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Disney Epic Mickey 2 Blamed For Wii U Release Date Leak

Peripheral manufacturer PDP allegedly revealed its plans on releasing Wii U accessories on Nintendo’s upcoming console’s launch date, which is supposedly November 18th. PDP is claiming, however, that it wasn’t referring to the Wii U console when it was discussing release dates; instead, the manufacturer says it was talking about accessories for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, which is scheduled to launch on November 18th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

“During PDP’s presentation of our fall line of gaming accessories to customers at a trade event, we stated that our Wii U accessories would be available at launch. Much later in the presentation we showed our Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 accessories for the Wii and confirmed that the Wii accessories will be in stores by the game’s November 18 launch date. Connecting the Wii U launch and Epic Mickey 2 peripheral launch dates is inaccurate and false. PDP has no knowledge whether this is the official Wii U release date or not.”

36 thoughts on “Disney Epic Mickey 2 Blamed For Wii U Release Date Leak”

  1. That is less them blaming the game, and more them blaming journalists for taking what they said completely out of context.

  2. Sick of the release date rumours and leaks -.- gotmore important things to worry about….like what 3DS game do i buy today (only have NSMB2 and 3D Land)

    1. Havent got my XL yet but I am going to get those two and probably mario kart 7, kid icarus, nintendogs (for the chicks), mario tennis open, and luigis mansion: dark moon when it comes out and possibly castlevania: lords of shadow.

    2. As a responce to all the above, im looking at getting either MK7 or Kid Icarus. Im left handed so im curious as to if the circle pad pro is worth getting or not, not worried about the controls, if theyre anything like Metroid Hunters, but MK7 id be playing it safe, but both have online… Haha

      1. you should really get used to using a stylus because the WiiU shooters will have that option and its faster more and accurate

        1. I really liked the stylus controls in Metroid Hunters, i thought it was really accurate, and not a pain, i dont really get why people complain about Kid Icarus’ controls. I hope shooters use it, although i still think its possible to use the controllers gyro to aim, long as theres a point for it to judge on, it’ll work like Skyward Swords bow controls. Speaking of Zelda, i really want the sword controls in the WiiU Zelda to be done with the touch screen, because the gamepad has way too much potential to be used as just a map.

          1. No, please just no, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks are my least favorite Zelda games just because there is basically no button control, I hate using the touch screen for stuff like that, If they were to use it for Links sword, then hopefully they will give you the option of using buttons.

  3. siegfried von schroder

    mickey mouse is for babies who’s gonna buy that bullshit?Shitendo has met with a terrible fate

    1. Even though the games being released on ps3 and 360 and Kingdom Heart 1 & 2 were on PS2. Logic, he has none!

              1. God, the Melee intro was epic :/ DUUUN DUUN DUUN DUUUUUN, DUUNNDUUN DUN DUUN DUN DUN! HOOOOOOOOO!!!!
                *queue epic music*

    2. Going by this logic, the Beatles are for babies. Sure they don’t have the crap we see in today’s music scene (swearing, obvious sexual images, how many “bitches” one has etc), they also have a few songs that we learnt back in grade 1

  4. Leave Mickey alone. The only one to blame here is the big N. It would help fans budget in crunch-time if we had some kind of idea when this awesome console is going to drop.

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