Here’s Paper Mario: Sticker Star Box Art

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the first title in the Paper Mario series that will be on a handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS. Like all the other installments in the series, the game is being developed by Intelligent Systems. Paper Mario: Sticker Star will launch in both physical and download forms on November 11th in North America.

106 thoughts on “Here’s Paper Mario: Sticker Star Box Art”

        1. Yeah what a shit load of fuck. Id rather get raped by tap dancing kangoroos than to plqy this half ass job. Id rather scrub my ass with a porcupine rear while and than drizzel hot oil qnd squeeze my nipples than to try this game out

            1. I am the troll whisperer heed my instructions.If a friend has it ask him if you can play and play it or look at some gameplay videos

    1. This box art makes me skeptical about that. Every other Paper Mario’s box art has your partners on it, but this only has the crown that we’ve seen before.

      1. We’ve already seen Mario with a Chain Chomp pal and a Toa buddy, so I’m assuming you have partners in this game. I feel they’re just front loading the whole “sticker collecting” aspect with the box art, that’s all.

        1. not really. partners arent seen in battle in the trailers, and the last time we saw Chain Chomp and the toad were last year and they havent been seen or mentioned since.


                1. …what? I was talking to some guy who said that they should remake TTYD, and I think that’s a HORRIBLE idea. I know it’s a new game, you moron.

              1. It REALLY wouldn’t. Remakes SUCK. (they don’t actually suck, but it would just be so disappointing to get a stupid remake instead of a brand new game.)

          1. i will let you off if you are poor. but its still wrong :).

            if its the old old paper mario games , then if they are not on wii virtual console. i suppose you have no choice but to emulate.

            no offence . i just hate emulation of modern games. its rude to the developer.

            1. Games here cost $100 a piece. I think that’s rude OF the developer, then they have the nerve to complain about piracy? Gosh, I wonder why that happens…

  1. They should have a mario world where daisy has a fight with peach and luigi,the goomba’s,donkey kong and ghosts take her side while mario,Bowser and his allies,koopas and koopalings,and toads take her side so they battle it out,I don’t know how it’ll work but nintendo could do it.

  2. I really hope that this épisode will be better than the one on Wii ( paper Mario ) it was à game for kids !!! Really !!! I really dont liked it …

    1. See this is what I hate about sony fanboys they start saying nintendo ips are for babies sony’s is for men then they start making excuses for ip’s like this

        1. Yes yes i do.It is because they think they’re either
          2.They feel left out of the sony and nintendo wars(a common reason and
          3. There isn’t a lot of news for the microsoft fans but i will try to reason with them

          1. What i don’t get is y do they feel the need to bash and disrespect something that doesn’t interests them when they can save themselves the time and just ignore

            1. I assume it is because they like to get us mad and for sony fans their hypocrites cause on youtube they keep saying that we nintendo fans are trolling but i see them on all nintendo videos

              1. It goes both ways, I see Nintendo fanboys on PS forums and vice versa, at the end of the day its just morons with a lot time on their hands. Or like Aeolus, it seems he use to be a huge fan of nintendo but was let down somewhere a long the way, and instead of moving on like a normal person, he holds a grudge.

    2. I wish i could have the 3ds and the vita but the vita is to expensive, this game looks amazingly fun and i love the way it plays. if only Sony would drop the price like Nintendo did, it would be selling like hot cakes.

    3. This game actually looks superb. If it were long enough, this might finally be a reason to pick up a Vita… which is great, the Vita has long needed one!

  3. The box looks great! Can’t wait for this game :D
    I don’t know much about this game, as I’ve avoided looking online, but I really hope it’s similar to the first 2 games. I hope it’s quite lengthy and has a good storyline and not a “short” 3DS game, like Super Mario 3D Land was, since I was expecting that to be much longer.

    1. It’s a furtune cat. A bank cat that helps you increase your money luck. they are very popular in japan. Based in feng shui you have to put it in your house’s ”wealth corner” which is the left back corner of the home from the front door. I had one in my animal crossing house. :p

        1. hahah one of the most important things in that game along with comunication, is the feng shui. I love rare items (and money) and using the feng shui you achieve it easily. Also, you learn real things from other cultures, it’s really nice!

            1. He’s angry and wants to strangle Kazooie (she’s trying to appear on the photo, check her beak on left corner) but he still holds the pose for fans!

      1. Wait so feng shui basically tells everyone to put all of their money in the same spot? So if you were a burglar all you would have to do is check the back left of the person’s house? XD

  4. Available in France for Christmas ???
    Oh sorry for me it Will be a WiiU !!!

    My body is ready for the GamesWeek in Paris !!!
    Lucky am I ???

      1. oh I didn’t know the name of his hammer! I only watched in my language, which is portuguese. it’s called ”Marreta Bionica” (Bionic Hammer) here! thanks anyway

  5. It looks a little busy, kinda reminds me of the B:AC GOTY edition cover. That’s not stoping me from getting the game though >:D

  6. i’ll post this with cap locks so everyone can see.IF YOU SEE AEOLUS AND HE POSTS A COMMENT SAY SHUT UP MEG SERIOSLY

  7. It looks kinda more like felt than it does paper… heh, that’d be kinda cool actually, expensive but cool, if the front of the box was a felt image. Though it’d make more sense with Epic Yarn or something.

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