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Wii U Conference Happening In Japan Prior To September 13th?

Shortly after today’s Nintendo Direct, company president Satoru Iwata sent out a tweet to let Japanese consumers know that there will be Wii U news soon. The news will be revealed in Japan sometime during the next couple of weeks – before the Wii U event in New York on September 13th.

Update: Wii U news will be shared prior to September 13th, but it is being reported that it will not come in the form of a conference.

64 thoughts on “Wii U Conference Happening In Japan Prior To September 13th?”

    1. i will be pimped when i get a fukkin wiiu. and all theese xbox trolls will be burning up with their horrible 360’s ( i have a 360 aswell ofcourse , but i will be piped mofo!!!!!) . i have today bought two brand new glossy black wii motion plus wii remotes for my wiiu and some wii games which i can play on my wiiu .

      so i am ready to go !!!!

      1. All those xbot trolls are looking forward to the Wii U as well. Especially the ones who take time out to troll on Nintendo websites. They wan the Wii U just as much as you do.

          1. Ah! it’s you. It feels so good every week to see you here. Trying so desperately to belittle the marvelous, history filled, game extrodanaire Nintendo; while you RROD, disc scratching fakebox-2 main exclusive having console only sales 863 consoles in Nippon lmao. PS3 is 1 million consoles behind that dungbox 360 even after releasing a year later.

            1. yet, sony is in massive debt. who cares how many you sell, if you’re not making money? the fact is that it’s still LESS. both the ps3 and the xbox 360 should die out soon anyway, so going through an entire console generation and ending up in third place with over 1 million less sold than second place, is pretty bad.

                    1. That has what to do with profit losses?

                      I think you need to step out of this conversation, you’re clearly too stupid to comprehend it. But that’s not a surprise, since you can’t fix stupid.

                      1. Sorry Aeolus, but it’s YOU who are too stupid and retarded to know a single freaking thing about the video game industry. If it weren’t for Nintendo for bringing back the video game evolution ladder in 1983, Sega, SNK, NEC, (and yes…) Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t be making video game consoles at all. End of story.

                      2. I don’t care about what Nintendo has done. I don’t ride Nintendo cock like you, like a sheepish little loser. Come up with something relevant, because you just got thoroughly told.

                        1. Amir, Amir… U mad? You’re more of a Sony dick rider than a cowboy in a rodeo. You’re denying yourself and post links that are already irrelevant. Nintendo has been selling millions of 3DS every month and outselling your favorite portable Titanic on a 26:1 ratio. Think about the future instead posting bullshit. Sayonara…

                        2. Also, there is no way you can prove that either software giant wouldn’t be making consoles. In fact, you can’t even form a logical argument that can confirm such. So you’re basically just doing fanboy guesswork and making an idiot out of yourself.

                          Like I said before, you can’t fix stupid.

                          1. Did you look at the VGChartz, Aeolus? You need to quit wasting your breath because I’m right as much as they are right. If you don’t like it, just freaking ignore and move on for a change. Shut the hell up!!!!!

                1. I know which is why I said DECIDE to :P They can still cancel it now!

                  doesnt matter about the photo. I remember when Nintendo showed the Snes CD… it never came :P

              1. Ah! no dream on fan boy, Nintendo is getting all gamers, from legendaries, to family, from nes gamers to fps xbox casuals. PS3 uncharted players. It’s coming out it those two main colors and all you can do is play halo and the dudes form gears for the millionth time. At the least COD black ops 2 is exclusive to the xbox360 lol; as far as first day maps will take you that is ROFLMAO.

            2. I’m looking forward to the Wii U announcement in both Japan and here in America. Never have I seen the Big N getting full support from third party publishers and developers, indy developers, and middleware companies using the new console and pushing it to the extreme. AnvilPlus, Unreal Engine 3 (4 in the future), and now Umbra. Not only the graphics will be off the chain, but also the most unique play control using the touchscreen Game Pad and the traditional Wii U Pro Controller.

              Prepare to drop the bomb!!!!!

          1. i want a wii u soo much will any gamer willing too invest in a time machine soo waiting for future console release we get in time machine too the future no more waiting

        1. I have a sneaky feeling about this, the TBA for the console will turn into a number for Japan and Japan can get ready for Wii U, follow by the USA

        2. I knew they were going to have to do a conference in Japan before America. I hope they show some RPGs coming to the Japanese audience with potential to come to the west. Maybe they’ll reveal a price for the Japanese audience here. Leave luck to heaven.

        3. Hi Alba, I am sure there is some transalation error

          The message is saying “will not using a conference to anounce WII U in Japan”.

          Seems you totally reverse the meaning…

        4. Let’s see what they’re going to share with us. I believe it will take place someday between September 3rd and 7th. Perhaps they’ll talk more about Pikmin 3 and the launching titles, or even show us more functions of the WIi U. Or maybe even the games that they haven’t revealed yet! I can’t wait for September!

        5. Someone needs to create a NO U Wii U chain to deal with these trolls.

          Interesting. Hope there’s some Japanese specific software announcements, and a look at Monolith’s new RPG.

        6. All eyes have now turned to the land of the rising sun as more news is eagerly awaited.
          Time to take over America while everyone is looking away, WHO’S WITH ME?!XD

          Seriously, though, I hope someone with excellent translation skills is on stand-by for anything that comes down the pipe in the next couple of weeks.
          The faster it gets here the better.

        7. What if Chrono Trigger 2 was announced for the Wii U? Just imagine if they could get the original team together and have them try to outdo themselves with a sequel. They could have a single-player mode but also as well as a MMO feature like DQX. It would include fully-voiced characters and anime cut-scenes displayed in HD. Ah a fan can only dream.

        8. Not sure if this is going to be noticed, but no where does it say anything about news coming BEFORE or AFTER anything. (If anyone that knows Japanese doesn’t understand why this is, say because of the word あらかじめ etc, then just ask and I’ll explain how that’s not talking about any dates)

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