New Nintendo Direct Just Announced For Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced, via its Twitter account, that the next Nintendo Direct is scheduled to air at 4 a.m. PST on August 29th, Wednesday. During the broadcast, company president Satoru Iwata promises to share new information regarding Nintendo’s already released video game consoles – Nintendo 3DS and Wii. Iwata makes it clear that Wii U information will be absent from tomorrow’s broadcast, which can be viewed here.

147 thoughts on “New Nintendo Direct Just Announced For Tomorrow”

    1. I am still looking forward to it and the September 13th Nintendo Wii U Event, though! I wonder what new Software Nintendo will show us/The Japanese tomorrow in the Nintendo Direct.

      1. NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news. NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.NO WIIU INFO :O!!!!!!! thats annoying. they better have some good 3ds news.

          1. I really want some Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem release dates. They’re the only reason why I’m waiting to get a 3DS XL!

  1. well, you do not have to wait long for Wii U news after this nintendo direct, in my case i think there might be a update in the works for the 3ds.and a date for those delayed games

    1. I doubt there will be Wii info, unless its something Dragon Quest related. It’ll mainly be 3DS news. Maybe they’ll announce GBA games available :D ah, who am i kidding :(

        1. No theyre not, yet. GBA ambassadors are just the unfortunate ones that paid the original price for the 3DS, and so got 10 GBA games for free. There havent been new releases, and theyre not the only ones that’ll get the games. They just got them for free.

          1. Nintendo said 3ds games are stricly for ambassadors and will not release them anytime soon.

            and unfortunate? I Never paid for these FREE games :P I think it is a blessing. Espec metroid fushion!

            Dont be jeolous now boy!

            1. Im ashamed someone of your inferior brain level own a 3DS. And i said unfortunate to pay the original 3DS price, thus ambassadors for FREE games, but that doesnt mean they’ll never release GBA games on the store, everyone else will just have to buy them

              1. Nintendo have no plans to put them on there or the 3ds owners (the non stingy ones unlike you) will get pissed off since it should be EXCLUSIVE to us!

                and inferior? you ONLY just got Kid icarus? LOLZ

                Catch up PITTTTTTTTTTTY

    1. I like the on foot parts in assault (theyre actually very much like the on foot KI: Uprising parts).
      Im sure if they did those parts again they can make them more enjoyable, especially if Retro are doing it. More Landmaster and whatever the submarine is called though

  2. All of those who told me to get Kid Icarus Uprising, oh my god, thank you, its fucking epic.
    I also see no real problem with the controls, they just take some getting used to, and this is coming from a lefty without using the circle pad pro

    1. You’re welcome.
      But be warned; to get the better weapons in the game, you’re going to have to have some EXTREME SKILL, and a decent set of powers.
      Just getting past the opening rail shooting area for the majority of stages is going to test you beyond your limits on anything beyond 7.0, I’ll bet.
      Good luck, though, because it’ll be worth it when you’re sporting a god-walloping weapon with 6 stars in both range and Melee, with freezing, speed, and a bunch of other bonuses all +3 or higher.
      I’ve seen such weapons.
      They kick the crap out of EVERYTHING……

    2. I’ve had it since release, and only JUST beat all levels with a 5 rating. Granted, I have some 9’s and 8’s mixed in there.

      Using the Fire-Palm curretly, but damn, there are a lot of good weapons to choose from.

      1. Oh, you mean like how YOU downvoted Icy Dead People & me’s every post on every news story?

        1. Look dude… leave this guy alone. He’s only stating his opinion. If you don’t like what he says, just shut the fuck up and leave him. Not only you’re a Sony cock sucking loser, but you’re also a raging 5 year old brat that needs a fucking ass whuppin’.

            1. He doesn’t insults people… only Sony drones and graphic whores like you. Shut the fuck up!

              1. If I insult people, I insult Nintendo fans like Aeolus, Siegfried, Ness and any random Sony drones, Xbots and graphic whores. Don’t get it twisted frame me just because I’m a black man. Accept it!

                1. So you attack people who don’t share your opinions? Yeah, that’s definitely not a Hitler mentality or anything… /sarcasm

                  And even if they ARE trolling… the smartest thing you could come up with is… act like a 5 year old and cuss them out? How is that any different from what they’re doing? You’re acting JUST LIKE THEM, then you bitch about how they act. It’s ridiculous.

                2. And who cares what colour you are? Did I even mention race at all? No. So curb that stupidity right now.

              2. Bot you and TheUNation will be banned shortly if you keep up the profanity and flaming. Don’t like those kids? Ignore them. Acting exactly like them will only get you banned quickly.

                1. Look, boy… you need to just grow up and relax OK? Just because it’s called MyNintendoNews doesn’t mean you have the rights to bash Nintendo games, system, or the company itself. TheUNation isn’t flaming you… you are the one who’s flaming him and I’m sure Sickr will give you a warning. For once, just leave TheUNation alone. And you, Ban-boy… need to work on your spelling grammer because we don’t understand what you’re talking about… it’s just a friendly advice, that’s all. Farewell and good day…

          1. I’ve read most of his posts. He doesn’t like PS3, and he bashes XBOX just as much as he does Nintendo. You fanboys hate him because he doesn’t absolutely fall in love with everything Nintendo does every single time, which is really childish. You can be a Nintendo fan and still question certain choices and decisions that they make. And neither he nor I never express our opinions with any malice or disrespect toward other uses like you do.

      1. I agree. I really want Wii U news. I mean yeah the 3DS has games coming but the Wii U is like $300-$400 as aposed to $39.99 for a game They need to focus on this launch. I got 8 games on preorder waiting to invest into the Wii U the 3DS is important but its not AS important as getting this system off the ground.

  3. I just thought of something and i don’t really know where to ask other than on some unrelated post, here’s to hoping someone could fill me in on this: I’m moving to another country soon for my studies and plan on getting my own place. Now i don’t know if i’ll be able to buy a TV there since i don’t really know how long i’d be staying. Bottom line: does anyone know if I could buy the WiiU and play the gamepad-only games on it without even hooking it up to a TV? as in have a WiiU but not own a TV? I know this would restrain my choice of games a lot but as a temporary thing it would do the trick…

    1. Some games like zombiU require both the gamepad AND TV. same goes for batman

      But i am sure you need a tv anyway to connect to your wiiU…you also

    2. Your laptop can act as a tv with the right cable; maybe even a small software upgrade. Cheap on Amazon. So now you can play the lovely Wii U.

    3. NSMBU and Mass Effect 3 support the off screen play feature. You should start with those just in case. But yes tha is what the feature is for (people who cant use the tv, but still want to play) albeit some of the games feature become limited when using it.

  4. Most likely just going to let us look in the short future for the Wii and 3DS, such as when they’ll start profiting off of the 3DS and how the sales been and maybe confirming some unknown release dates for the 3DS’ games.

    1. Why would there be? A giant game like Zelda would never be revealed at a Nintendo Direct, it’s always shown at E3- a much bigger show.

  5. Hopefully this means more details on Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Paper Mario Sticker Star, since they’re coming out soon enough (late this year and early next year), and we barely know anything about either.

      1. Considering Nintendo announced that this will only be about Wii and 3DS titles, that unfortunately counts out anything Wii U related. But it would be a good time to hear about Paper Mario, right?

        1. Yes I do, I cant wait to collect those AR stickers! But I wont be getting any 3DS games until after New Years. All my game money is going on Wii U games and accessories.

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