Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer

During todays Nintendo Direct conference Nintendo president Satoru Iwata showed some new footage for the eagerly awaited Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo of America confirmed a few weeks ago that the game will be arriving in North America on November 11th.

61 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer”

      1. Oh right. I had no idea xD well thats good to me, although im guessing WiiU will be out then so i dont know if id get it day 1

  1. I was a huge fan of Super Paper Mario, I’m not sure I’m so keen on this RPG style (yes, I’m aware that Paper Mario has always been like this), but sticker collecting will definitely appease my OCD.

    1. You could get Paper Mario 64 on the Wii VC, but its not essential, but definitley get Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube, very fun game.

      1. I’ve played a ROM of Paper Mario 64 before, it was enjoyable enough but there wasn’t enough substance to it for me, like it felt something was missing… sticker collecting sounds perfect. :P

        1. Yeah, same, i dont remember anything from the 64 game xD, but Thousand Year Door is probably my 2nd favourite Gamecube game behind Wind Waker.

            1. Yes haha i prefer single player games, and Melee only really shined in its multiplayer, once the story mode was done

            2. Let’s admit it, Melee wasn’t the greatest of games. It was a monumental step up from the original, but wasn’t the greatest GCN game.

              1. I disagree, I had a hell of a time with it. But then I had a brother and cousins to play it with, I was never short for multiplayer and new opponents.

      2. If the Paper Mario game for Wii U is close to TTYD, I’ll be happy. TTYD was a stellar game and got the formula spot on.

        1. Yeah, although i think id prefer it as a 3DS/portable game, it doesnt need to be technically impressive, plus the 3D effect would look great, but i wouldnt say no to a WiiU version :p

      1. TTYD was indeed the best in the series and still is in my opinion. The original to me is a very close second to TTYD.

    1. If this tops Thousand Year Door, I’ll be amazed. While Sticker Star looks very good so far, what I’ve seen doesn’t convince me I’m going to have as much fun as I did with TTYD.

      1. Care to, gosh I don’t know, maybe, JUSTIFY your opinion? Y’know, give yourself some validity instead of making yourself hated by everyone on this website? If you explained exactly why, with solid evidence, you feel the WiiU is a bad console, then fine, I’ll grant you your opinion, I may argue it but if you can disprove me again with solid evidence then I’ll leave you to your opinion, and hell, maybe even adopt it myself. But without that, you’re just another lowlife who has nothing constructive or useful to say.

        1. lol. he has never even played the wiiu and he calls it a piece of shit.
          the 360 is a piece of shit compared to gaming pc’s. but we dont bring up these things.
          the wiiu is = a new way to play with a tablet style controller and HD graphics. in other words , ‘the best console of all time’

    1. I know that they readded turn based battles back but I liked chapters with a theme better. And I don’t completely hate Super Paper Mario the story was fantastic.

    2. Not necessarily, from what I’ve seen the game looks fairly open world, it could quite easily be in a chapter style…

      1. I really hope this is a good game. I haven’t seen any partners and the battle style is slightly different while still turn based. Also there are individual levels with a goal rather than chapters. Also the story sounds… bad. OH GOD BOWZER STOLE STICKERS … yeah so. From what I’ve seen, and I hate to be critical especially on an RPG style paper mario, I am not sure this will be as good as TTYD but it is also very hard to be that good so I am perfectly content with something relatively close to it or at least as good as most other RPG mario’s

    1. Well, let’s see:
      NSMBU and NSMB2, 2D platformers, granted, these games are similar.
      Mario Party 9, party game.
      Mario Kart 7, kart racer.
      Super Mario 3D Land, 3D platformer that mashed up elements of both 3D and 2D mario games.
      And now Paper Mario Sticker Star, RPG with turn based combat.
      Hmm. Quite the variety, don’t you think?

    2. I think Aleous misinterperates the term “milked.” I think Nintendo is the only company to use their mascot correctly. Mario is the MOST POPULAR and WELL KNOWN video game character of all time throughout the entire world. His face is more iconic than Oprah or Obama. With a video game character like that, it only makes sense to create tons of games for him. He sells games just because he is in them. The question here is, why should Nintendo stop making Mario games because a little person on the internet by the alias of Aleous said to???

          Well you what, every military FPS that was shat out by the pathetic western industry has a fucking M4, SAME GAME.

    3. they are all different types of games.
      there has only ever been 5 3d mario platformers. you know ? thats not a lot at all.
      stop hating on mario becuase he is the worlds greatest video game franchise. grow up. i

      1. All the paper Mario games look the same to me. You are a paper version of Mario lol. I think you mean it will be diferent because of the battle modes and the “sticker” gimmeck? I dont care. Once I like one game in a series, I tend to like them all. :)

        1. They all have a similar artstyle but Super Paper Mario plays completely different to the rest of the series. I mean, completely different in structure, in combat, and other gameplay concepts. I’d highly recommend at least watching some videos of Paper Mario 64 before making up your mind on this game, because the only thing it really retains from Super Paper Mario is the paper style.

        2. Its not that, its that this game is more of a simplistic/reaction turn based RPG, not a stomping/hammer platformer.

  2. Kinda hopin this game would’ve came out durin this month but ah well, at leas this gives them more time to fine-tune and perfect the game. I can only wonder how this’ll compare to TTYD.

  3. I just wanna put something out there for consideration by fans of the Paper Mario series; it would be unfair of us to compare this new Mario’s story to TTYD.
    That game’s story was nothing short of inspirational.
    A rare gem among the princess-saving escapades we’ve grown to know and accept.
    Expecting them to come up with one that matches or beats that storyline this soon, well, it just doesn’t seem likely, and I think comparing the game to TTYD would put it at a major disadvantage and would not allow for a fair rating of its quality….

  4. Some.. very strange things in this trailer XD I kinda liked badges better than stickers, and some of the art style is a little meh compared to the previous games (in my opinion.) Overall, i think i’ll love the return of the turn based combat though!

  5. while I wont be able to afford a day one buy of this game (it’s release is to close to the holiday season) I’m rilly looking fowerd to it :D

  6. well, not only will this be the first portable paper mario, but by the looks of it the first one without partners too. and no, kersti doesnt count, she doesnt appear during battle.

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