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Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation 3DS Trailer

Earlier today we found out that Level 5 has been busy developing a new entry in the incredibly popular Professor Layton series. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and roughly translated means Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation. The game is due to be released in Japan sometime next year.

21 thoughts on “Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation 3DS Trailer”

  1. I like the puzzles but it’s stories, music, and animation that keeps me coming back for more Layton. I can’t wait for this to *eventually* be localized! :3

    1. Pick up a dictionary that isn’t “American” sweetheart. *Hint – English* It’s spelt correctly with both a “z” or “s”.

        1. No reason? If you’re arrogant enough to correct someone’s spelling openly, you better be able to back up your mouth or end up looking ignorant. In the same manner that profanity displays an incredible lack of intelligence.

    2. It’s one of those American English and European English confusions. (I’m American) If I’m not mistaken, sickr and alba are from Europe.

  2. This is supposed to be the last game in the series. I wonder if they’re doing this to get out of Nintendo’s contract and go multiplat with whatever Level 5 is working on.

  3. That’s a catchy title… It looks alright from the trailer but I expect a bit more from the final game in the franchise. Let’s hope it does end up being as brilliant as the final game of the first trilogy!

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  5. “Professor Layton & The Remains Of An Advanced Civilisation”

    From the places I looked, it seems to be actually called “Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super Civilization A”.

    Since this will be the last game with Layton as the protagonist, I bet Level 5 will make either Luke or Layton’s ugly son the series main character.

  6. OMG guys i can understand japanese but at the end he said “saigo no bouken” wich means last adventure. I am sooo sad. Professor layton was one of my first games on the ds for me.

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