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Nintendo 3DS & New Super Mario Bros 2 Sales Fall In Japan

This week in Japan saw software sales and hardware sales fall slightly – presumably because it was post-Obon week. Sales of New Super Mario Bros 2 suffered, as the game sold 68,547 units compared to last weeks 981,144. Nintendo 3DS was once again the best-selling hardware in Japan, but the handheld saw sales drop to 71.373, compared to 111.857 last week. Here’s the top ten Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  2. [PSP] Bakemonogatari Portable
  3. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
  4. [WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
  5. [3DS] Oni Training
  6. [WII] Just Dance Wii 2
  7. [3DS] Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb
  8. [3DS] Kobitodzukan: Kobito Kansatsu Set
  9. [WII] Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote Plus
  10. [PSP] Detective Opera: Milky Holmes 2
  • Nintendo 3DS: 71.373
  • PlayStation 3: 11.896
  • PlayStation Vita: 10.880
  • PSP: 9.499
  • WII: 8.810
  • Nintendo DS: 1.542
  • PlayStation 2: 1.157
  • Xbox 360: 863

74 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS & New Super Mario Bros 2 Sales Fall In Japan”

    1. OMG !!!!!! the fukin ps vita is taking over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
      joke it has no good games or anouncements , whilst the 3ds has the best line up of games of all time. smash bros , monste hunter 4 , luigis mansion 2 , castlevania , layton’s , animal crossing , bravely default , fire emblem and many many others like project x zone and E.X troopers.
      the 3ds will remain dominant in japan for the next 4 years .

      the 3ds will also probably speed up round the rest of the world with games like monster hunter , castlevania and luigis mansion etc.

      good luck vita , i hope some developers make some decent games for you so i can buy you when i see you cheap in a year.

    1. japan makes up 1 third of the entire worlds gaming population.
      1 THIRD. it is probably the most important territory in gaming aka ‘the spiritual home of video game entertainment’. thats why nintendo is livin la vida loca , because they are selling so much in japan and have this huge userbase.
      japan is as important as America or Europe .
      so its interesting to see whats happening in japan. it entirely affects what produde comes over seas to us etc etc etc .
      have you seen any good japanese vita games yet ???? there is a load of good japanese 3ds games available in UK . you see where i am coming from ?

    1. I’ve actually been laughing about that fact the whole time, it can only be good news for Nintendo if the competitor’s New model can’t sell as well as it’s original for such a long time!

  1. Or maybe the people who want the game and the console have already bought them and therefore don’t need to again. Seriously, this is just what happens…sales are never going to be consistently through the roof. In other news, sales of the original DS have fallen from nearer to when they were released, as people already have them.

  2. I aint worried. Super Mario bros sold so much on it’s release so makes sense for it to go down cause everyone who wants it has nearly had it now and 3DS is still huge sales compared to second in row. still sold 60.000 more than psp so they are doing pretty well that they are still selling consoles after a year n month since 3DS XL

    1. The game is a spin-of with a gimmick, not a true sequel, so it won’t have long legs as the first New Super Mario Bros., where long legs mean evergreen software, games that keep selling for long periods of time

        1. And by pretty good, i mean better than the original and wii nsmb, but thats just my opinion, lots of fun and replay value. Plus the star coins are a bitch to find…

          1. NsmbU doesnt interest me, i only got the 3ds one because it camee with the 3ds, it just turned out to be better than i thought it would

              1. I’ll be getting Rayman for sure. NSMBU might just be a purchase if theres a dead week in releases next year or something

  3. Meh, still obliterated the competition. Good to see the Vita finally outselling the PSP though, even it is by just under 1,400 units.

            1. Thinking Nintendo is even similar to them or actually trying to do what they are is just plain stupid though. You dont like the games? Fair enough, go away and play the ones you do

              1. I still prefer nintendo. They have the best first party. Now that they are going to get great third party, it will be even better.

        1. The one who owns a wii, 3ds, ps3, 360, and has owned all the playstations and picked them instead of the n64 and gamecube. Oh, that would be me :)

      1. Its hardly competion. The only peopld that buy 360’s are derpy ‘merican. The ps3 is vastly superior, and the fact it outsold the 360 everywhere besides ‘merica, proves it

      2. Except the 360 has already been pulled out of Japan, and is unlikely to sell more than a few hundred systems a week by December.

      3. Funny how xbots say having competition is good but when VAN SCROT-DUSCHE is spouting hate the remain silent. Said it before, xbox is like the cardilac sts or cts, but unnecessary in the console world. Just their to say oh! we have a system too lol.

  4. I guess what people are missing is the fact that they sold tons of hardware and software because it was Obon week…. I dunno what the hell does it mean, but it must be one of those one week-holidays in Japan. And what better way to spend your one week holiday? Why sure, collectin *Dr. Evil’s pinkie* ONE MILLION COINS!

  5. Xbox 863 hahahahaha. RROD put the Japanese off and they have never looked back. That piece of nonsense xbox line needs to be discontinued. All we need is Wii U, PS4, PC, OUYA, iOS, 3DS, Chinese knockoffs and Vita for this eighth generation.

  6. So glad the 3DSxl came out cause if not i was this close on getting a Vita, but now i can enjoy a wonderfully build ellagant design handheld that doesn’t look like a kiddie toy in public.

  7. uhh that week it got more sales. Slightly. Don’t think Bakemonowhatever will sell more then 2.5 milion like Pokemon Black2/White2, though.

    Also got to hand it to sickr for posting this news in about the only way to negatively post it. Oh no, the 3DS is only beating everything combined again?! It’s only beating the Vita by 7 to 1 now?! YE GODS!

    Jeez, it was more informative when you kept us updated on Pachter’s farts. Get better at this journalism thing, please.

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