Earlier today we found out that Level 5 has been busy developing a new entry in the incredibly popular Professor Layton series. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and roughly translated means Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation. The game is due to be released in Japan sometime next year.



  1. This is supposed to be the last game in the series. I wonder if they’re doing this to get out of Nintendo’s contract and go multiplat with whatever Level 5 is working on.


  2. That’s a catchy title… It looks alright from the trailer but I expect a bit more from the final game in the franchise. Let’s hope it does end up being as brilliant as the final game of the first trilogy!


  3. “Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation”

    From the places I looked, it seems to be actually called “Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super Civilization A”.

    Since this will be the last game with Layton as the protagonist, I bet Level 5 will make either Luke or Layton’s ugly son the series main character.


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