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Here’s The Colorful Japanese Box Art Of Animal Crossing 3DS

Nintendo revealed the box art of Animal Crossing: Jump Out! for Nintendo 3DS, which will launch in Japan on November 8th. As you can see, the cover art features several new animals as well as familiar faces, including Real Estate agent Tom Nook and the singing/guitar-playing dog, K.K. Slider.



      1. Sweet! Save me one, since seattle is kinda far away from Mexico and you know I’m a man of my word and a fan of your work… and its my bidarhty and I deserve pretty art!


  1. WOW…just WOW…That box art is amazing!!!!….its so over the top and better than any other box art in the animal crossing series! my mouth literly dropped when i saw it.


  2. What I like from looking at the box is that islands are pretty much confirmed to return now. :) (I know there was a picture of a map some time ago and it showed an island on it, but this is the first time we actually see the island itself)


      1. I got the original AC (new with the memory card and everything, to my surprise) a while before City Folk came out, and when I bought it there was a connector cable for sale too, so I guess I lucked out! :D The island was definitely cool, but you weren’t missing out on much if you never went to it.


    1. Those “children” are just short adult animals. Their heights vary greatly now in this game. That “couple” is just two llamas who run a miscellaneous shop. You can’t date anybody.


  3. I’m not quite a big fan of that fence on the bottom. Personally, in my opinion, I think it would be better to move everything down to reveal more sky instead of having the fence.


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