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New Super Mario Bros U And Paper Mario 3DS Playable At PAX Prime

This year’s PAX Prime event will be action-packed, thanks to special game sampling opportunities and activities from Nintendo. Taking place Aug. 31 through Sept. 2 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center, the show will offer attendees the opportunity to play the groundbreaking Wii U system and several upcoming games, including Pikmin 3, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U.

PAX Prime attendees can also visit the Nintendo Gaming Lounge on levels 2 and 3 of the North Galleria to experience unreleased games for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS hand-held systems and a special Kirby game collection for the Wii console. Fans of the Kirby, Paper Mario and Kid Icarus series will enjoy one-of-a-kind opportunities to celebrate these extraordinary franchises, and the Nintendo Gaming Lounge will include a special Pokémon area, where fans can gather to battle and trade with other Pokémon Trainers.

185 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U And Paper Mario 3DS Playable At PAX Prime”

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    1. Andrew: you are going to get flamed because this site is full of Nintendo fanboys who do not experiment with other platforms :P

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        1. me ignorant? when most people on here wish the vita dead or slag off sony and MS?

          yeah sure….and I WAS SPEAKING IN GENERAL. I know there are people who own more than one console like yourself. but there are far more fanboys than open minded people

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            1. That’s what I believe. I support Nintendo more than the other two major companies, because their games and consoles suit my tastes better. I don’t talk bad about the others no matter if I think they’re inferior or anything else.

              People just seem to believe their opinion is the only one that matters.

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    2. The Vita is indeed a superb piece of machinery. It just severely lacks dev support at the moment… I haven’t seen or played a really good game on it, and I played Gravity Rush, apparently one of its best titles, and I didn’t enjoy it.

    3. Hardware wise, its good, pretty bog standard though, besides the touch pad at the back. No games though. Its like having a 12 inch dong, but all the women are dead

          1. Exactly. It’s fantastic for a handheld in terms of power, but the price doesn’t appeal to the handheld market and there is a terrible lack of third party developers for it. As I’ve said many times before, Sony may have the ability to compete in the home console market, but Nintendo will continue to dominate the handheld one for quite some time still.

        1. he does have a point there arent much good games for it the only good game there is asphalt killzone and uncharted but those games arent enough to make somone build a console

              1. here we go with sales…yawn yawn yawn as always

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                    ps2 is the best selling console of all time unlike the shitty wii hahahahahahaa

                    1. For one, the PS2 and DS are roughly equal in terms of sales. Secondly, the GameCube made Nintendo more money than the PS2 made Sony on the sales of the first 100 million.

                      Basically, Sony create decent consoles, but don’t seem to apply that to today’s economy and therefore have way overprices consoles that no one can afford with ease.

                  1. You didn’t listen to ‘sales don’t matter’.
                    He uses argument that may make you listen.
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                1. Sales don’t matter? I think the sega fanboys need to have a word with you, and if you haven’t seen the latest sales charts, vita is currently selling less then the dream cast in its aligned time. We all know that the dreamcast was sega’s last console and the punch line to labeling a doomed console, if you think sales don’t matter when a major console release is selling worse then this, you really must of been dropped one to many times as a child

        2. Just because someone likes a company and dislikes something from another doesn’t mean he’s a fanboy, you moron. You can like Sony and still be able to hate the Vita.

        3. you totally missed the point. in order for hardware to sell well, there has to be a good amount of software that needs to be available to generate sales on a console and handheld. i’m just stating the facts as the PS Vita is doing extremely poorly in terms of hardware and software. while i’m a Nintendo fan, i’m not a hardcore fanboy by any means. if anyone’s gonna die from cancer, then it’s you for being arrogant.

      1. you are right . everybody says it apart from the hardcore of sony’s fanboys.
        the 3ds is a LOT better than the vita. it has a blatently big collection of excellent games. the vita has uncharted . thats it. everything else is a download or is completely passable .

    4. I agree. The Vita is a good console, which kinda has me lamenting at it’s library and how it’s fairly overshadowed by the ps3

      1. The Vita is a good console. It’s just too expensive for basically being a portable PS3 that’s less powerful, but costs more.

          1. Sony need to realise that the handheld market isn’t there for high-res games, but instead for fun and innovative game play, with a load of local multiplayer.

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    I hope paper mario gets released this year because nintendo always delays good games like luigis mansion 2 paper mario and animal crossing and gives us stuff like nsmb2 instead.

  2. Lucky bastards xD after playing the 3DS, Paper Mario is PERFECT for it, it’ll be like having a little diorama inside your screen. Win.

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        1. Yeah. I also just like its style and general idea, with all the pikmin. Probably a day 1 buy with the WiiU, along with AC3

            1. Well i read that Retro pulled there game from E3, so its a big possibility. After the that presentation on the 13th, the locks are off, developers can finally open up, and we might see a true next gen WiiU game, be it first or third party. I think if they showed Star Fox, which i think is very likely, it would give a good indication of ehat the system can do, and again, unfortunately, MS and Sony will react to it, and wouldve if they showed it at E3, Star Fox is a perfect game to showcase the WiiU’s power, the speed, lighting effect, the utter madness on screen.

              1. wishful thinking as always ;)

                E3 2012 will repeat itself with lackluster games and new games hardly any better than what is already out on the market.

          1. Yeah it does seem kinda fun,played pikman and it´s super hard!Assasins Creed is a fun game too willing to try that out too.(here is me hoping for demos.)

    1. I played the first one when it was ported to the Wii, and I really enjoyed it, but the time limit was frustrating because you only had the 30 days to do everything… but this game doesn’t have that at all (neither did the second but I haven’t played it), so it seems like it should be generally enjoyable all around. A great strategy adventure game.

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    1. 1.) Pikmin is an excellent real-time strategy game. If you played 1 or 2 and enjoyed them, you’d be excited for 3. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain… To each their own.

      2.) Animal Crossing is a cross between RPG and Social Media.

      Again, Nintendo games are user preference, so you may not enjoy either. *shruggs*

    2. Pikmin, i duno, i havent played it, but it looks fun. AC however, it just….good haha i dont know why, its not my sort of game but i put countless hours into the DS version

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          ― C.S. Lewis

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            Eloquently quoted, and very true.
            Too bad that the majority of trolls on this site are far too illiterate and boorish to appreciate such things and learn from them.

  3. I need… the game… sticker star…. i love the paper mario series though super paper mario was somewhat boring to me.

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  4. Never have I been more jelly of a state. Pikmin 3, NSMBU, ZombiU, possibly others and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. At least we’ll get more footage of the games in question and able to enjoy more Paper Mario goodness and more people sucking ass at those games.

    Luck is only left to Heaven.

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