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Here’s A Closer Look At The Pink Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo revealed earlier today that they will be releasing a pink Nintendo 3DS XL for Japan. The pink Nintendo 3DS XL is pink on the outside and white on the inside. The console will be available to purchase on September 27th. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the pink Nintendo 3DS XL will come to the west.

46 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At The Pink Nintendo 3DS XL”

      1. lol, i am annoyed with nintendo. why calnt they release the same colors all over the world ??? did they not have enough silver and white matt paint to spare for america ?? its a bit of a joke really. soon they will release black and white 3dsxl’s in America and many people who have bought a red or blue 3dsxl will trade in and get the black/white.

        they need to stop doing this. its getting annoying .

        1. You make a great point. I personally have never understood why some colors, features and/or accessories are excluded from certain regions of the world. I am sure there are reasons far beyond my basic understanding of marketing. If there is one thing we can surely agree on is that there is some financial motivation behind it.

  1. Aaaaaaaargh! It’s pretty! That would be my 4th 3DS, and I really can’t justify that. But it sooooo would be me! :(

  2. It’s only pink on the outside. The rest of it is white. It’s basically a white 3DS XL with pink only on the front.

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