are starting to move companies from the west coast of my country to an hour outside where I live. One of my favourite PS3 games in made in Canada and they are still doing good. Assasins creed is made here too but ofcourse not the same studio. Im still gonna buy PS3 games no matter where they are made. Gonna do the same with nintendo.

    1. So vvery glad to hear this news. I need to be home for this. I don’t have nearly enough money yet, I want a Wii Remote Plus to included. It would be so cool. How much do you think they charge for the Wii U Pro Controller? I want one. Leave luck to heaven.

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    3. I don’t mean to sound like a troll or anything, but I feel like the wii U is going to have a slow start, there’s no Must have exclusive coming from nintendo, sure pikmin is great, but not every nintendo gamer, or casual gamer knows much. About that game. And all of the rest of the games, well most, 3rd party titles are already coming out or have been out on Xbox 360 and PS3, with no major improvements toward gameplay, graphics, or controls. Except for zombie. That games unique controls and gameplay really stand out, and show one thing the wii U can do impressively for gameplay. As soon as nsmbU comes out the sales may grow, but nintendo needs to hurry up with ssb4 and mk8 or whatever it will be called. Also a metroid prime with online would be amazing!

      1. It will be announced soon. There’s a possibility that it’s gonna be shown on Nintendo Direct. We’ll just have to wait for Nintendo of America’s announcement.

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