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Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD For The West On iOS

The immensely popular Nintendo DS series Phoenix Wright will be joining The World Ends With You on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The Nintendo DS games will feature updated visuals, touch screen controls and Everyone Object mode. The Phoenix Wright Trilogy will be released on iOS this Autumn in the west. You can either buy the games as a package, or purchase them individually. The first two chapters of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be available as a free demo.

54 thoughts on “Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD For The West On iOS”

      1. i know this is bs. why are these big jap devs supporting ios , instead of consoles. after all the years of support from nintendo and sony . they start shoving crap on ios. i am sure nintendo will be annoyed with this.
        IOS = THE DEVIL.

          1. Masterman: You have no intelligence… Releasing a game on the ios is a virtual guarantee to have a profit from that. Sad to say though

          2. i never said nintendo did own PW. i just think capcom should stick to making real games on real consoles. and let the little indie devs make their shovelware for ios. thats the way it should be.

                1. Because you know that I work 16 hours a day to feed my family right? And you know that development is just a thing I do in my spare time? And you know that that’s a pretty bigoted view of indie games right? Seriously, take a look at World of Goo, Super Meat Boy, the Bit Trip series, Minecraft… All really good games that sell well for a reason. Minecraft? That game outsold Ocarina of Time for christs sake! Should it have? No, OoT was much better but it makes my point clear, indie games aren’t just random shovelware.

        1. Sustained!!!. Now now counselor rephrase your argument. attorney TheUnation is right the ds is not terrible.

    1. An Android-version is also planned. And I don’t understand the resistance against porting these games to other platforms.

      The Ace-Attorney-fanbase will grow with these ports, so the Nintendo-fans will probably profit of it in the long run:

      more Ace-Attorney-buyers = increased chances of a localization of AAI2 (DS) and Ace Attorney 5 (3DS)

  1. Too bad for Capcom that the fanbase of PW games are on Nintendo side.. When I ask someone who didn’t have a DS about PW they don’t know wtf is it. btw this game deserves a sequel, not a port with this flash-like graphics.

    1. This game already has a sequel, Justice for all.
      If by ‘game’ you meant the whole series then there is Ace attorney 5.

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