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Kirby’s Star Stacker Comes To Nintendo 3DS This Week

Nintendo Europe has announced that Kirby’s Star Stacker is coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console this week. Join Kirby in this action-packed puzzle game, as he teams up with his friends Rick, Kine and Coo to stack falling stars. As star blocks rain down at random, you must quickly arrange them between identical friend blocks to remove them. Fast reflexes and smart thinking are a must if you are to outwit the wicked King Dedede who will do all he can to stop you. If all this isn’t enough, get ready for Challenge Mode and Time Attack Mode.

35 thoughts on “Kirby’s Star Stacker Comes To Nintendo 3DS This Week”

        1. Pirating isn’t a solution to anything, you’re just taking money away from developers and hurting the industry! -_-

      1. you must be agamer baby then ;)

        These puzzle games are FREE on smartphones AND on the INTERNET.

        but of course you want this game because it has a baby character :P

        1. I got banned many many many times. But like a boomerang… I AM ALWAYS COMING BACK FOR SOME MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I got banned , but I’m back :) but I have to take things a little easy on the Nintenfags ..don’t want to get banned again ;(

            1. changed my IP :P and this site’s moderation system is hillarious. Prob as hillarious as E3 2012 for Nintendo with a lackluster Nintendoland grand finale


      1. Seeing as its all Kirby says in the anime, its a reasonably neccessary comment. Unlike pitiful trolling from the likes of yourself

        1. Man you are obsessed with trolls. Your comment is just a blatant attempt at attention seeking (in which you succeed).. It does not contribute to the article at all.

          Please think what to write next that might add some value to the article. If not…. SHUT THE FUCK UP


          Piiiiii uuuuu!!!!!!!

          1. And your comment was any different because?
            You can simply choose to ignore it. I know you’re mind cant fathom something like that but it IS possible

            1. You live in the uk right? It’s sunny outside.

              Why dont you go outside and breath some fresh air basement dweller?

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  2. Well at least they’re making our old games playable again, which is what they promised to do when they stopped supporting backwards compatibility… except now we gotta buy em again :@

  3. How about a Pokemon game on the eShop like Pokemon Pinball because of late there’s been a lot of Kirby games being released on the eShop, not saying Kirby is bad or anything as I think Kirby is awesome but I’m guessing Nintendo are putting Kirby games on there as it’s his 20th Anniversary, but still I wish there was a Pokemon game on there.

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